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Karak Yoga In Your Birth Chart: Having These Yogas Can Take A Person to Great Success



Karak Yoga

ॐ गंगणपतये नमो नम:

In a Birth Chart, many kinds of Yogas or combinations are formed. Mainly these yogas are formed due to the planets and their positions. According to Vedic Astrology, if there are good Yogas in a person’s birth chart, then these good Yogas can take a person to great heights, success and prosperity in life and career. However, it is also said that if there are bad yogas in a persons birth chart, then it can make a person fall badly in life.

What kind of Yogas do you have in your birth chart?

Do you have a planet that is exalted or in its sign of exaltation?

Do you have a planet that is in it’s own sign?

Do you have planets in all four houses of the Kendra houses?

Or Do you have a Lagan that is in the state of Vargottama?

These questions that I have just laid down for you are all related to the special yoga that we are going to talk about in this article that is the Karak Yoga.

According to Vedic Astrology, having just one of the combinations or Sutras of Karak Yoga is enough to take a person to great heights, success in career, comforts, wealth, and prosperity in life.

Karak Planets

Every Lagan or Ascendant has a Karak planet. This Karak planet will be one of the main planets for the person of that particular Lagan. We all know there are 12 Lagans from Aries to Pisces (1-12) and for each Lagan there is a single planet that has the status of Karaka. ( Here I am just explaining what is a Karak Planet but I have not yet come into the actual Yoga that I will explain further in the article.)

How do we know what planet is our Karaka or Karak Planet?

To know your Karak planet, just check the Zodiac Sign that is ruling the 9th house of your Birth Chart. After that, check the lord of the 9th house and that planet becomes one of your Karaka. However, one can also check who is the Lagan Lord and if the Lagan Lord is stronger than the 9th house lord and the Lagan lord becomes the Karaka planet for the person.

How to determine the strength of planets?: – If the Lagan lord is in its own sign, exalted and in Kendra houses then Lagan lord gains power, while if the 9th house lord is in its own sign, exalted sign or in Kendra houses, then 9th house lord gets power.

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If both the 9th house lord and lagan lord are exalted or together then both the planets are Karak planets for you. However, one has to also see the degree and if degree-wise, one planet has more strength than the other then the planet with the highest strength gets the Karaka status. But remember, since the lagan lord and 9th house lord, both are powerful, one can assume that both planets are extremely important for the him.

Karak Yogas and How it is formed?


If there are benefic or malefic planets or a combination of both occupying all the 4 Kendra houses that is 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses then the auspicious Chatursagar Yoga is formed in the birth chart. However, all four Kendra houses must have at least one planet each. This also forms one of the Karak Yogas and is also called a Karak Yoga.

According to Vedic Astrology, the Kendra Houses (1,4,7,10) is one of the most important houses in a birth chart. These houses carry forward, the load of the whole birth chart, and many Maha Raj Yogas can only be formed from these four houses. If the Kendra houses are strong, one can say that the Birth Chart is very strong.

It is also said that even bad planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Sun, if they are in Kendra houses, they give good results. More so even if their ruling zodiac signs are not in the Kendra houses.

Coming to the Sutra, if there are planets in all four houses of a birth chart, Karak Yoga is formed. Additionally, this also makes CHATURSAGAR YOGA. It is said that the person who has this Yoga in his birth chart attains all success, prosperity, and gains lots of wealth in his lifetime. Such a person reaches a high status in his life and further it is also said that he becomes famous even after his death. The person also gains a lot of success in his career and business life.

2. Karak Yoga 2

According to Vedic Astrology, if any two exalted planets are in the Kendra houses or Quadrant from each other from any position, then Karak Yoga is formed.

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To understand this Yoga combination in a proper manner, any two planets which are in the sign of exaltation(we all know each planet has its own sign of exaltation, you can check these signs of exaltation at the end of the article in notes) and are in Kendra from each other. Meaning take for example planets Mars is exalted in the 10th Zodiac sign or in Capricorn and Sun is exalted in the 1st Zodiac Sign or in Aries. If these two planets are 1, 4, 7 or 10 houses away from each other.

If you are still having trouble understanding, just count either 4 houses, 7 houses, or 10 houses from the position of Sun and if you land on the house of Mars then both Mars and Sun are in quadrant from each other.

