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Dhan Yoga in Kundali : Different Types And Combinations




Dhan Yoga is one of the most important yogas in Vedic Astrology and also one of the most discussed. Dhan means wealth and yoga means combinations so if a person has favourable Dhan Yoga in his Birth Chart, he will not have any problem of wealth in his life. If he does have problem, then he will be able to accumulate wealth in the future.

Therefore, having Dhan Yoga in your chart will not only give you wealth but it is also considered very auspicious and lucky. People can have 1 Dhan Yoga or there can be more than one Dhan Yogas also.

How Dhana yoga forms in the chart?

Wealth in Vedic Astrology is seen from the 2nd house. The second house signifies wealth, prosperity and gains. It shows you how much wealth you are going to accumulate in your lifetime.

Although the 2nd house in the chart represents wealth, it is extremely important to look at the ascendant, 4th house, 9th house, 10th house and 11th house.

Apart from the houses, Jupiter plays a big role in predicting your wealth in the chart. Another planet to consider is Venus as it also rules the materialistic gains in life. Here wealth also means materialistic gains, property, investments, luxury and so on.

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How Dhan Yoga is formed in a horoscope?

Here are the possible combinations for Dhan Yogas:

If the 2nd house lord and the lord of the ascendant are together in any house, Dhan Yoga is formed.

For example, if your Lagna(ascendant) Lord is ruled by the sign of Gemini(3) and the 2nd house lord is ruled by the Capricorn(10). Now if Saturn(Ruler of Capricorn) and Mercury(Ruler of Gemini) are together in the 10th house or any house, then a Dhan Yoga is formed. This is just an example.

If there is a mutual exchange in places of lords between the 2nd house and 11th house then a Dhan Yoga is formed.

If the lord of the ascendant is placed in the 10th house, Native will be much more wealthier than his parents.

If the Lord of the 2nd house and 9th house have mutual exchange the you will be rich.

When the lord of 2nd gets associated with 5th, 9th and 11th

When the lord of the 5th house gets associated with 9th and 11th lord and its house.

When 9th lord gets associated with 11th lord or its house.

If the Lagna Lord and 2nd Lord has a mutual exchange then you will gain wealth.

If the Lagna lord and 2nd lord are placed in Kendra(1,4,7,10), Trines(1,5,9) or 2nd or 11h house then a Dhan yoga is formed.

If the 11th Lord is associated with Lagna Lord, 5th and 9th lord.

 If 11th lord and 2nd lord are posited in lagna produce dhana yoga.

If the 2nd lord in in 5th house or 5th lord in 2nd house.

Lord of 5th in 5th and lord of 9th in 9th.

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How different Wealth Giving Planets Affect your Dhan Yoga?

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Moon have their own unique combinations to bring Dhan Yoga in a chart. Here are some of the combinations of planets in a chart that give immense wealth to the native.

If the planet Sun is placed in the 5th house and Jupiter, Moon and Mars are together in the 11th house.

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If Jupiter is in conjunction with the 2nd lord and Mercury.

Jupiter in its own sign in the 9th house, with Venus or 5th lord.

Mercury in 5th house in its own sign, while Moon and Mars in 11th house.

Mercury and Venus in 5th, in sign of Venus. Saturn in 11th.

Mercury in lagna in own sign, aspected by Jupiter and Moon.

Saturn in own sign in lagna, aspected by Mercury and Venus.

Sun in lagna, aspected by Jupiter and Mars.

Sun in 5th in own sign aspected by Jupiter.

Moon in Cancer aspected by Jupiter and Mars.

Mars in Aries, or Scorpio, aspected by Moon, Venus or Saturn.

If Moon is in 5th house in it’s own sign and 11th lord Saturn in the 11th house.

When Mars is placed in the 5th house and Venus is in 11th in own sign.

When Mercury is posited in the 5th house and Jupiter, Moon and Mars is in 11th

When the planet Saturn is in own sign in 5th house and Sun and Moon remains in the 11th house together.

These were all the possible combinations of Dhan Yoga in a chart. However, there are over 300 combinations just for Dhan Yoga in vedic astrology.

Dhan Yoga according to your Ascendant.

Dhan Yoga for Aries ascendant

Dhan Yoga for Taurus ascendant

  • Dhan Yoga is formed is the Lagna Lord Venus is in the 2nd, Mercury is in income house(11th or 2nd) and Jupiter is in Kendra houses(1,4,7,10). Native will suddenly get very rich.
  • If Saturn, the career lord and Mercury, the wealth lord associate with the 2nd house either through conjunction or mutual aspect. Native will be rich.

Dhan Yoga for Gemini ascendant

  • If Mercury and Saturn inter-change their places or get conjoined in the 9th house, an auspicious Dhan yoga is formed.
  • If Moon is exalted in the chart, Native will get benefits from paternal property.

Dhan Yoga for Cancer ascendant

Dhan Yoga for Leo ascendant

  • If Venus and Moon are strong in a Navamsa Chart, native will be very wealthy.
  • If Venus is strong and is in the fourth house with Mars. Native will attain his happiness from his wealth.

