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How To Offer Water To Surya Dev or Sun God?



How To Offer Water To Surya Dev

Why should one offer water to the Sun God?

What benefits can one get by offering water to the Sun God or Surya Dev?

Today we will be discussing about all this in this article.

But before that, I would like to start the article with an ancient Vedic story.

The story goes like this, it is said that If a man is beautiful and handsome, his wife will not be beautiful.

If his wife is beautiful, he will not be beautiful or handsome.

Therefore, a man will not get a beautiful wife if he is handsome while if he is not handsome or good looking, he will get a beautiful wife.

If both the couple are good looking and beautiful, then there will be shortage of wealth in the family or home.

If both are good looking, if they both are rich and wealthy, then they will face problems with child and they might not have any children.

If both are good looking and beautiful, they both are rich and wealthy and both have children, they our ancient vedic rishis say that they have come to this earth from Patal Loka or Hell and they have come here to earth to enjoy the materialistic things of life.

If you really take a closer look about this thing and observe the society, you will find that such things happens to all the people in the society in the world. There is no one family where one gets everything in life. – Story by PT. NARMDESHWAR SHASTRI.

Why Should One Offer Water to the Surya Dev or Sun God? What are the Benefits of Offering Water To the Surya Dev or Sun God?

Today, we are here to talk about why should one offer water to the Surya Dev. I am here to discuss about this matter because there has been a lot of confusion going around with this topic that if one has Sun Exalted in his birth chart, then one should not offer water to the Surya Dev or Sun God. This theory, from wherever it came is totally wrong and one should always offer water to the Surya Dev.

  • Because By making Mercury strong, one can get the ability to speak and communicate.
  • However, in order to gain the confidence, the will power, and the “ATMA VISHWAS” to talk to people eye to eye and inspire and move millions of people, such kind of power and ability, we can only get by praying and worshipping Surya Dev or Sun God.
  • Without the Blessings of Surya Dev, nothing is possible in life because if one has no confidence in himself, what is the use of having Genius Talent if the person cannot express his talents.
  • If someone wants respect, government Jobs or success, respect for his work in the society, confidence, will power, then one must offer water to Surya Dev and worship the Sun God everyday.
  • While there has been lots of confusion and rumour spreading in the society about the correct method to offer water to the Sun God.
  • Some people say that one should pray to the Sun God by offering Ghee as ghee is much better than water which is totally wrong.
  • By getting the blessings of Sun God, one gets a very divine unusual magnetic Aura created around his body. This Aura is so special and powerful that people will naturally get attracted to it.
  • There is one story where a person always chanted the “Gayatri Mantra”. Once he went to the university and was attending one of his classes. During his class, the professor suddenly asked the class a question and he suddenly noticed him and told him to stand. He was told him that you have a certain kind of glow on your face and body that is very unique. This is what Surya Dev can do to you if you pray to him and offer water to Surya Dev.
  • You will start gaining the personality and the pattern of Sun which is light, the giver and the ultimate light. All the planets are attracted to the Sun and revolve around the Sun.
  • This type of ability is only possible by offering water to the Sun God.
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What Should You Offer To the Surya Dev or Sun God?

First things first, one should always offer Water To the Sun God or Surya Dev.

The reason is because after Wind, the mother nature’s next purest element is Water.

Because Mother Nature has given us five elements, wind, water, fire, earth, and sky. Here Wind is offered through our speech and breath. By changing mantras.

The next pure element is Water and it water that we should offer to Surya Dev.

However, there is no doubt, you can also offer Ghee or Milk, but one should remember that when we are offering anything to Surya Dev, we must make sure that we offer in full amounts. Which means that many people just mix one or two drops of milk or ghee into the water and then offer. This is wrong.

One should offer a “Lotah” full of milk or ghee or water and offer that to the Surya Dev.

But our Ancient Rishis say that Water is the best element that you can offer to the Surya Dev.

How to offer Water to the Surya Dev or Sun God?

1. Use Both your hands and join them in an upside position.

2. Take some water on your hands and then “Chant the Gayatri Mantra”. This will energise the water with the energies and blessings of Goddess Gayatri.

3. You must face towards Bhagwan Bhaskar or towards the position of Sun in a Standing position and this is how you must offer water to Surya Dev.

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4. You should offer the water near an area where their is water bodies like River, lake, or ocean. The best place is near the River.

5. If you don’t have access to a water body near your area, you can clean the area of worship or “Pujan Sthan” with water and pour some water over the place where you are going to stand and pray to the Surya Dev.

6. Next, take any “Bronze or Silver Lotah” and place the “Lotah” on your palm while you hands are joined.

7. With this, position, make sure that your thumbs are away from your hands and not together with your other fingers. Like this, you must pour the water and offer the water to the Sun god or Surya dev.


Offer water to the Surya Dev or Sun God if you are in government job, politics, or if you are a student who is trying for competitive exams. Problems like hair fall, bad relationship with father, pain in bones, all these issues can be solved by offering water to the Sun God.

Use water specifically instead of Ghee or milk because the next purest element after wind is water.

The next question that arises is What should you offer water to the Surya Dev?.

The best time to offer water to the Sun God is before the Sunrise when you first start to see the red shades of the sun on the sky, the slight colours of the Sun light on the sky. This is the best time to pray and offer water to the sun god.

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Now, many people may ask,

There is no river near my house or from the place where I live, Sun cannot be seen.

The answer to these is that you actually don’t need to see the Sun in order to offer water to the Sun God. Because in some places, Sun cannot be seen while during rain, fog, sun cannot be seen. Therefore, you must remember that light itself is Sun and the energy and light of Sun is everywhere. The fact that you can see the world is due to the Sun or Surya Dev itself.

Therefore, if you are thinking to offer water to the Sun God at you home itself, it is absolutely possible. You can just imagine the Sun, while you are offering water to the Sun God.

Mantras to chant while offering water to the Surya Dev.

“Om Ghrinim Surya Adityamu”

Om Suryaaya namaha

ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे भास्कराय धीमहि तन्नो भानु प्रचोदयात् | (om aadityaay vidmahe bhaaskaraaye dheemahi tanno bhaanu prachodayaat)

“Gayatri Mantra”.

You can chant any one of these mantras and you should chant the mantras, before the offering the energise the water with the powers of the mantra, during the offering and also after the offering.