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How To Read Dashamsha Chart (D10)?



How to Read Dashamsha chart D10

The D10 or Dashamsha Chart is one of the most important charts to read in Vedic Astrology, particularly for Career and Profession. It unlocks the true potential of one’s 10th house of D1 chart or Rashi chart. The 10th house as we know is associated with career, profession, work, and the potential to gain success in one’s career.

Today in this article, let’s find out how we can read the D10 or Dashamsha Chart.

What is the Dashamsha chart or D10 Chart?

We know that the 10th house of the birth horoscope shows our career, social status, and professional work environment. Dashamsha chart gives a detailed view of the 10th house of the birth horoscope. 

Therefore, the dashamsha chart or the D10 chart is the chart associated with our career professional work, and social status.  

Dashamsha is another crucial chart since it indicates our job path and social standing. The D-1 or Rashi chart reflects an overall person’s personality and innate ability to deal with the world, while the Navamsa or D-9 chart displays our fortunes. Although we all acquire a variety of abilities during our lives, none of them can be used to support a profession. Instead, the D-1 chart depicts the chances we encounter throughout our careers and how we respond to them, allowing each chart to be correlated with other Divisional charts.

Significance of the 10th house

The 10th house is not only the house of our career but it also represents our highest karma. The 10 house represents our social status. It shows what we will achieve in life and how we will achieve that. It gives an idea about how society will perceive us and what will be our reflection in our professional life.

The 10th house is extremely significant since it deals with our finances and how we make money. Since most individuals make their living through their careers, the planetary position in this house can determine and have a considerable impact on a number of important aspects of our lives. The area of the Kundli that is highest at the time and location of your birth is the 10th house.

Your best accomplishments and drive to soar high are exactly what the 10th house stands for. The 10th house, then, is also about authority, social standing, wealth, success, accomplishment, respect, and position.

The horoscope’s 10th house, then, indicates a wide range of factors pertaining to your line of work. Indeed, it is the mansion of the career. The answers to some important questions, such as what kind of work you will do, whether you will be successful in your work, what are the big mistakes you are likely to make in your career, and whether you will be an employee or an entrepreneur who will hire employees, can be found by thoroughly examining the 10th house in astrology. The astrology of the tenth house also determines your relationships with the powerful.

Careers associated with each planet in the D10 chart or Dashamsha Chart

To analyze which career can be suitable for you or your client, Check which planet is ruling the 10th house in the D10 chart.

Note – Keep in mind to also check which planet is ruling the 10th house in D1 Chart as well, and then make predictions accordingly.

For example, If 10th house in the D10 chart has Libra sign (7), the ruler of the 10th house is Venus.

  • Sun – The Sun is the most important planet on the D10 chart and it gets exalted in the 10th house. It is also known as the atmakarka of the horoscope. The Sun represents our career in general and the strength of the Sun determines the early or late rise in our career. The Sun represents the government. The association of the Sun with the 10th house indicates a career in government and politics. It also represents top positions in private companies. It can also represent a career in medicine, etc.
  • Moon – Moon represents nourishment and care. For this reason, the association of the Moon with the 10th house indicates careers in nursing and management. These individuals like to help others while doing their professional work. Apart from that this placement also indicates a career or business related to food and dairy products.
  • Jupiter – Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and compassion. When Jupiter is associated with the 10th house, The individual can choose a profession related to teaching, law, and research. They make great advisors and like to help others on their path. Jupiter when associated with the 10th house can also make restaurant owners and philanthropes. 
  • Mars – Mars is a planet of energy and enthusiasm. When Mars is associated with the 10th house, The individual chooses a career filled with energy. These individuals can become policemen, firemen, military, etc. These individuals use their full energy towards their careers. Mars is also exalted in the 10th house. For this reason, it is considered to be a very positive placement for Mars.
  • Saturn – Saturn is the planet of structure and organization. When Saturn is associated with the 10th house, the individual is highly structured and dedicated to their work. These individuals can choose a variety of professions related to government, politics, corporate, etc. 
  • Venus – Venus is the planet of art and creativity. When Venus is associated with the 10th house, the individual chooses a career associated with creativity. They are in a work environment where they can creatively express themselves. These individuals can make great artists, painters, fashion designers, filmmakers, etc.
  • Mercury – Mercury is the planet associated with our conscious mind, communication, and thinking ability. When Mercury is associated with the 10th house, the individual chooses a career in which they need to use a lot of their thinking and communication skills. They make great managers, marketers, businessmen, etc. 
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Houses in the Dashamsha chart or D10 Chart

First house – The first house shows the birth of the career. It gives you an overall idea about when your career will take a leap and at what age. The lord of the first house of the dashamsha chart gives you the overall strength of the dashamsha chart. It is extremely important as it forms the structure of your career. The strength of the 1st house will give you the strength of your career.

Second House – The second house of the dashamsha chart shows the wealth that you will accumulate through your work. This indicates the overall wealth that you will accumulate through your work.

Third house – The third house will show your communication skills. It is the way that you will communicate and deal with your professional life. It also shows the efforts you put into your career.

