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Top 10 Negative Traits of Aries Ascendant



negative traits of Aries

Aries ascendant or also known as Aeries rising is embarked by the traits and personalities which lead to the fulfillment of goals of life. Being born with Aries ascendant means that your ruling planet is Mars. Mars indicates aggression, ambition, and passion. People born with Aries ascendant have the qualities which will always take them further in life, and give them the abilities and courage to take over any obstacles.

The goal is what you will go towards, and there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it. You will face no problems working alone as well, for you are gifted with an independent nature. Remaining stagnant is not on your forte and will always strive towards getting what you want, and you can resort to several ways to achieve it. You will not feel satisfied until and unless you achieve what you want, and you will want to achieve it as quickly as possible.  

Aries Ascendant brings out most of the people’s abilities and passion but remembers the world works with both positive and negative things. Aries Ascendant dawns with negative aspects as well.  

1. Competitive nature 

Aries ascendant brings upon the quality of being competitive. The competitiveness that you will feel is of the highest level possible. In every situation, whether it be sports, studies, or any activity competitiveness will always consume you.

You are enforced with the need to compete with others, and that might be the driving force that will set you forward, but too much is never a good thing.  

You might begin to feel the need to compete with the closest ones in your life. You will feel the need to do better or move forward than anyone else. 

2. Impulsive 

If you are an Aries ascendant, impulsiveness is a sure thing that embodies you. It is in your nature to set forth towards challenges without any hesitation. It is a good thing, but you will give yourself no time to think about anything.

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You will take on challenges and new things head-on. You never stop to think about the consequences that might dawn upon you once you choose to take upon the task. You will not consider anything and move forward without any hesitation.  

Once you decide to do something, take time to think about it. Consider everything before jumping into anything, and the most important thing is to think about the consequences that will come upon you afterward. 

3. Dominant 

Emanating as Aries ascendant, dominance is built in your nature. You have the quality of leadership with a hint of an assertive persona. There arises no shilly-shallying concerning being the leader or a forerunner of any task.

Backed up by your character of achieving what you want becomes a persistent nature. You will get irritated or annoyed with anything that comes in the way of your goal. You don’t wish to tolerate anything. This is a rather natural thing that you have but to others, it might come off as a dominant and insistent quality.  

4. Impatient  

The desire to achieve your goals is filled with the haste to achieve them. The motto patience is a virtue that has no magnitude in your life. As soon as you move forward towards a goal, you would want to achieve it instantly or take little time as possible to achieve it.

Perhaps, this is a good quality to have but with this, you do not think of anything besides your goal. You won’t contemplate anything and with no one. You will wait for no one and don’t want anyone to wait for you. 

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5. Short-tempered 

Being short-tempered is in your blood if you are an Aries ascendant. The impulsiveness brings forth your short-tempered behavior. A small or minor thing can set you off, and this might come as a surprise to others.

If anyone goes against you, or when something doesn’t fall into place, it will set you off like a flame. You aren’t afraid to confront the problem that is coming in your way of accomplishing your goal, and often find yourself in an argument, and things can get worse as well.  

6. Stubborn 

You get what you want, or you will not remain stagnant until and unless you get it. You will work to get what you want and won’t let anything stop you from achieving it.

Once you set your mind on a goal, whether it be anything, from sports to music to studies, you won’t budge a bit from your ambition. You will listen to no one and will not back off from your choices. No arm-twisting will change your mind once you decide to do something.  

7. Straight forward 

Holding akin to your nature of moving forward without thinking, you have a straightforward personality. You are not afraid to speak what’s on your mind or do something. You don’t think before speaking or showing yourself to others.

You don’t think about how your words or actions will affect others. The term, think before you speak is of no importance to you. This straightforwardness will sometimes end up with you landing in unwanted situations.  

8. Selfish 

As an Aries ascendant, you will not realize that you’re being selfish. You are hooked on your path to achieving your goal, and you do not stop to think about others. You won’t care about others and put your needs at the top.

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You won’t take or consider others’ feelings or ideas upon going towards a goal. Even as a leader, you will want your things to be done and don’t enjoy someone making a change or adding something to your ways. 

9. Not getting along with others  

Being an Aries ascendant, it’s hard to find someone to be compatible with. As you are energetic and always on the go, you will look for the same kind of person to bond with. You are constantly on the move and tasking yourself. People might not be able to keep up with your energy. You do not like someone slow and stagnant. You don’t pay attention to others once you’ve set your eyes on an aim. This quality will eventually help you achieve your goal, but you will create no time to bond with others. 

10. Health issues 

There are some health issues as well on being born as an Aries ascendant. You are prone to or have health issues regarding your head and stomach. Aries ascendant tend to suffer from headaches and migraines. If you are an Aries ascendant, you also tend to suffer from problems related to digestion. 

Having negative traits doesn’t mean that you are an inferior person. Everybody has negative characteristics with which they are built. Aeries ascendants are energetic and not afraid. All of this adds up to be the best quality that someone may have.

Although their impulsiveness, impatient nature, and many more are what gets in their way. Pay attention to all these details and think about everything before doing something. If you happen to control all these, then there is nothing that can stop you.