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The 14 Realms of Existence According to Hinduism



14 Realms of Existence

It is stated that all things in the universe are composed of matter or they simply just are matter.  In addition, external space also matters, since it comprises basic units of substance, such as subatomic particles. In reality, as philosophers claim, even our complex theoretical structures, such as ideas, perceptions, and impulses, are made up of simple fundamental and operational elements.

Modern Awareness and Conventional Thinking

Therefore, quantification encompasses everything. Appropriately, popular and traditional science theories claim that there are little outside matter, power and physical laws. All things come under one of these four groups. This is when the most obvious philosophical conflict falls into being. Many cultures, beliefs and religions claim there is something quite powerful above natural and ordinary experience in direct opposition to the claim made by scientists.

The Concept of Heaven and Hell According to Hinduism

Admittedly, karma gives rise to a concept of right and wrong that can only be explained by the presence of paradise which is a location enjoyed by all virtuous souls and hell where all the unfortunate spirits will endure the painful experience.

For certain individuals, the idea of paradise and hell is rather enigmatic. The nature of the world and the complexity of life is well known in the several doctrines of the Hindu religion. Both beings that live within the cosmos do so in various dimensions within it. Those dimensions or universes are classified as the Lokas.

The Fourteen Lokas in Hindu Scriptures

Hindu philosophy describes fourteen realms which are divided into seven upper worlds that can also be considered as paradise and seven lesser worlds that can be considered as hell. The planet that we all reside in right now is known to be at the bottom of the seven upper realms. The celestial realms are the Seven Vyahrtis, and the lesser dimensions are the Seven Patalas. Keep reading to discover more about them.

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The Seven Vyahrtis

The following are the seven realms of the upper world or the heavenly dimensions:

1. Satya Loka

Satya Loka’s framework is not infinite. It is the residence of honesty or Brahma, where the soul is liberated from the obligation of regeneration.

2. Tapa Loka

This is the fortress of tapas or other gods. Ayohnija Devadas is also known to be staying here.

3. Jana Loka

This Loka is the residence of the children of the Lord Brahma.

4. Mahar Loka

The Mahar Loka is the residence of wonderful, wise men and holy souls such as Markendeya and similar rishis.

5. Svar Loka

This is the area between the sun and the celestial star, the sky of the King god Indra. This Loka is the residence of all the three hundred and thirty million Hindu gods.   

6. Bhuvar Loka

This is the place between the planet and the light, populated by half-divine entities. It’s a complete region, with an environment and force of life. 

7. Bhur Loka

It is stated that this planet is just one of the countless habitable planets that can be contained in the cosmos.

The Seven Patalas

The following are the seven realms of the lower world or the dimensions of hell:

1. Atala Loka

Atala is governed by Bala, who is the offspring of Maya, who holds magical abilities. Bala produced three forms of women from one yawn as well.

2. Vitala Loka

Vitala is governed by the lord Hara-Bhava who happens to be a manifestation of Shiva. He is also the owner of goldfields and resides with assistants comprising of spirits and demons. The inhabitants of this world are decorated with gold. 

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3. Sutala Loka

The Sutala Loka is the realm of the godly devil lord of Bali.

4. Talatala Loka 

Talātala Loka happens to be the domain of the demon creator Maya. Maya has excellent command in witchcraft. Lord Shiva demolished various cities of Maya, but was then satisfied with him and granted him this kingdom and vowed to preserve it.


5. Mahatala-Loka

Mahātala is the domain of several garbed Nagas which are also known as snakes.  They reside here in harmony with their kin.

6. Rasatala Loka

Rasātala is the den of the ghosts who are powerful yet evil. They are the mortal rivals of the holy lords. They exist like snakes in the gaps.

7. Patala Loka

The domain at the bottom is named Patala, which is the Nagas area governed by Vasuki.