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Importance and Significance of Amavasya in Vedic Astrology



Importance and Significance of Amavasya in Vedic Astrology

In Hinduism, Amavasya has profound sacred significance. It is seen to be an ideal time for remembering and worshipping family ancestors and departed souls. It is thought that when the Moonlight is not there, sunlight reaches them. It is also believed that on this day, the forebears who have passed away visit their children and descendants.

The new Moon, also known as Amavasya, occurs when the Moon comes in conjunction with the Sun. The Moon and the Sun align in the same zodiac and at the same degree (12°). The proximity of the Moon and the Sun in one zodiac creates the scenario of ‘Samadhi,’ which causes strange feelings in both the physical body and the psyche.

The Sun is a ball of fire when the Moon moves towards the Sun it gets burnt and loses its significance. The new Moon and the full Moon together complete a complete circle. The Full Moon is associated with endings and whereas the New Moon is associated with new beginnings. Together these two represent transformation.

 This day is associated with pitrus or the forefathers, according to the Vishnu Dharma Sashtra (spirits of the ancestors). This increases the significance of Amavasya. Vedic astrology is based on Karma. Our past life karma decides our fate in this life.

On this day we are able to receive the blessings of our forefathers and change our bad karmas. For this reason, many important pujas and rituals are done on this day to receive blessings from our ancestors.

Apart from the religious perspective, it is also considered to be very important in Vedic astrology. Both the Sun and the Moon are considered to be the luminary planets in Vedic astrology. The Sun is associated with our soul and the Moon is associated with our mind. This indicated that your mind is aligned with your soul.

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This also suggests that the individual will have a karmic relationship with their parents as the Sun and Moon represents father and mother respectively. We can consider it to be one of the most karmic conjunction one can have. There are a lot of ways in which we can interpret this combination.

The sign placement and the strength of the Sun and the Moon hold huge importance in this conjunction. In a sign like Aries where Sun holds more power Moon feels burnt and therefore this conjunction becomes unstable. On the other hand, in a sign like Taurus where the Moon holds more power the conjunction becomes stable. Another important factor to analyse this conjunction is by checking the degrees of these planets. Moon holding the lower degree indicates that it is gradually moving towards the Sun and therefore it is burning its abilities. On the other hand, the Sun holding the lower degree suggests that Moon is gradually regaining its light.

Moon is the planet that controls our minds, emotions, and feelings. During Amavasya the significance of the Moon suppresses itself. There is a fluctuation in our emotions. We feel void and impulsive. It is not necessarily a negative event. Based on the sign and house, it also brings certain sudden positive unexpected transformations in our lives.

You may have heard that on Amavasya, mentally unbalanced persons become even more so. The gravitational pull of the moon on our planet is the reason behind this. As a result, everything is being pulled up. Oceans as a whole are attempting to rise. Similarly, your blood is attempting to rise to the gravitational pull of the moon. As a result, if you are psychologically unbalanced on that particular day, you will become even more so due to the increased circulation in your brain. If you’re happy, you’ll get happier; if you’re sad, you’ll get even more unhappy.

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Because the blood is being drawn higher, whatever quality you have gets a little better on those days. As a result, the entire energy field is being dragged upward in some way. These two days are a favor from nature for a spiritual sadhaka who is always trying every means necessary to drive his energy forward.

The Sun and the Moon are the two most important planets in Vedic astrology. The Sun is associated with the way the world perceives us and the Moon is associated with our inner true self. This also indicates that our life purpose is in a single direction. These natives are often seen to be very focused in life although they will have a hard time expressing themselves.

Amavasya brings transformations related to the house in with it occurs. For example, when it occurs in the 1st house it brings transformation-related self and personality. When it occurs in the 2nd house it brings transformations associated with family and wealth, when it occurs in the 5th house it brings transformations related to children.

This conjunction also influences the planet aspects. Amavasya can especially be difficult for Cancer ascendants and Moon signs as their ascendant lord is involved in this conjunction.

According to astrological and spiritual perspectives, evil spirits and the negative effects of black magic are extremely powerful on Amavasya. Because we all know how the Moon affects the human mind, no Moon night or Amavasya weakens and weakens it. People can even grow insane or become insane in extreme instances.

On this day, newborn babies are also negatively affected. Amavasya has a destroyer-like quality to it. Generally, a particularly feminine spirit would be upset during the night of Amavasya since it gives her dread and disturbance.

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Amavasya is not necessarily an inauspicious event. It is deeply associated with our karma. On this day we are able to reflect inwards and pay our karmic debts, ending an old cycle and beginning a new one. Worshipping Dhana Lakshmi and Dhanya Lakshmi, the two forms of Goddess Lakshmi, on the eve of Amavasya is auspicious for receiving their heavenly blessings, abundance, and fortune, according to Hindu mythology and scriptures.

By donating clothes and food or performing the Ann and Vastra Daan on the precise day of Amavasya, devotees can lessen the bad effects of the planets Ketu, Rahu, Shani, and Jupiter.