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4th house

Real Estate Business Yoga in Janam Kundali



Real Estate Business Yoga

We all dream of buying a luxurious property one day in our lifetime. It’s going to be expensive, lot of work but ultimately a dream come true.

But did you know that if you have a real estate business yog or property yog in your birth chart, then you might actually be one of the few fortunate ones who can not only buy a property but actually get into the business of it.

This special yoga in the birth chart gives the native immense luck and success in real estate business. Sometimes, such a native is able own properties worth crores and crores of rupees.

Let’s look at what yoga and sutra in Vedic Astrology brings in such powerful scope for a person.

Real Estate Business Yoga

The 4th house and Property

Whenever we deal with property, home, land, and even real estate, we always look at the condition and position of the 4th house and its lord. It is at home where we find peace and happiness, therefore, the 4th house is also associated with mother, and finally, the 4th house also signifies the comforts of life.

The planets that are responsible for owning land and property are Mars and Moon. Especially, Mars is one of the main planets for real estate and property because Mars represents owning or conquering lands. While Moon is the main planets that make a home as it represents Mother. 4th house is also the main house of Moon.

Combinations for Real estate business in Vedic Astrology.

1. 4th house lord in the 4th house

If the 4th house lord is placed in the 4th house itself, with the lagan lord, the person will be able to enjoy all the material comforts of home and property. One becomes extremely fortunate to have a nice home. Such a person can also gain success in real estate business.

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2. Mars in the 4th house

Mars is the main planet for property and owning lands or acquiring lands. Mars in the 4th house alone brings in a great yoga for owning multiple properties and doing real estate business.

3. Mars in the 4th house in its own sign

Mars in the 4th house in its own sign or exaltation sign with Mercury will make the native work in the field of real estate and doing business of property.

4. Jupiter’s aspect on the 4th house

Anytime, when Jupiter looks or aspects the 4th house, it is considered very auspicious. Such a person enjoys the wealth of home. Such a person can also do business related to property and wealth.

5. Strong position of Venus and Aspect on the 4th house

Venus is the main planet for luxury, passion, and enjoyment. All the materialistic comforts of life given to a person is represented by the planet Venus. Therefore, it is important to have a strong position of Venus in the birth chart. For property or real estate business, Venus also plays an important role as Venus represents luxury and expensive items.

6. Saturn in the 10th house and Mars in the 4th house.

Saturn is the main karaka for building and construction as the planet Saturn represents construction. Saturn becomes strong in the 10th house and it’s benefic aspect on the 4th house opens doors for the native to get into real estate business. Especially, if Mars is also sitting in the 4th house, this is a perfect combination for real estate business.

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7. Exalted or Own sign Mars in the 10th house.

Mars gets natural strength in the 10th house because it is one of the exaltation houses for Mars. Here if Mars is in any sign, not debilitated, then it aspects the 4th house which brings in a strong yoga for doing real estate business. Here if Mars is exalted or in its own sign, it becomes even more prominent for the person to get into real estate business as Mars in the 10th house in its own sign creates “Ruchak Yoga” which is extremely auspicious for the person.

8. Moon and Venus in the 4th house.

Moon and Venus in the 4th house is a very strong position for the real estate business. Here Moon is in its own house and gives the native a lot of mental strength, peace, and stability. While Venus in the 4th house gives the native, the comforts of home and property. Here the natives can indulge in real estate and get great success.

9. Mars in the 9th house and Saturn in the 10th or 4th house

Mars as we know is the main planet for property and home while Saturn represents Land and the actual process of building a home. When these two planets make a connection with the 4th house from the 9th or 10th house, it creates a very strong yoga for doing real estate business. Saturn sitting in the 4th house will give all the home and property comforts to the native while Mars sitting in the 9th house will make the person hardworking, full of energy and will bring in rise in the career of the person by being in the house of bhagya.

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So these were the different planetary combinations for people who can actually get into the real estate business. Always remember, where Mars is placed and which houses the planet Mars is looking at in your Janam Kundli. Mars having an aspect on the 4th house is enough to create the yoga for property and real estate however, the loss or gain now depends upon where Mars is placed in your birth chart.

There are even more Yogas for Real Estate business and property however, the combinations listed in this article is the most prominent one that represents a person who can actually get into real estate business and get success.

There are other yogas such as Dhan Yogas which should also be taken into consideration while checking if you have the yoga for real estate or not.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please do share it with your friends and family and let them know if they have Real Estate business Yoga or not.