Dhan Yoga for Virgo ascendant

  • If Venus and Ketu are in the 2nd house, the native will have a fate of earning a lot of money suddenly.
  • A person accumulate and own many properties if Moon is in a house related to Karma, Mercury is in the ascendant and Venus is in the second house.
  • If Moon is in the 11th or 2nd house, ascendant lord in the ascendant and wealth lord in the 2nd house, Native will be wealthy and also very lucky.

Dhan Yoga for Libra ascendant

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Dhan yoga for Scorpio ascendant

  • If the wealth lord, Jupiter and Income lord Mercury are associated with the 5th house and luck lord Moon is in the 11th house, the native will be a billionaire.
  • If Moon, Jupiter and Ketu are in the luck house(9th house), the native will be extremely rich and lucky.

Dhan Yoga for Sagittarius ascendant

  • If Jupiter and Mercury are in the ascendant, Sun and Venus are in the Wealth houses(2nd house and 11th house) and Mars and Rahu are in the 6th house. Native will be rich and his happiness come from his wealth.
  • If Moon is the lord of 8th house and is in it’s own sign in any house and Sun, Venus & Saturn are in the sign of Cancer, Native will be the owner of a million dollar property or a property of a high value.

Dhan Yoga for Capricorn ascendant

  • If Moon and Mars are associated with KENDRA/TRIKONA/income houses or wealth house, the native will have a lot of wealth in his life.
  • If the wealth lord is in exalted sign and income lord is in ascendant, the native will be wealthy.

Dhan Yoga for Aquarius ascendant

Dhan Yoga for Pisces Ascendant


Maha Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, the provider of good fortune and prosperity and if you have Dhan Yoga in your Kundli, don’t miss the opportunity to multiply your fortune using the Maha Laxmi Yantra. Many people in the world have Dhan Yoga and if their Dhan Yoga is not giving results at all. There could be many reasons for it. (1) It could be due to bad Yogas in the birth chart. (2) It could be that the Dhan Yoga forming planets Dasha has not yet been activated. (3) The person has not got any opportunity to actually create “Dhan” or wealth.

One has to remember that if one has Dhan Yoga, it will eventually give results. Even having one Dhan Yoga in the birth chart can make a person a Multi-Millionaire. I have seen people with some of the worst planetary combinations but they are very successful in life financially of course due to just one Dhan Yoga. But for the Dhan Yoga to be fruitful, the person’s fate or so-called “Bhagya” needs to be unlocked. The 9th house in the birth chart is known as the Fate House or the House of Bhagya. It is also called the “Laxmi Stan” meaning the house of Maha Laxmi.

Many times, people don’t get the opportunities in life that they were supposed to get even though they have several Dhan Yogas. While many people who have a strong 9th house get tons of opportunities in life, but they are not able to make any use of it or they are not able to earn much wealth as they don’t have Dhan Yoga. You see that’s how powerful Dhan Yoga is and this is the reason why people with Dhan Yoga, if they are not able to find success or wealth in life, should use and pray to the Maha Laxmi Yantra. The Maha Laxmi Yantra firstly unlocks the fate of the person. It’s really not that the person will suddenly start to see Crores of rupees in his bedroom.

However, the person who uses and prays to the Maha Laxmi Yantra will find himself seeing lots of opportunities in life. New pathways and streams of income will start to come into the life of the person. A person may find that his business is somehow growing, new customers are coming into his business. If you are a business leader who is currently struggling, you may find yourself getting new contracts, meeting potential valued business partners, and so on. You see this is how the person starts changing his life. Most of the time, it will happen to him in such a subtle manner that Goddess Laxmi will make it appear as though the success that the person achieved was not due to God but the person himself and through his own self-efforts. However, in reality, it was Goddess Laxmi that helped the person become wealthy. So, always remember to not worry about the results but to keep your full trust in Goddess Laxmi and continuously pray to the Maha Laxmi Yantra.

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Benefits of Maha Laxmi Yantra.

  • Improves the financial condition of the person.
  • Brings in new pathways of income and wealth to the person’s life.
  • Helps the person succeed in life and career.
  • Bring joy and happiness into the family.
  • Bring in prosperity and wealth to the person.
  • Astrologically, it makes the 5th and 9th house of the person very strong. Also known to be as the “Fate unlocking Yantra”.
  • Bestows the devotee with comforts, peace, and happiness.

How to Pray to the Maha Laxmi Yantra?

Praying and unlocking the energies of the Maha Laxmi Yantra is very simple but it could take some time if you are not used to chanting Mantras. The procedure is once you get the Maha Laxmi Yantra, you need to chant the Laxmi Beej Mantra which is “Om Hreem Shreem Laxmibhayo Namah” 108 times. Once you do that, you need to place the Mantra in the area where you worship gods while facing the east direction. Then, you need to sprinkle some holy water or Gangajal on yourself and the Yantra. After which you need to chant any Laxmi Mantra 108 times for activation of the Yantra.

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After which, you can place the Maha Laxmi Yantra on your next as a pendant, inside your area of worship or your business office money locker. You can even Keep the Yantra inside your Money locker in your home.

Wondering where to get the Maha Laxmi Yantra – You can find them on religious shops but if that’s not possible for you, there are many reputed Amazon sellers and companies that can provide you with the best quality Maha Laxmi Yantra. Check them out here.