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Mars in the 6th House for Aries Ascendant



Mars in the 6th House for Aries Ascendant

Aries is the most passionate and aggressive sign in the entire zodiac! They are full of energy and creativity. However, their lack of patience often makes them lose interest in the things they start, which leads to them having a long list of unfinished projects. However, these passionate rams have the knack for ruling as they are born leaders. 

Today, we shall discuss how Aries is affected by the presence of Mars in their 6th house. For those of you who don’t know, this leading zodiac sign is also ruled by the planet Mars, which is why it’s greatly influenced by it. Keep reading to learn more about the effect of Mars in the 6th house for Aries ascendants.

What is Mars?

Mars is known as an independent, fierce and aggressive planet. Its blood-red colour signifies the vitality and fierceness of the planet. Mars also represents land, real estate and siblings. However, this planet mainly stands for courage, independence and strength. 

What is the 6th House?

The 6th house is a house that represents challenges and obstacles such as death, diseases and arguments. This house is also known as the evil house as it makes things difficult for us. It is also known as one of the Dustana houses. It is the first dustana house along with

What Happens When Mars Comes into the 6th House?

Mars in the 6th House for Aries Ascendant

Mars represents high energy and vitality, whereas the 6th house is home to diseases and financial obligations. This is also the house for your everyday activities and daily routine. Therefore, when you have a high energy body entering an evil home, it will only result in a disastrous collision as the power of Mars will bring out the worst results for the 6th house. 

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The 6th house is also known as the house of enemies. However, the Aries ascendants experience the entrance of Mars into the 6th house. They will have ample strength and energy to fight with their opponents and finish them off once and for all. The aggressive ram will gain its energy and strength from its ruling planet to deal with the hardships and complications in their lives. 

The independence, self-reliance and vitality make it almost impossible for the opponents to escape the wrath of Aries as they will let all their aggression out on them. Moreover, since the 6th house is the house of diseases when Mars enters the 6th house, Aries will have more energy and strength to fight off the diseases. 

This means they will have improved immunity and health. You must keep in mind that Mars is a planet that loves to fight, and now it’s fighting various diseases. Mars will first demolish its enemies, and now they will recover from their diseases. This planetary arrangement will make Aries invincible. 

The house is also responsible for all sorts of daily routine activities, which is why when Mars will enter this house, these people will end up having a very disciplined and well-organized life. Their life will have a lot of order in them as well. Since Mars is a soldier, it will expend all its energy to make sure that the order remains in its life. 

6th house is also the house of delays, and Mars shows endurance. Therefore, Mars will give them the much-needed resilience to make sure that they don’t give up on what they have started and keep working hard towards their goals as perseverance is the only key to success. Mars will equip them with the motivation and drive to complete all their started projects in the finest manner. 

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Saturn is known for providing excessive patience. However, Mars is also known for its endurance, which tames the impatient Aries rams to keep focused on their task. We must agree that this is quite an impossible task, but Mars has this power. 

Mars is also the planet of aggression, and the 6th house is also the house of financial obligations. Therefore, you must be mindful of your finances during this time. However, Mars will also give you the energy to make wise choices. 

Final Word

Aries is the super dominating and controlling sign, who wants everything to go their way. However, when they are faced with complications in the 6th house, the emergence of Mars saves the day by giving them the strength to come through.