This can apply to any planets and if you find that you have two exalted planets in your birth chart, you can check whether you have Karak Yoga or not by apply these Sutras or combinations in this article and if you find that your two planets are Quadrant from each other then, you have a Karak Yoga in your birth Chart.

According to this Yoga, the person who has this Yoga achieves all the life comforts, peace prosperity, success, wealth and success in career in his lifetime. The person will get all the success and a high status in society from this Yoga. In simple, this Yoga alone gives everything to the person and that’s why it is called Karak Yoga.

3. Karak Yoga 3

According to Vedic Astrology, If any two planets that are in their own ruling sign are in Kendra houses or if they are Quadrant from each other from any position, then a Karak Yoga is formed.

Same process applies following the previous point. You just have to see whether you have any two planets that are in their own sign or not. (Details about Zodiac signs and their Ruling planets are given in the table listed at the end of the article in Notes).

One easy method is just count 4, 7, 10 from the position of your planet and if you land on the planet that is in its own sign. Both the planets are in Kendra or Quadrant from each other.

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Such a person having a Karak Yoga gives a lot of strength to the birth chart of the native. It takes a person to a high status in society, gives all the success, wealth, rise in career, and prosperity to the native. The person will be able to achieve all comforts in his lifetime.

4. Karak Yoga 4 (Vargottama Lagna)

According to Vedic Astrology, it is said that if the Lagan is in the state of Vargottama, a Karak Yoga is formed in the birth chart.

What is Vargottama Lagan?A Vargottama Lagan is formed when the Lagan lord and the Lagan lord of the D9 chart or Navamsa Chart share the same sign are in the same sign.

Check the lord of the 1st house of the D1 chart and D9 chart. If both the signs are same, you have a Vargottama Lagan.

Having a Vargottama Lagan in a birth charts gives a rise in career, status and prosperity in a lifetime. It brings all the success in the life of the person and gives every comforts to the person.

5. Karak Yoga 5.

According to Vedic Astrology, If there are any one of the benefic or good planets (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon) one house ahead from the Sun or the 2nd house counting from Sun, then a Karak Yoga is formed.

This Karak Yoga also gives a high rise in career, status and success to the native. It takes a person to great heights in his lifetime and provides him with prosperity, success and comforts.

Final Thoughts

One thing to note here is that, the Karak Yoga formed in the Birth Chart will definitely give results. Even if there is one Karak Yoga formed, it will show its effects however, the level and the strength of the Yoga depends upon one factor and that is the Karaka Planets.

We all know there are 12 lagans and each lagan has its own Karaka Planets and Marak Planets (inauspicious planets).

The Karak Yoga becomes more powerful and gives more results if the Karak Planets are forming the Yoga.

However, the Karak Yoga becomes weak if the Marak Planets are forming the Yoga in the Birth Chart.


12 Zodiac Signs and their Ruling planets

Zodiac SignsRuling Planet
1Aries (Mesh) Mars (Mangal)
2Taurus (Brishab)Venus (Shukra)
3Gemini (Mithun)Mercury (Budh)
4Cancer (Kark)Moon (Chandrama)
5Leo (Singh)Sun (Surya)
6Virgo (Kanya)Mercury (Budh)
7Libra (Tula)Venus (Shukra)
8Scorpio (Vrishrick) Mars (Mangal)
9Sagittarius (Dhanu)Jupiter (Guru)
10Capricorn (Makar) Saturn (Shani)
11Aquarius (Kumbh)Saturn (Shani)
12Pisces (Meen)Jupiter (Guru)

Planets and their Sign of exaltation and Ruling sign

PlanetsRuling Sign or Sign LordExaltation Sign
1SunLeo (Singh)Aries (Mesh)
2VenusTaurus (Brishab)
and Libra (Tula)
Pisces (Meen)
3MercuryGemini (Mithun)
and Virgo (Kanya)
Virgo (Kanya)
4JupiterSagittarius (Dhanu)
and Pisces (Meen)
Moon (Chandra)
5MarsAries (Mesh)
and Scorpio (Vrishick)
Capricorn (Makar)
6MoonCancer (Kark)Taurus (Brishab)
7SaturnCapricorn (Makar)
and Aquarius (Kumbh)
Libra (Tula)