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Is It Safe To Awaken Kundalini? Beware Of Kundalini Shakti



Kundalini is the energy that rests below our spine like a coiled serpent. In the Yogic culture, it is also referred to the snake and miracles happen when this energy is awakened. However, this is not always the case. Most people do not realize how potent this energy is and if the person is not able to handle the energy, it can be extremely dangerous.

I know many spiritual blogs, people, gurus say that by awakening the Kundalini Energy, one can find freedom in life, experience a whole new level energy and life itself. Many blogs talk about signs of Kundalini Awakening and how one can activate their Kundalini but be warned that Kundalini is not a joke.

In fact, in the west especially the United States where all the people, spiritual gurus offer services to awaken a person’s Kundalini, they themselves do not realize how dangerous it is. Yes, some people may be able to experience and handle the Kundalini Energy, and if it were so, they would do great things for the world, they would possess such level of energy which can be used for the betterment of world.

The question is, why are the modern age Gurus offering services of Kundalini Awakening for money when by awakening the Kundalini, one looses the desire for material wants of life, a person achieves spiritual excellence and for him, the world itself becomes meaningless and he realizes that he is here in this world to help other people who don’t have the ability or the opportunity to become spiritual in life.

You see our mind itself is filled with so much energy. There is not a single moment when you mind doesn’t have thoughts. Its always thinking. We all know there are 7 Chakras in our body.

  • Sahastrara Chakra
  • Ajna Chakra
  • Visuddha Chakra
  • Anahata Chakra
  • Manipura Chakra
  • Swadishthana Chakra
  • Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra is where the Kundalini Energy is situated. And when Kundalini Energy is awakened, the energy moves upwards to the Sahastrara Chakra which is the Crown Chakra.

The Crown Chakra is where a person experiences limitless bliss, happiness and freedom. It is where you get connected with the Divine God.

Now most people would think that, by awakening the Kundalini energy, they get directly in contact with God and receive some kind of superpower. This is the most wrongful statement that is spread in spirituality and Kundalini energy is often wrongly interpreted in the society.

The beauty of nature is such that, if Kundalini energy was so powerful, why didn’t God place the energy in the Crown Chakra which is the Sahastrara Chakra. Questionable right and the answer is that then the meaning of life itself would be meaningless and every single person on earth would be in love, bliss and happiness. The problem is this is not good for the world because a person would lose the ability to see negativity and even if a Tiger approaches him, he would pat the Tiger.

God actually wanted us to progress in life and he wanted the world to grow. This is the reason why God put the Kundalini Shakti right in the Muladhara Chakra. The Muladhara chakra is actually our Sexual Energy and it is here where the energy helps us in surviving the world.

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The Crown Chakra or Sahastrara Chakra is where we get Moksha or Freedom from the desire and materialistic wants of life. Ultimately, as we progress though life, our energy in the Crown Chakra gets stronger and the energy in the Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra gets weaker. This is why elderly people are able to understand things at a spiritual level and guide the younger generations.

Therefore, the fact is that there is no need to actually awaken the Kundalini Energy at all.

However, when we choose to awaken the Kundalini Energy, it just means we are going against nature and we want to experience the divine energy and spend our life following him.

By awakening our Kundalnini Energy, we gain the powers to see things differently, understand the world differently at a higher level than most of the people.

However, this can only happen if a person is willingly to leave their materialistic wants, desires and wishes in life.

Are you willingly to leave $1 Million dollars, Family, Life Partner and move towards God?.

Because the moment you awaken your Kundalini Energy, if you are still worrying about Money, how is your children doing, if you still have thoughts in your mind, then a person’s mind will go crazy.

Because he won’t be able to handle the Kundalini energy. The energy is so powerful that if a person cannot calm himself down, calm down his thoughts, the person will never be able to control his mind.

In simple words, “A PERSON CAN BECOME MAD”.

There are so many Sadhu’s, People, Monks who have awakened their Kundalini energy and they keep talking to themselves over and over again. The only reason they do that is because their mind is filled with thoughts that cannot be controlled.

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So, don’t just believe in anybody because the Kundalini energy is not a joke. Spirituality in fact is not a joke and if you really want to awaken your Kundalini Energy, firstly, you’d have to do years of meditation and Sadna.

Yes, there are people in the world who have awakened their Kundalini Energy and have done great things for the world. However, they are the few chosen beings who have had the opportunity to use the energy for the good of the world.

If a person has awakened their Kundalini energy and he is still thinking of making money, running a family and holding responsible of life, then God help him because he won’t be able to do anything.

I know a lot of people report feeling amazing experiences of life after awakening their Kundalini energy but do you actually believe in those things.

I know also know a lot of people, who were inexperienced had tried to awaken their Kundaini Energy and somehow, during their meditation, the energy got stuck, they disoriented their Energy Structure of their body and now they are not able to sleep at all. In this case, no body can help and its their fault.

That’s why awakening one’s Kundalini just means that you are infusing the divine energy of God within your body and using it for the betterment of the world. If your motive is to just relive your life problems, suffering, or even attain Moksha itself, you can get Moksha without the need of having to awaken the Kundalini Energy.

However, if you really want to dedicate your life towards God, leave the world, all the desires, wants and everything then there’s no doubt, you can move forward and awaken your Kundalini energy.

What are the Dangers of Kundalini Energy?

Believe it or not, awakening Kundalini Energy itself means going against God.

Now I know, there are many Gurus in the world who recommend awakening the Kundalini Energy.

However, not every is the chosen one who have the ability to handle the energy, Yes some people have their Kundalini Energy awakened right from birth and i have seen them dedicate their life towards God, their entire life.

Kundalini Yoga is also one of the most dangerous Yogas.

It intensifies your thoughts – The biggest danger of awakening Kundalini energy is that it intensifies your thoughts. If a person is not able to control their thoughts, he in literal sense goes mad. He can start babbling words over and over again and keep talking to himself. He may start arguing on his own.

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Disturbs your sleep pattern – When Kundalini is awakened, your energy moves upwards to the Crown Chakra and as long as the energy smoothly flows to the Crown Chakra, there is no problem. However, the problem arises when a person lacks the ability to controls his energy and if by any chance, the energy gets block in between, the person can suffer from a lot of problems in life. One of them is not being able to sleep or not getting sleep at all. It is very dangerous and unless if you have complete control over your energy of your body, it is very dangerous.

Life long hallucinations – Kundalini Energy intensifies your thoughts and mind and if a person is not able to control the energy, he starts hallucinating things in life. I have heard a lot of stories where people complain about seeing ghosts, demons, and many other things. They are not ghosts but just your minds projections. It is very dangerous and in the worst case scenario, it can make the person go crazy and completely mad.

Intense Fear, Anxiety or Paranoia – This happens if the Kundalini energy does not smoothly move upwards to the Crown Chakra. At this point, a person can suffer from anxiety and unnecessary fear.

I know a lot of blogs and yogic blogs say that Kundalini energy is beautiful and a amazing experience. Even top medical blogs say that porn is healthy.


The thing is don’t just believe in any guru or people. Awakening Kundalini Energy is not about having a great experience in life.

It is not some form of pleasure where you experience bliss and happiness.

This is very wrong when the society relates Kundalini Energy with enjoyment and bliss. Just like when people go to the Amazon forest to Trip some Ayahuasca for a life changing experience.

This is not the case with Kundalini energy and be warned that if a person is able activate his Kundalini energy, he either leaves the world and everything for God and lives his life for the betterment of the society

Or he becomes Completely Mad.

So, if you see another ad or a story that says, Kundalini energy was an amazing experience, the person just had a good meditation session.