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Karak and Akarak planets of Leo Ascendant



Karak and Akarak planets of Leo Ascendants

One becomes a Leo Ascendant if Leo is in the 1st house at the time of one’s birth. The ruling planet of Leo Ascendant is Sun and their element is fire. An ascendant sign is as equally important as a zodiac sign and a moon sign. It is the combination of these three signs that describe how you are and how other people perceive you.

Leo is also known as the Simha Lagna and these people are confident folks. They are born leaders and possess energetic personalities. With your personality, you attract a lot of people and there are a lot of people who admire you. Leo Ascendants hold pride in themselves and will never do anything that will lower their reputation.

Leo Ascendant Physical features

In the physical features sector, Leo Ascendants have a well-built and muscular body. These people have broad shoulders and beautiful hair. They are fair people and have an appealing appearance.

Leo Ascendant males are strongly built and have dense hair. They possess mysterious eyes and have protruding chins. When it comes to their height, they possess a medium to tall height.

When it comes to Leo Ascendant women, they are beautiful and gorgeous. With immaculate skin, they flaunt their slim body. They have long necks along with long legs. Their hairs are just gorgeous and have beautiful eyes.

Leo Ascendant Male Celebrities

Robert Downey Jr, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Nick Jonas, and many more.

Leo Ascendant Female Celebrities

Marilyn Monroe, Selena Gomez, Tina Turner, Celine Dion, and many more.

Leo Ascendant Friendly planets

Sun, its ruling planet, Mars, and Jupiter are the friendliest planets of Leo Ascendant.

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Leo Ascendant Enemy planets

The enemy planets of Leo Ascendants are Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, and Venus.

Leo Ascendant professional career

As Leo Ascendants have a personality that makes other people follow them and they are excellent leaders as well. So a befitting career for Leo Ascendants is politicians and leaders. Leo Ascendants are able to handle projects and are excellent team leaders.

They are adorned by creativity as well. Leo Ascendants can become successful singers, actors, and dancers as well. They are bound to become rich if they aim for it passionately.

Leo Ascendant favourable color

Favourable colors for Leo Ascendants are Orange, Gold, and Red.

Leo Ascendant lucky Gems

The lucky gem for Leo Ascendants is Ruby.

Karak and Akarak planets of Leo Ascendant

Karak planets of Leo Ascendants

Mars as the ruler of the 4th and 9th houses is a beneficial planet for Leo Ascendant. The planet Mars becomes “raja yoga karaka” for Leo Ascendants. Mars and the sun are friendly planets as well.

Jupiter produces positive outcomes for Leo Ascendant. Jupiter rules the 5th house and the 8th house. Since the eighth house is not entirely a terrible one, Jupiter’s moolatrikona is in the fifth house.

Sun as the ruling planet is a Karak planet for Leo Ascendants. Its moolatrikona is in the 1st house, it produces favourable outcomes.

Akarak planets for Leo Ascendants

Mercury, the ruler of the 11th house, produces unfavourable outcomes for Leo Ascendants. Because it also regulates the 2nd house, a maraka house, and the 2nd house’s moolatrikona in Virgo. Mercury is even capable of causing death in this position.

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In addition to ruling the 6th and 7th houses, Saturn is the Sun’s natural enemy. Saturn thus produces unfavourable outcomes.

Venus produces negative outcomes since it rules the 3rd and 10th houses. It is Moolatrikona in the third house of Libra.

Mercury and Saturn both have maraka impacts on Leo Ascendants.

Lords of the 3, 6, and 11th houses produce unfavourable outcomes for any ascendant. It is the fundamental guideline.


Leo Ascendants are the powerhouse people with confidence and can become ideal leaders. Although sometimes they are destined to have troubles in their life because of the influence of Akarak planets, it’s not all bad though. There are Karak planets as well which bring forth positive and fortunate occurrences in their life. The Karak and Akarak planets for Leo Ascendant are as many as they vary and they are mentioned in this article.

Knowing the Karak and Akarak planets is crucial as it helps you with taking the next step or decision in your life. I trust this article helped out the Leo Ascendants.