Which Planet Is Responsible For Foreign Settlement?

When it comes to foreign settlement, the planets Venus, Rahu and Moon are the most important planets that tells us whether a persons fate is in the home land or in a foreign land. With Venus and Rahu being the main and the most important planets for foreign settlement.

However, this doesn’t mean that other planets like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are not related to foreign settlement. In fact, any planet can actually create the yog for Foreign Settlement if the conditions and planetary positions of a particular planet in the birth chart create the Yoga for Foreign Settlement.

Speaking about Planets and their positions in the Birth Chart, even a planets running Dasha or transit period is very important to look at before we judge the Yogas for Foreign Settlement in a Birth Chart.

Planetary Yogas for Foreign Settlement in a Birth Chart.

  • 1st house lord in the 12 house is a strong indication that a person will settle in a foreign land. The person will move or settle in a foreign land during the dasha of plant that creates this yog.

  • Moon is one of the main karka for Foreign settlement. As it is signifies the 4th house and travel within the country and outside the country. Moon in the 8th, 9th, or 12th house is a strong indication that the person will travel abroad.

  • 4 to 5 planets in the 12th house is a strong indication that the person will settle abroad. Especially, if these planets make a connection with the 1st house, 8th house, 7th house, 9th house and 10th house. On top of that, if there is Rahu, Saturn, Venus, and Moon in these group of planets, then one can be sure that the person will settle abroad.

  • Rahu, Moon and Venus in movable signs is a good indication that the person will travel a lot. Especially, Rahu in a movable signs like Gemini, can mean that the person will travel a lot and will associate himself with Foreign things.

Most importantly, to really indicate a Foreign settlement yoga, one has to see the strength of 12th house. The stronger it is, the higher the chance of settling abroad. On top of that, if your Kundli has more than 2 of the yogas mentioned above then you can try going to

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8 thoughts on “Which Planet Is Responsible For Foreign Settlement?”

  1. Yes definitely possible, but you will need to work very hard, if you get a chance to go there.
    You can try to go there, but I would say, let the Covid-19 Situation cool down. Then try because right now all the applications for immigrations are getting rejected in most of the countries including mine.

  2. Hi Ancient astrology,
    Does my chart indicates foreign settlement.
    3/5/1987, 2:20 am, biaora
    I went for studies in 2011 to Germany and came bk in 2015 because of job issue.
    Does thus year looks like I will be back abroad?

    • Hi there,
      In your Birth Chart, you have Mars in the 4th house aspected by Shani, Shani being the lord of 12th house is sitting in the 10th house indicates work or Karma from foriegn lands. Venus being the lord of 9th house in conjunction with Rahu also indicates foreign travel.

      I’d say, yes you will definitely benefit from travel and since Saturn is aspecting your 4th house, along wit Mars in the 4th house takes the native away from homeland. It’s better for you to work abroad as it will be more beneficial for you.

      Saturn being in the 10th house is a great position however, it does creates problems in workplace and that’s going to be a challenge in your life. If you move forward in your life with patience, be patient, work sincerely, yes you could actually settle abroad but again it may take some time, since Saturn is in the 10th house.

    • Hi there,
      You are Makar Lagna, with Ve and Me in the 1st house.
      Lord of the settlement house, 8th house lord in the 12th house which is the house of foreign lands.

      Lord of hometown(Mars 4th house) in the 12th house and House of gains(11th house lord) in the 12th house.
      There is a high chance for you to settle Abroad.
      In fact, your Bhagya or Fate is in the foreign land and you should as soon as possible go and work in a foreign land as your wealth gains is in a foreign country.

      Rahu in the 9th house in the sign of Virgo is excellent position for foreign, I can see that sometimes you have troubles working hard or giving consistent effort into any work. You often face laziness and procraastination.

      Saturn in the 2nd house aspecting the 4th house, denotes that you will leave your hometown.

      So over all, your chart has more than enough points to help you settle abroad.

      If you want to know more about your chart in detail, you should consult a reputed Astrologer and find out when is the best time to go abroad.

      Unfortunately, we don’t provide reading services.
      But you can contact this Astrologer.

      Name: Pt. Naramdeshwar Shastri. He will give you good advice. We are not affiliated with him nor have any connection, but he is one of the best here in India, you may have book in advance to get appointment.

      Thanks hope this solves your query.

  3. Thanks you so much sir. I am really excited to explore my destiny in foreign land. I hope I go there soon. Thanks for your great insight.


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