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Which Houses are Bad for Venus?



Which houses are bad for venus?

Venus, which is one of the closest planets to the Sun is one of the most significant planets in astrology. It is known as “Shukra” after the name of Shukracharya in Hindi. It is the planet of beauty, warmth, and love. Venus is considered a female planet. It is the ruler of Libra and Taurus (Vrishabha) (Thula). According to Kaal Purush Kundali, it governs the second and seventh houses. Natives who have a strong Venus are generous and outgoing. Venus becomes exalted in Meena’s sign of Pisces at degree 28 while becoming debilitated in Virgo at the same degree. “Libra” is the mooltrikona symbol for it.

Hindu Mythology deems Venus as the Goddess of Love, Marriage, Beauty, and Comfort. The wife of Lord Vishnu, Mahalaxmi, is another name for it and is seen as having one eye. Your eyes will be impacted by the poor placement of Venus in your horoscope.

The Bali Chakravarthi was in charge of both the Earth and the Heavens. Devas and Lord Indra requested Lord Vishnu to release them from Maha Bali. Therefore, Lord Vishnu assumed the shape of a dwarf. He went up to Emperor Bali and begged him to grant him three feet of land. Bali had a smart preceptor by the name of Shukracharya who recognized the lord’s deception and counseled the king not to fulfill his request. Although Lord Vishnu appeared in dwarf form, Bali accepted the prayer by pouring water into his palms. By one of his eyes, Shukracharya stopped the flow of water. In order to remove the barriers, Lord Vishnu took grass and pierced through Guru Shukracharya’s eye. Consequently, Shukracharya lost his eye.

In this article, we will be dealing with the houses which are bad for Venus. We will go over why they are considered as bad for Venus as well.

What does Venus Signify in Vedic Astrology?

Venus is a significant planet in astrology. In every horoscope, Venus stands for the wife for men and marriage. It is the Karak planet for the 7th house, which is also the house of marriage and legal business partnerships. It promotes a happy married life if it is correctly positioned in the horoscope. So, Venus performs significantly better when it occupies favorable astrological positions.

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It controls the kidneys, neck, chin, genitalia, and other body parts.

Natives with strong Venus have average height and chubby bodies. They have a round or oval face, which is prone to acne. Though the face is highly appealing. The natives have curly hair, a good voice, and bright, kind, and pleasing eyes. Although, if Venus is affected negatively then the native will have less beauty. Natives with strong Venus will prevail in any competition, particularly when they submit applications for positions in the reception department, as a private secretary, etc.

Venus is associated with diseases as well. It is related to diseases such as causes catamenia irregularities, ovarian disorders, mucous diseases, skin conditions, Bright’s disease cysts, swelling, goitre, gout, anaemia, and other problems from overindulging in entertainment, food, alcohol, and other activities, such as gonorrhoea and syphilis.

Which houses are bad for Venus?

Venus in 3rd house

If Venus is positioned in the 3rd house, then it is highly beneficial for the native. Although it’s not always the case. When Venus is in the 3rd house it can sometimes make one play a lot of mental tricks. They could employ flattery as a strategy to advance their agenda. However, utilizing flattery could result in them losing their integrity and reputation.

Venus in 6th house

When Venus is in the 6th house it brings upon both good and negative impacts.

When it comes to negative effects, it makes a native lose their confidence. They lose so much confidence that they are not able to take up decisions and have trouble taking upon a profession. The natives with Venus in the 6th house are likely to be puzzled most of the time and progressively lose interest in their goals for the future.

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On the contrary, Venus’ placement in the 6th house makes the native a hard-working person who is always at service in their professional life. Good dance instructors, fitness instructors, beauty or cosmetics specialists, stylists, and other professionals are produced by this position of Venus.

Venus in 7th house

When Venus is positioned in the 7th house, it makes the native an egoistic and narcissistic person. Due to this nature of the native, they may have professions that are unstable and unpredictable. If Venus is weak in the 7th house, it’s possible that the native’s companion exhibits terrible behavior and is a sluggish person.

On a positive note, Venus being in the 7th house promotes successful marriages. It bestows upon the local a lovely, prosperous, and alluring spouse. The natives will find someone with whom they can own and enjoy life’s comforts.

Venus in 10th house

Venus’ placement in the 10th House is not considered to be auspicious. The person could experience betrayal from their loved ones. They may also experience a significant financial loss at some point in their lives. If Venus is poorly aspected in this house, this stance could harm the native’s reputation. They might even take use of their skills and expertise for personal benefit.

Although, Venus in the 7th house gives the native an enjoyable personality, a sociable demeanor, and a harmonious one. With this personality the attracts a lot of attention at work. The native has the propensity to be amiable, friendly, and optimistic about life.

Remedies for Venus

If you are having trouble with Venus, then you can follow the mentioned remedies to bring positive changes.

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First of all, you will have to worship Goddess Laxmi and recite the Shri Sookhtam. Reciting this hymn will take away all the hurdles in your life and you will be bestowed with blessings.

You must offer sweets to widows and little girls.

You should wear the Shukra Yantra. This will bring about positive effects of Venus in your life.

You can chant mantras as well to reduce the bad effects of Venus. For this you can chant the mantra: “Aum Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah” 108 times everyday.

Try wearing silver jewelry and applying perfumes to your body.

You can opt for gemstones such as opal, diamonds, white topaz, etc as a remedy for ill effects of Venus.

You should also perform donations. To get the good effects of Venus, you must donate curd, silver, kheer, rice, and perfume.

You should wear white clothes and pink clothes.

Fasting will help as well. To get on the good side of Venus you should fast on Fridays.

You should maintain a good character always.

If you have a weak Venus then following physical routines such as breathing and relaxing is useful. You can perform Yoga pranayama like anulom vilom, sheetali, sheetkari, and kapalbhati. With this, your mind will be freed of pleasure and your mind will become stable.


Venus is one of the most auspicious planets in Vedic Astrology. It mostly provides a native with positive effects. Although, if it is positioned on a certain house (mentioned above) then you will feel the bad effect of Venus. The planet will make the native’s life hard and miserable.

But there are remedies to strengthen the positive effects of Venus. You can perform these remedies and please Venus. It is assured that they will lessen the bad effects of brought upon by Venus.