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Mars in 4th House For Aries Ascendant



Mars is one of the malefic planets in Vedic Astrology who is the Karaka of the 3rd house, 6th house and as we discussed before, that when Mars is in the 3rd house, it makes the person extremely hardworking. However, for Aries Ascendant, Mars in the 4th house is a totally different story.

Mars here in the 4th house in Aries Ascendant, comes into the Rashi or Zodiac sign of Cancer. Which just means that Mars becomes weak or debilitated in the 4th house for Aries ascendant. Moreover, Mars in the 4th house also makes the person Manglik. Manglik Dosha happens to a person when Mars is positioned in the 1st house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house. Mars in the 4th house is not a good position for Aries Ascendant people.

However, if Mars is aspected by Moon, or if Moon is in Kendra house then, a Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga gets formed and by this, to some extent, one may be saved from the malefic results of Mars in the 4th however, if this is not the case then Mars here is bound to create some problems in Marriage, comforts.

But this does not mean that Mars in the 4th house is a bad position. Mars in the 4th house being in one of the Kendra houses gives the person, the property and he gets the property in big amounts. Such people are either born in a family where the property has lots of value or the person himself will be able to buy property in the future.

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The problem here arises with Mars affecting the person himself. Mars is a planet that is full of energy, courage, vigor and aggressiveness, quick fire, land and property and here Mars can make the person have an inability to control his anger and due to that, the person may suffer in Married life, and he may not be able to earn much people that he was supposed to earn in his life. Here debilitated Mars just means that the person lacks control rather than having control. However,.the native will always have income coming into his life and there won’t be problems regarding earning money. But, he may lose the money due to his anger or aggressive nature. Therefore, such people always have to remember that they should keep they anger in control.

Mars in the 4th house firstly will be able to give the person, a lot of property and that is a plus point of being in one of the Kendra houses. As we know, 4th house is the house of peace and comforts. It is also the house of land, home and property. Therefore, here, Mars will give property but will create problems regarding the peace of home, property and land.

In terms of career and business, Mars aspects the 10th house which is the Karaka house of Mars and here Mars will give rise in career and income to the native. However, due to the short-tempered nature of the native, the person may face problems due to that in career. Especially, in partnerships and with their co-workers.

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Overall, Mars in the 4th house for Aries Ascendant is not a really good position as it creates problems in the married life of the person. One should most definitely do remedies for the planet Mars to keep their Mars stable and balanced. Most of the time, people with such position have a tendency to argue with family members and co-workers, especially, due to the debilitation of Mars that causes their mind to weaken and move towards aggressiveness.