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Top 10 Negative Traits of Taurus Ascendants



Top 10 Negative Traits of Taurus Ascendants

A Taurus Ascendant sees life and the world slowly and peacefully. The planet which rules is Venus. Although, the slow and steady way doesn’t mean that they don’t take life seriously. The reason they tend to prefer the slower way is that they think about everything thoroughly, and carefully. They look at things practically and realistically. They give themselves time to think it through before getting onto anything. If you are a Taurus rising, you are a likable person, most probably because of your calm and peaceful nature.

They might be slow in acquiring the things that they admire but once they get their hands on them they don’t usually let them go. The thing is that once they get something into their comfort they stick to it.

Taurus ascendants are people blessed with calmness and serenity. Although, Taurus ascendants come with their fair share of negative traits as well.

1. Slow

Being slow and steady towards any kind of new experience or task is etched in your personality or traits. Although they do things in leisure, you will do everything with a cautious mindset and think practically before taking on everything, but sometimes this slow thing can become too excessive. Before doing anything, you will stop to think about it and sometimes for too long. You will take your own time with any circumstance or things.

Not just tasks, you will also take a lot of time to adapt to a situation or any change in life. It will take time for you to adjust yourself to any new environment or surroundings. But it’s not that you cannot tune in to a change or a new environment, you will in time. The trouble arises when you give in to your slow nature and it becomes too late. It will in turn start to make you lazy, and laziness is not what you want to dwell on.

This slowness can affect a lot in situations where hasty decisions or actions are required. Taking a lot of time to make decisions in such circumstances will prove to be troublesome not just for you but the people around you as well.

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2. Stubborn

A stubborn nature is a given if you are born as a Taurus ascendant. The stubborn nature can be for anything. If you jump to the conclusion that a certain task or thing is not required then no force can make you like that particular thing. It is the same with any decision once you’ve undertaken any decision, there is nothing that can bring you out of it. It might take time for you to make a decision. Although, if you decide on something then you won’t budge even if hell froze over.

It also applies to your way of thinking or doing things. The method that you choose to do something or perform a particular task, you will stick to it. No matter what troubles or suggestions come toward you they cannot win over your stubbornness. You will follow your ways or methods.

3. Looking for value in everything

As a Taurus ascendant, you will look for value in every single thing. Your practical and analyzing nature comes into play on this one. On the one hand, this is a good thing. But on the other, it means you will seek value in everything. You will not take upon anything if you don’t feel it will bring value.

4. Pride

The pride doesn’t apply to who you think you are but to what you are doing. The mulish quality is already in you and fuels your egotism and self-centeredness. The decisions that you make, or the ways that you are referring to while doing something is always the best one. You will feel like there is no better way of doing a specific thing. Changing the methods is out of the question for you are stubborn. You are stuck on corroborating that your procedure or decision is the best. It will eventually come off as an egoistic or conceited nature to others.

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5. One track mind

If you are a Taurus ascendant, you tend to become hooked on achieving something. It can be the goal of your life or whatever you desire. You get so busy arranging and organizing the routine of achieving a certain thing that you ignore everything. You can get overwhelmed or startled if an obstacle comes in the way because you are so fixated on forming the process through which you will go towards a specific thing. You are not ready for any change in the circumstances. Anything unexpected happening will leave you vulnerable.

Also, you will forget about the brighter side of life. Being fixated on a particular thing will leave no room for you to experience other things in life. You are always into how to or when to once you are onto something.

6. Security

Now comes the most vital trait that a Taurus ascendant possesses. You are so concerned with security that you tend to overdo it. Mostly the security is inclined towards materialistic or financial security. You will put so much restriction upon yourself that this can lead to a pitfall. The fact that you have restricted yourself so much that once you start to spend, you can’t stop yourself. From the point of having financial security, you will gravitate towards having none at all.

It not only applies to finances. It can be some routine such as a study routine or a strict diet.

7. Possessive

Taurus ascendants are painted with possessiveness. If you are a Taurus ascendant, then you are highly possessive. Whether in a relationship or your possessions you want to keep them to yourself. You love a person or a specific thing so much that you need no other person oscillating around them. In a relationship, this can seem to be a very positive aspect and that you are showing devotion through it, but nothing is good in excess. The possessiveness will end up ruining what you are trying to savor.

8. Aggressive

This might sound to be contradictory to what the nature of Taurus ascendants is, but aggressiveness is also a trait that they possess. You rarely show aggression towards anything. However, if something or someone is challenging your decision, you won’t hold back. If anything is going against your aims and routine, you will be inclined to hostility in an instant. As a bull sign, you can imagine the aggression you can show. You might surprise yourself.

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9. Enjoying too much

Another negative trait of a Taurus ascendant is overindulgence. Apart from having a one-track mind towards a goal, they also prefer to enjoy things excessively. It can be sexual pleasure, having fun, or savoring a moment. Relishing too much often leads to a deteriorating effect on them. You can lose focus in your life or hurt yourself by overdoing certain things that you like. It can even lead to the point where you don’t want to have fun anymore.

10. Loving comfort

Being a Taurus ascendant, you will admire your comfort more than anything. You want a stable life which is achieved by remaining in comfort. By being stuck on comfort and not wishing for a change, you will not be able to face any turbulence in your life. You will not be ready for anything unknown and won’t be able to adjust to it.

Try not to stay too much in comfort and take on new things in life. Have a take on things as who knows what will happen tomorrow. It’s not good to be holed up for too long.

Taurus ascendants are of the calmest and peace-loving people. They are wise and take things slow. As a Taurus ascendant, you will do everything by thinking it through and won’t make hasty decisions. Although, there will be consequences if you take things too slowly. You might miss out on chances or not be adequate for a situation. Try not to give in to your negative traits too much. For if you do, they will be controlling your life.