Fourth House – This house gives you an idea about the comfort you will receive through your work and career.

Fifth house – This house shows the things that you will create in your work life. Or the extensive use of creativity in your professional life. Also shows, involvement of children in your career success.

Sixth house – This house indicates the obstacles that you will face in your work life.

Seventh House – This house indicates business and other partnerships in your professional life.

Eighth house – This house indicates the transformations that you will undergo in your professional life. It also shows defeat and failures in your life.

Ninth house – This house indicates the luck and fortune in your professional life. It shows us how easy it is for you to get success in your career.

Tenth house – It is the most important house in your dashamsha chart it gives the overall strength of your career. The position of the 10th lord in the dashamsha chart will give you an idea about the careers you will choose in your life. The strength of the 10th lord will show how successful you will be in your career.

Eleventh house – It shows the incoming financial gains out of your career and the people you will meet in your professional life.

Twelveth house – This house indicates whether you will have to settle outside your homeland for your career and the losses you will incur in your professional life. 

Ruling Deities of Dashamsha Chart

The lords of the 10 Dashamsha are the presiding deities of 10 directions or Dikpals.

The ruling lords of the 10 directions are:

  • Indra – East direction (Ruling planet – Sun)
  • Agni – South East (Ruling planet – Venus)
  • Yama – South (Ruling planet – Mars)
  • Rakshasha – South West (Ruling planet – Rahu)
  • Varuna – West (Ruling planet – Saturn)
  • Vayu – North West (Ruling planet – Moon)
  • Kubera – North (Ruling planet – Mercury)
  • Ishana – North East (Ruling planet – Jupiter)
  • Brahma – Downward (Ruling planet – 4th House Lord)
  • Ananta – Upward (Ruling planet – 10th House Lord)

1. Indra – The lord of the eastern direction, ruled by Sun which is the source of all energy and life form. Indicates a person who is a King or head of government or who is working for the king or the government. Brings power, peace and contentment and all grief and distress are abolished in this direction. Indra is the king of all Gods, thus is the head of all departments.

2. Agni – Agni is the lord of the south east direction, and it symbolizes prosperity, with the ruling planet Venus and Mars, all the professions related to fire, or professions that require aggression and lots of energy is associated with Agni. For example, police or army.

3. Yama – Yama is the lord of death and ruler of the south direction. This is the stage of no return and one cannot visualize the end and cannot measure this direction. Yama is known as the law maker, and professions related to Justice, Law, Lawyers, Engineering, Army are associated with Yama.

4. Rakshash – South west direction, and is known as the curse of Gods. These curses are bestowed upon human beings. It is also the place of sins and Rakshash is known as the law breaker, that invokes immense materialistic desire upon human beings. He acts on instinct without intelligent thinking. All technical professions, engineer, doctor, marketing is under this deity.

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5. Varun – Varun is the God of water, and the lord of the west direction. Hence, all professions related to water, fishing, medicine, liquidity…etc are represented here. It also indicates travels, foreign travels.

6. Vayu – Lord of the North west direction, it represents intelligent professions that can be changed frequently or has the ability of adaptability. Just like how wind is everywhere. All professions related to intelligence, writing, teaching, thinking, is governed by this direction.

7. Kubera – The lord of the North Direction, Kubera is the god of money. Mercury being the planet that represents intelligence over money. All professions related to money like tax, finance, tax accountants, income tax and others are represented here.

8. Ishan – Represents the North East direction, it represents the blessings of god, here ignorance is destroyed. Represented by the planet Jupiter, professions related to teaching, consultants, priests, and bankers are represented here.

9. Brahma – Represents the Nadir or direction which is below. Brahma is the creator and is complete wisdom. The roots are found here which blossoms from inner contentment.

10. Annata – The Zenith or the direction which is above us. It is spread everywhere and cannot be measured. Represented by Lord Vishnu, to which the Devil fears. A strong 10th house in this direction spreads name and fame worldwide.

How to read the Dashamsha chart or D10 Chart?

There are three important points to check while reading the Dashamsha Chart.

  1. Lagan Lord or 1st House Lord of D1 and D10 chart
  2. 10th House Lord of both D1 and D10 chart
  3. Placement of Sun and Saturn in both D1 and D10 chart, as Sun and Saturn are the Karakas of Career.

Take a piece of paper and note down the Lagan lords and 10th House lords of D1 and D10 chart. Once noted, check the position of Sun and Saturn in both charts and note them down.

Additionally, check which planets are posited in the 1st house and 10th house both the charts.

From here on, we can examine the D1 and D10 charts.

1. Lagna lord of the D1 chart should be seen in the D10 chart and where it is posited, in which house. If it is strongly placed in the D10 chart, the native will be highly committed to his work. His career will move in the right path. However, if it is badly placed, the native will face problems in the growth of his career and profession.

2. 10th Lord of D1 chart in D10 Chart – If strong, the native will enjoy smooth career without much obstacles. He will have multiple sources of income and will enjoy high status in the society.

