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4th house

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 4th house



Sun and Moon Conjunction in 4th house

Sun and Moon conjunction in Vedic Astrology is one of the most unique conjunctions as it is the conjunction of two key planets in the birth chart. Sun is known as the king of all planets, while Moon is regarded as the Queen. When both of these planets sit together in the birth chart, it is known as “Amavasya” or No Moon day.

This is the time when the Moon completely loses its power or influence and completely relies on the power of the Sun to sustain itself. Amavasya is the time when Moon loses its light, thus Moon here is considered to be a Malefic planet as Moon gives malefic results to the native.

Sun as we know is fire, it’s pure burning heat and brightness, while Moon represents water and feminine energy. When we put water into fire, the fire doesn’t get extinguished, and water acts like a catalyst or fuel that increases the intensity of fire even more.

During the time of Amavasya or Sun and Moon conjunction, the dark energy or black magic energies is the strongest. It is the only time when key Hindu Rituals and Pujas take place. It is the time when, Pitras are welcomed and prayed to.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the effects of Sun and Moon conjunction in the 4th house.

Sun and Moon in Vedic Astrology

Sun in Vedic Astrology is regarded as the King of all planets. It is the source of all light and life in the world. Sun represents the King, the government, the father, and all the authoritative figures in our society. Sun represents the highest position one can achieve in their life. Sun is above all and beyond everything.

When Sun is strong in the birth chart, one will have lots of confidence within himself. He will be courageous, and full of strength and vitality, while he will also be an arrogant person. According to Vedic Astrology, Sun is the Karaka of the 9th house as well or our “Bhagya” or fate and fortune, thus, when Sun is strongly placed in the birth chart, it has the power to extinguish all the bad yogas and bring good results into the life of the native.

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That’s having a strong Sun is considered to be a Raj Yoga. Sun also represents our soul, our karmic past, and the karmic activities we have to do in our current life. Sun represents our bones, and our eyes, and when Sun is afflicted, people normally face problems with their eyesight.

Sun becomes exalted in the sign of Aries and Debilitated in Libra. While Sun gains natural strength in the 10th house, it gives extraordinary results in the 1st, 3rd, and 9th house.

Moon on the other hand is a watery planet. It represents our mind and our emotions. Moon is also very important in Vedic Astrology as it directly represents our mind and our thoughts. Moon is said to represent our mother, nurturing, water, fluids, liquid, softness, and ups and downs in life.

Just like how Moon controls the tides of the ocean, in the same manner, Moon affects our minds. As we know, our mind is such that it’s never stopping and constantly racing. Moon also represents the blood flow in our body and it also represents the liquidity of the stock market.

Moon is the only planet that is not considered to be strong when it is too strong in the birth chart. While a weak Moon is also not considered to be good. The reason is that our mind is the strongest when it is in its balanced state, thus, Moon becomes exalted in the sign of Taurus which is an earth sign representing balance. While Moon gets debilitated in the sign of Scorpio.

The 4th house in Vedic Astrology

The 4th house is the house of Mother, Homeland, Home, and family. It represents the feminine side of our life and our home environment.

The 4th house is also the house of peace and comforts of our life as it is at home where we feel the most comfortable. The 4th house also represents luxury, vehicles, land, and property.

Venus, Moon, and Jupiter are the three planets that give excellent results in the 4th house. These planets are the Karak planets in the 4th house.

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While, Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu give weak results in the 4th house.

The 4th house is ruled by the Zodiac sign Cancer and the main Karak planet for the 4th house is Moon.

The 4th house is also regarded as the Bandhu Bhava which means that it creates Bandhan’s or bondage in our lives, from which it is hard to escape. Just like our family is our bondage and so is our homeland.

But the planets sitting and aspecting the 4th house either strengthen or create problems in the bondages. That’s why the yogas for foreign settlement is also seen from the 4th house, as if the 4th house is in a weak state then, there is a high chance that the native will leave his homeland.

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 4th house

  • Sun and Moon’s conjunction is a very special conjunction we know as it is known as the period of “Amavasya”. This is the time when the Moon is completely dark. This doesn’t mean that Moon completely loses its power. However, there are some very interesting results from this conjunction.
  • The first thing to notice is that the native will have a really high sense of Ego. His sense of self and ego is heightened by a massive amount. Such natives are very egoistic, and they don’t like others talking bad about themselves. They have immense leadership qualities and are full of ideas and big thoughts.
  • Here Sun has completely taken over the mind of the native, hence the native becomes far-visioned and will have a really high sense of thinking. Such natives are dreamers and they have massive imagination power.
  • However, since Moon becomes Digbali or gains Natural strength in the 4th house, here Moon won’t be able to give its fullest result because the Sun is too near. Therefore, here the native can face some emotional problems or problems controlling his mind and emotions as his emotions will be too strong.
  • One thing to note here is that from the 4th house, the Sun and Moon aspect in the 10th house which is the house of Career, work, and profession, and this position of the Sun and Moon aspect on the 10th house is very good for career and work. The native will be able to gain great success in his career and profession. The native is sharp, intelligent, and has great scope for government jobs and politics.
  • Sun in whichever house it sits in, burns that house and the planets that are close by. The 4th house is also the house of the home environment, home, family, and homeland and here the native can face lots of troubles in his home. There can be constant fights and power struggles among the members of his family.
  • This conjunction of Sun and Moon is also very good for property and real estate, the native will have lots of properties and will have the potential to gain a lot of property in his lifetime.
  • The native will have a good scope in politics and government jobs. As Sun is the main Karaka for Government and it’s aspect on the 10th house brings the yoga for taking a person to the government sector.
  • The native can face the problem of lack of confidence and self-esteem issues if Rahu or Saturn aspects the 4th house.
  • The native’s mother will be very influential and strict. She will have great influence over the family and in the society.
  • There is a possibility of the native living away from his homeland. While, if there is any connection with the 9th house or the 12th house, then there is a strong yoga for foreign travel and foreign settlement.
  • The native born with Sun and Moon conjunction will be very intelligent, clever and will have a sharp brain and quick wit. The native will have a strong learning capacity.
  • If Sun and Moon are strongly positioned in the 4th house, then the native will be very wealthy in his lifetime. He will be rich and will be able to lead a luxurious and comfortable life.
  • The native can suffer from cough and cold related issues. He may face digestion problems and eyesight problems.
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