Keep these Things Under Your Doormat for Good Luck!  (Vastu Shastra)

Who doesn’t want to get lucky? Having good luck means having a one-way ticket to excellent health, wealth, and overall prosperity. However, while some believe in being born with luck, others work hard to make their luck. You might find it hard to believe, but there are specific tips that you could follow to attract good luck your way.

Like every person who enters your house passes through your doormat, good luck could also knock on your door if you make your doormat attractive enough for it. We have listed a few things that have been tried and tested for boosting good luck. Keep reading to find ways to welcome good luck into your life.


1. Alum Powder Under Doormat

Alum powder has long been used for its medicinal advantages. However, it can also serve as a good luck charm if you place it under your doormat. You heard it right; all you need is one spoonful of alum powder and place it on a piece of white paper. Now place them under your black colored doormat and wait for good luck to surprise you. This trick is particularly useful for solving financial issues. It is a significant wealth booster.

2. The Importance of a Black Doormat

It is thought that black color can ward off the evil eye, which fends away any negativity. Having a black doormat prevents negativity and evil eye from entering your house by stopping it right at the door.

3. Placing a Key Under the Doormat

Putting a key under the doormat is nothing new. Many people have been doing this for ages. They place a spare key under the doormat to use it in emergencies for opening their door. But who knew, this could have more benefits as well? Placing a key under your doormat is an excellent way of getting rid of financial issues as this attracts wealth and increases your livelihood. It also works to promote health.

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4. Mustard Seeds Under the Doormat

Mustard seeds have long been famous for their nutritional properties. While many people use them in their daily cooking, they could also put these seeds under their doormat to increase their luck. Putting a teaspoon of mustard seeds under your doormat accelerates the competition of unfinished projects. This simple activity can remove all your pending tasks’ hindrance and make sure that they work out in your favor.

5. Red Cloth Under the Doormat

Being lucky doesn’t only refer to having health, wealth, and prosperity. It also relates to having healthy relationships and connections with people. To make sure that your family stays together and there are no fights or disputes between your family members, take some camphor powder and place it in a red-colored cloth. Now put this cloth under your doormat and make sure to replace it with new cloth every week.

6. Use a Natural Fabric Doormat

The material of your doormat is of utmost importance and determines whether to attract positive or negative energy. Having a doormat made of natural fabrics and materials will boost good luck, while using a doormat made of rubber or acrylic material will ward off good luck. It is said that such synthetic materials attract fire, which can burn good luck.

7. Frequent Changing and Cleaning of Doormat  

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Everyone prefers neat and clean environments, and they like to visit places that are well-kept as opposed to the dirty places. Similarly, if you have a neat and clean doormat, it will attract good luck and positive vibes again and again.

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8. Place a Diya Lamp Near the Doormat

A Diya lamp is a small mud lamp lit with fire, and it burns, giving out light. Placing this lamp near your doormat also attracts good luck your way. It also discards negative vibes or energy, keeping evil forces at bay.

9. Placing Vastu Plants at the Entrance of Your House

If you place vibrant green colored Vastu plants at the entrance of your house, they will not only make your entrance look more attractive, but they will also attract more excellent health and wealth your way. 

Final Word

Vastu Shastra is real, and following any of our recommendations will do wonders for improving your luck.