3. Lagan lord of D10 in D10 – The Lagna or the 1st house signifies us, or the person who is going to reap the benefits or fruits of labor. A person may have multiple Raj Yogas but he may not be able to enjoy the fruits, if the 1st house is weak. A strong 1st house is important have a successful profession or career. It aids in one’s ability to face obstacles and challenges in career. A weak lagna only means that, the native may have troubles finding solutions to problems in his career.

4. Condition of 10th lord in D10 chart – Check the position and condition of the 10th lord in the dashamsha chart. The position of the 10th lord in the dashamsha chart will give you an idea about the careers you will choose in your life. The strength of the 10th lord will show how successful you will be in your career. For example, Sun being your 10th lord is placed in the 10th house indicates that the individual will likely be involved in a government job. The controlling planet and the position of the controlling planet will decide the area of your work.

5. 10th House and 10th lord of the D10 chart – A strong 10th house and 10th lord, indicates that the native is an expert in his work or profession or he will become an expert in the future. This indicates an overall success for the native in his profession. If the 10th house or the 10th lord is associated with the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, the native can face many obstacles or challenges in his career. This doesn’t mean he will be unsuccessful, if his 1st house or the Lagna is strong, the native will overcome the challenges. However, if the 1st house of the D10 is weak, the challenges will overtake the native.

6. Condition of the 10th house in D10 – Check the condition of the 10th house of the dashamsha chart. It will give you an overall idea about your work environment and social status. The 10th house of your dashamsha chart is the main significator of your career. It is the deciding factor in your career. A strong 10th house can take you to the heights of career and prosperity, similarly, a weak 10th house can become a barrier to your career rise.

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7. Placement of Sun and Saturn in D10 chart – Sun and Saturn are the Karakas of Career. Sun represents our self-confidence, soul energy and our will to succeed, while Saturn represents hardwork, main Karaka of Career, and the sufferings we go through to gain success in our career. Both of these planets must be examined in the D10 chart. If well placed, the native will be successful in his career. A strong Sun gives name, fame and success, with professions in the government. Saturn being strong indicates that the native will gain support from the works or people below him. A weak Saturn indicates problems from subordinates.

8. Position and condition of Atmakarka – You should check the position of your atmakarka. Atmakarka is the planet that holds the maximum degrees in your birth horoscope. The position of the atmakarka gives an indication of the direction in which your soul wants to go. It gives the direction towards which your karma will take you.

9. Condition of Moon and 10th Lord from Moon – Moon represents our ability and mental attitude towards work. Moon is the zeal or jest for work. If Moon is weak, the native may start a work or business or work at a job, but he may leave the job or stop working on his business, the moment he looses his motivation. However, a strong Moon indicates that the native will be committed and will be able to constantly persevere towards success in his profession.

10. Condition of the 1st house in D10 Chart – The condition of the first house in dashamsha will show the birth of your career. It will give you an idea about when your career will take a leap. The Lagna of the D-10 chart displays one’s actual nature in career, personality, and health state, whether a person is well and can enjoy all raj yogas, money, for your foundation of work and your attitude toward it. If the ascendant lord is poorly positioned in the D-10 chart, the person may not take their task seriously for a variety of reasons in place of all available resources. The 10th Lord of the D-1 and D-10 Charts are very significant to observe, and whichever house they are in will determine your life’s objective and reason for existing. It is especially significant if the 10th Lord of the D-1 is in the Directional strength or exaltation, as this will increase one’s chances of success.

11. Planets related to the 10th house and 10th lord – The planets that are related to the 10th house and the 10th house lord give promotions and fruitful periods of success in business during their dasha periods. While, if the Lagna lord or the 10th house lords are exalted, it indicates promise of promotion.

12. Afflicted Lagan lords and 10th house lords in both the charts, indicate serious problems, obstacles or loss of jobs in ones profession, during the dasha periods related to the 3rd house and 5th house.

13. Rahu in Lagna – Rahu represents sudden changes or unexpected changes in our profession, when Rahu is in the Lagna, the native faces lots of ups and downs in his career.

14. Raj Yogas in D10 Chart – Having Raj Yogas in the D10 chart indicates high positions in career, while multiple Dhan Yogas indicate wealth from profession.

15. Planets in the upchaya houses like 3rd, 6th, 11th houses also give success, but will require hardwork and perseverance from the native.

16. Next, you need to check the 10th house of the D1 chart. The sign placement and the planetary placement of the 10th house of your birth chart must be checked. The dashamsha chart is the magnification of the original 10th house of the birth chart. Therefore, it is important that the 10th house of the birth chart is strong enough to give strength to the dashamsha chart.

17. The Sun is the atmakarka of both the D1 chart and D10 chart. Therefore, it is also extremely important that you check the position and condition of the Sun in both charts. The Sun is the significator of your career. The sign and the nakshatra placement of the Sun are extremely important for you to understand your career from the dashamsha chart. Sun represents authority, boss, and government. For this reason, the position of the Sun will not only signify your career prospect but will also give a detailed account of your status and your relationship with authority. If you are into business, the position of Saturn will be equally