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7th house

Mars In the 7th House For Aries Ascendant



Th 7th house is the house that plays a very significant roles in our lives. It is the house that represents marriage, partnerships, bonds, business and it is also one of the Kendra houses.

This means that if the 7th house is weak, the person suffers from lots of problems with marriage and business. The 7th house also represents partnerships, therefore, in business, whether you will gain, or loss from your partnership investments in business can all be seen from the 7th house.

Moreover, iin Vedic Astrology, if we want to see what kind of spouse a person will get, that is all seen from the 7th house.

Importance of Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars is one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. In fact, the Birth chart and the cycle of Zodiac sign itself starts from the zodiac sign ruled by Mars which is Aries. As it is the first Zodiac sign.

If you think about it, the birth of humans and Vedic Astrology is so much co-related. Meaning, Mars as we know is a male sign and we all know that the first of Humans were male.

Then next sign comes Taurus which is ruled by the female planet Venus. The sign Taurus rules the 2nd house which is the house of family. As you can see, as soon a female human came into the earth, there was possibility of having a family.

Mars represents a warrior, a fighter, a surviver, land, conquering lands. Mars also represents blood, blood related disease and it is the amount of vitality, a person has within him. A person having weak Mars, will not be able to give his best in his life. He will frequently get tired, lazy and will eventually not work hard.

Because the main Karaka planet for Hard work is Mars itself. A strong Mars will make the person have extremely high will power, courage, valour, assertiveness, anger and the ability to not get tired.

Mars also represents sports, army and the policeman. That’s why most people who have a strong Mars in their birth chart go for careers related to police and army.

Mars represents the energy or the battery capacity that’s there in our body.

However, if Mars is too strong, it makes the person become short tempered, lacks patience and will be very quarrelsome. That’s why Mars is regarded as a malefic planet because along with it’s strength and amazing benefits, it destroys a person’s certain parts of his life.

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One of the parts that Mars can completely destroy is Marriage and Career. That’s people who have Manglik Dosh often suffer from a lot of Marriage problems. They have frequent divorces, quarrels in marriage, dishormony and eventually suffer from breakage of marriage.

The reason why they suffer like this is not because of a curse or a bad Yoga. The only reason is because of the planet Mars being too strong in their birth chart which makes them angry, fierce, and aggressive. Because for a marriage to work, there has to be hormony between the spouses and Mars does not let that happen. That’s why it is said that a Manglik should marry a Manglik because if both have the same blood, same kind of personality traits, they will be in harmony.

That’s you might wonder why do soldiers suffer from divorces and marriage problems the most. If you look at their life, it’s all about sacrifice and serving for the nation. They have to leave their house and go to the war for several years. Many times this causes a lot of problems at home and marriage.

If you think about it, Mars represents a soldiers and even in Vedic Astrology, a person having Manglik Dosh faces similar kind of problems in life.

Mars in the 7th house For Aries Ascendant

Mars for Aries Ascendant is a good planet however, Mars is also the lord of 8th house which is the reason why Mars is not able to give great results to the native.

Mars being the lord of the 1st house in Aries Ascendant and sitting in the 7th house is a great position for Mars. The 7th house for Aries Ascendant is ruled by Libra sign and being in Libra sign, there’s no problem for Mars.

Mars here being in the 7th house aspects it’s own house, the 1st house. This is good because it makes the Lagna very strong. Meaning the person will have high will power, energy, vitality, the person will be hardworking and full of energy and life.

Mars will also make the native have a good personality however, there will be traits of short temper as Mars is also the lord of 1st house and while Mars being in the 7th house is looking at its own house, it will make the native impatient.

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Because of this position of Mars, the person will always have an ideology of having a winning attitude. He will try to win over every thing and in all matters of life. Especially, in business and marriage and this is where the problem arises.

There’s no doubt, Mars here in the 7th house will make the person very bold and strong, full of energy and the person will love to participate in various sports and activities. There will be danger of accidents because Mars here in Aries is also the lord of the 8th house.

Mars here makes the native have Manglik Dosh. There’s no problem with having Manglik Dosh as Mars here is the lord of the 1st house and is aspecting it’s own house. Since, the 7th house is ruled by Venus, one has to check the relationship of Mars with Venus.

If Venus is friendly with Mars, meaning if they are not 6 houses, 8 houses or 12 houses apart from each other. While, if Venus is aspecting Mars or if there are benefic aspects on Mars or Venus by Jupiter or Mercury, then there won’t be much problems with Marriage.

However, if Mars is aspected by planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Sun, then there will be problems with Marriage. The person can have the yoga for having multiple marriages.

The one thing to note here is that, if Jupiter Aspects the 7th house where Mars is situated, Jupiter won’t let the person have any problems with marriage.

But the main thing to look here is what planets are aspecting Mars and the relationship between Mars and Venus. If Mars is in the nakshatra of Venus or if Venus is in the Nakshatra of Mars or if Mars is in its own Nakshatra, then great, Mars and Venus will give great results to the native.

However, Mars in the 7th house can bring up issues with your spouse. There can be frequent quarrels, arguments with your spouse.

Mars here from the 7th house aspects the 10th house where Mars become the main Karaka for the 10th house. This aspect of Mars is very beneficial for the person. Here the person can do really well in business.

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Businesses like Real estate, building materials and many other business sectors related to Mars will be extremely beneficial for the Native.

Mars here will also make the native gain a a lot of success in his career. There’s no doubt, the person can become a great business man, on top of that, Mars because it is aspecting it’s own house, that is the 1st house will make the person extremely hardworking.

Here, Mars in the 7th house also aspects the 2nd house, which only means that when the person get’s married, his wealth starts to rise and his career also. Best thing to do for people with Mars in the 7th house is to respect their spouse, keep good relation with them.


There’s no doubt, Mars in the 7th house can bring up problems in marriage. However, this does not mean that the marriage will be so bad that it brings up the situation of divorce.

Here, Mars gives extremely positive results and since Mars is the ruler of 1st house, Mars becomes one of the planets that will help you achieve success in life. And success is sure to come as long as you work hard.

Because Mars is a malefic planet, it will not leave it’s malefic effects from the native, hence the reason why unnecessary problems, quarrels that will happen between you and your spouse.

However, the thing to remember here is that your spouse becomes the reason for your wealth, success and happiness. There’s no doubt, from this placement of Mars, that your spouse becomes very important and if you are able to control yourself, you can become really successful in life. Because Mars in the 7th house makes the person really aggressive.

However, if there are aspects of Rahu, Saturn or Sun on the 7th house, then the situation worsens and marriage can be deeply affects. It is best advised that if you take patience and self-control as the key values of your life, you will have no problems in marriage and you will also be successful in life.