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Secrets of Planet Saturn in Astrology You didn’t Know



Secrets of Planet Saturn

Hey guys,

Today’s article is going to be very interesting as today, I will be talking about the secrets of the planet Saturn in Vedic Astrology. These are secrets that you will not find anywhere on the internet. I have specifically, done deep research and found some amazing secrets of planet Saturn that for all the Astrology lovers will be a very enjoyable educational session.

Saturn in Astrology as we know is one of the malefic planets or so called bad planets. Because Saturn always creates problems in our lives. No matter where Saturn is situated in your birth chart, it will create some kind of detachment, whether it is in a good position or a bad position. This is because Saturn is the planet of isolation, detachment, disappointment, grief, sadness, hunger, struggles in life, hard labor, hard work, and it is also the planet that gives Justice. There is no doubt, if Saturn is strong in your birth chart, the person will be very intelligent. He may not be creatively intelligent as with Mercury and Venus but Saturn gives a very spiritual kind of Intelligence which is very different. This is why, Saturn is also the planet that can help us grow in Spirituality.

The problem with Saturn is that, it makes us go through tests in life. Saturn tests our abilities, or strongest strength and attacks us by placing us in situations where we feel hopeless, useless and our abilities just seems to be too weak. This is how Saturn teaches us the core principles of life, which is Hardwork, Discipline, Respect and Persistence.

At one point of time, you may be the leader of the village, you may pride yourself with limitless power, money and respect in the society. When Saturn comes in, it makes you kneel down to the lowest of the lowest people in the society and forces you to depend upon them. Such is the nature of Saturn, and this is how it makes you realize that you are limited and you have change your way of thinking, working and living in order to regain your reign upon the society.

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The Irony is Saturn is the only planet that when it gives fruits to the native in the form of wealth, it gives in plentiful massive amounts, amounts so much that lasts for a lifetime. This is also the reason why most of the Billionaires either have become rich and wealthy through Saturn. Directly or Indirectly, Saturn has been the biggest reason for their massive wealth.

Believe it or not, check the charts of any Billionaire. You’ll find that, Saturn has been one of the core reasons for their success.

With that said, here are the:

Secrets of Planet Saturn in Astrology That You didn’t Know

Secrets of Planet Saturn
  • Saturn in the 6th house: If Saturn is in the 6th house, this is 99.9% guaranteed that the native will suffer from an injury related to their Leg. How bad the injury is depends upon the status and condition of Saturn but even if it is a small nail bleeding the native’s foot, something bad will happen to the person’s foot during the Maha Dasha of Saturn. This has been seen and proven in Astrology thousands of times and let me also know, if you’ve had a similar situation and this came to be true in your life.
  • Saturn in the 6th house makes the Native have lots of enemies in his life. Its like enemies just don’t seem to end in the person’s life. One enemy falls down, the next one pops up. However, Saturn in the 6th house creates a “Shatru-Hanta Yoga”. In this Yoga, the native gains the strength to defeat his enemies and he will emerge victorious over his enemies. So, even though there are lots of enemies, Saturn here gives the native, the required strength and power to defeat those enemies.
  • Saturn as we know is the planet of delays and when it is positioned in the 1st house or is connected with the 1st house, the person will often face lots of delays in their life. Things will happen according to his wishes, however, it will not happen when he wants. He may want to start a business and expects growth within 6 months, the growth may take a year long.
  • When Saturn is positioned in the 4th house, the native may be blessed with lots of properties or will enjoy the comforts and pleasures of having big home and property. However, the native may not be actually able to enjoy living in his home or property. He may be so busy in life that, he has to live somewhere else.
  • Saturn aspecting the 9th house of luck, success and fortune or so called “Bhagya” foretells that the native will gain late success in his life. His fate and fortune will unlock very late in his life but he will gain success in amounts he have never wished for.
  • A person will suffer from bad name or image in society when Saturn aspects Sun in any position in the birth chart. The person due to some of his actions may get a bad name in the society. Moreover, this is bound to happen.
  • If there is a “Parivartan Yoga” between the planets Jupiter and Saturn, then the native can easily make money or earn and accumulate with less effort. Even if the the Lords of the house that Saturn and Jupiter are placed in, if they create this yoga, this Sutra applies to that as well.
  • When ever Saturn is in the 5th house from the Moon sign or Rashi sign or even during the Transit period of Saturn, Saturn becomes very troublesome for the native. Here, Saturn gives lots of struggles, problems and obstacles into the life of the person. Saturn here makes the native suffer a lot in during this time, especially, when the Maha Dasha of Saturn is currently happening in the life of the person and Saturn is in the 5th house from the Rashi Sign.
  • If Saturn is in the Zodiac sign of Taurus, the native gets angry very fast. While, he may face troubles in his married life, especially, he will spend a lot of money, while his earnings will be less.
  • When Saturn aspects Sun in any planetary position, the native will experience bad name in the society. He may get success in his life, but will also experience bad name or “Badhnami in Society”. The reason being, Saturn and Sun are enemies with each other, and Sun is the Karaka for Fame in the society. The moment, Saturn aspects Sun, the native will have to face bad name in society.
  • Saturn in retrograde position in any house is considered to be auspicious. It gives excellent results and often blesses the native with lots of success, wealth and prosperity in his life.
  • Saturn when it aspects Moon, the native will gain the ability to think out of the box, he will be able to analyze different situations and problems in a very different manner, however, the native may face problems with his mind and lots of emotional turbulence.
  • When Saturn and Mars are together in any house in the birth chart, the native becomes born engineer. He will have the skill or talent of engineering and will love to build things in life.
  • The Best Remedy for Planet Saturn is Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday. No matter how bad your planet Saturn is, by chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, one will be able to overcome the difficulties given by Saturn.
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