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6th house

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 6th House



Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 6th House

When two planets sit together in a birth chart, they create a huge impact upon the birth chart and the person’s life. The conjunction holds great importance and will definitely show result depending upon where the planets are placed and in what condition.

Sun and Moon conjunction is one of the most unique conjunctions in Vedic Astrology as this conjunction is known to be called as “Amavasya” or the period of Dark Moon. It is also called Amavasya Dosh as it is the time when Moon completely looses it’s light.

It is during the time of Amavasya when some of the most important Hindu rituals take place, when people pray to the “Pitras” or so called the departed souls. In the time of Amavasya, the dark energies and black magic powers become very strong and our Pitras are remembered and prayed to.

Today, in this article, we’ll look at the effects of Sun and Moon conjunction in the 6th house

Sun and Moon in Vedic Astrology

Sun is the King of all planets in Vedic Astrology. It is the source of all light and the existence of earth and life depends upon the Sun. Thus, Sun is the giver of life, the source of energy and vitality. Sun represents our Father, creativity, government, high position, politics, our ego, authority, power and most importantly our self-confidence.

Sun is a very important in any birth chart to the point where, if the entire birth chart is filled with bad yogas and dosh, but if Sun is strongly placed in the birth chart, Sun alone can handle the load of the entire birth chart and brings positive results into the life of the native.

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A strong Sun in the birth chart gives power, position, status, fame and creativity. The native will be highly motivated, confident and will possess a influential personality.

Similarly, Moon represents our mind and emotions.

Moon is an important planet in Vedic Astrology. Moon helps us to understand our true selves, our subconscious mind and our deeper feelings. Moon is also associated with motherhood, fertility and creative inspiration. In Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered to be a feminine planet and is therefore connected to the energy of love, care and nurturing.

Moon is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Moon is the significator of the 4th house. The Moon’s placement in our birth chart shows how we think, feel, and react emotionally. It also reveals how we relate to our mother and other women in our life.

Effects of Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 6th House

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 6th House

Sun and Moon conjunction in Vedic Astrology as we know is called “Amavasya” or the period of Moon when it looses all of it’s light, so called “Dark Moon”.

When Sun and Moon are together in a birth chart, such natives are normally blessed with wealth, prosperity and financial stability. As Sun is the king of all planets and here, Moon or the mind, completely looses it’s light. The native can become greedy in nature or he/she will not be satisfied with materialistic wealth, even if he is rich and wealthy.

The native can be frequently mentally disturbed as here the mind looses it’s strength. Such natives are prone to negative thinking and unnecessary worries in their life. This especially happens when the period of Amavasya is near.

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Sun in the 6th house is a very strong position for Sun to be in as here, Sun will give auspicious results, however, Moon entering the 6th house is not good. Due to which, the native although, will be victorious over his enemies, he will frequently worry about having to face and fight with his enemies. The native can face legal and court related issues in his lifetime.

This is a strong position for a person who wants to be a healer, Doctor or a Surgeon as the 6th house is also the house of diseases and debt. Here, Sun and Moon can help the native become a very successful Doctor.

The native may not have a pleasant relationship with his mother and parents, as the 6th house is the house of enemies, and if the 4th house is weak, then the native will either live far away from his homeland and mother, or will have bad relationship with his mother.

The native will fear debt, and will not like to take any loans in his/her life.

The native will have good success in his career and profession and he/she will also have good connections with the government and a high possibility of working for the government.

Since, the 6th house is also the house of social work and social welfare, such natives can also work in NGO’s or for the society.

It is said that, the native, after 50 years of age, will start to see good improvement and growth in their life.

However, the native can be emotional, arrogant and short-tempered. By donating sweet products to the poor, one can reap the positive benefits of Sun and Moon conjunction in the 6th house.