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Mars In the 11th House For Aries Ascendant



Aries Ascendant is one of the most unique and special ascendant in the zodiac tree. Yes, it is the first zodiac sign from which the whole zodiac tree begins, however there’s one unique special of Aries Ascendant that you might not have noticed.

Aries ascendants are known to be “Warriors” or “soldiers” of the zodiac tree. They are furled by the planet Mars and they are assertive, straightforward, and very impulsive.

If you take a look at the life of a soldier, they often have to sacrifice their family life, marriage life and personal life in order to serve their nation and fight for the native.

Aries ascendants live a life in a similar manner. And the astonishing fact is that this exact thing can be easily read through their birth chart itself.

Aries Ascendant is ruled by the planet Mars as Mars is the lord of the first house. Which means that Mars here gives all the energy, courage, bravery, vigor and strength to the native. The native becomes fueled by the energy of Mars due to which he/she becomes extremely capable of fighting through their competition and gaining victory over them.

However, if you look at the birth chart of an Aries Ascendant, the 8th house is also ruled by Mars. As the 8th house signifies death, misery and struggles in life .

Which is the reason why a solider, often puts his life on risk in order to serve his nation and so is the case with Aries Ascendant.

You will often find many Aries people who claim to leave their leave, work really hard in life and they often associate their life with having to make a valuable sacrifice at one point of time in their life. This is mainly because the 8th house is the house of death and struggles in life which is the reason why many Aries people may struggle a lot in their life.

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Mars In the 11th House For Aries Ascendant

Mars in the 11th house is a great position for Aries people as Mars being the 1st house lord is coming to the 11th house just means that the native will have no problems with Wealth in his lifetime.

Money and wealth will not be a problem for the native. The native will also be able to gain from loans, debt.

Mars in the 11th house will also give lots of property to the native because here Mars sitting in the 11th house directly aspects the 2nd house which also the house of wealth. Here, 11th house and 2nd house having relationship with each other creates a Yoga called “Maha Dhan Yoga”. The native who is born with this Dhan Yoga faces no problems with wealth in his lifetime .

In fact, such people having this yoga should invest in real estate and businesses related to land and property. The person can also work in the fields of construction and can become a great investor of land and property.

Such people are born with lots of wealth and property in hand. They are have lots of ancestral properties at hand. Even if such people are born in a poor family, later on in life, they will be able to lots of property.

One of the things with Mars in the 11th house is that debt becomes a big issue. The reason being since Mars is the main Karaka for Debt and loans, here Mars will make the native get into debt and there is no problem with debt as long as you are able to pay the debt.

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However, the problem arises when giving loans and that is not good for people who have Mars in the 11th house. For them, if they give loans to someone, it can be very hard for such people to get back their money. Sometimes, you can just lose your hope of getting back the money because Mars here will give you gains with debt but when it comes to giving loans, be prepared for not getting back the money.


Mars in the 11th house is a great position for Mars to be in. Since the 1st house lord is coming to the 11th house, it just means that the person is going to have no problems with wealth and income in his lifetime.

Indeed, this position is great for wealth and Mars here gives lots of wealth to the native.

Some of the best careers for Mars in the 11th house would be real estate, finance, banking, government jobs, land property and building materials. The native can also do well in the field of medical science and doctor. Businesses like hotel business and restaurant is very much suitable for people with Mars in the 11th house.

One of the things that Mars in the 11th house can do to the person is that it can give great education to the native. While, the native may also be quite aggressive towards his friends, but he will also have a big friend circle.