Effects of Moon in the 11th House: Vedic Astrology

The 11th House in astrology stands for the gaining of money. The native’s ability to achieve their wishes is determined by the 11th house. The 11th House represents associations friends, associations, hopes, wishes, as well as the employer’s financial situation, etc. Therefore, this house suggests whether or not the person has decent friends and neighbors as well.

Therefore, if an influential planet such as the Moon is in the 11th house, it has an impact on a lot of aspects of life. Therefore Moon in the 11th house will have positive effects on the aspects that the 11th House represents. These people will require attachment and support from their close people such as friends and family. A lot of opportunities for them to travel to foreign countries will open up and might even settle in other countries.

But problems will come up in their life. Although, as they emphasized communication and connection in their life, they will get through problems with the help of their close people.

Now let’s dive deeper into the effects of Moon’s placement in the 11th House.

Aspects Of Life Affected Due to Moon in 11th House

Moon in the 11th house can have a major influence over certain aspects of life.

  • It will impact the goals and ambitions of a native
  • The feelings and emotions of the person are impacted
  • It will influence the capability of working together with people
  • It affects the love and relationship of the person as well

Positive Effects of Moon in the 11th House

The people with Moon in the 11th House have a lot of enthusiasm and determination. When it comes to their ambitions and goals in life, they will never stop chasing them. The level of dedication and passion that they have for achieving their dreams is immense. Also, they don’t go head-on to things. These people plan things out beforehand. Therefore, they have an organized plan for their future and will have a good career.

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Natives of Moon in the 11th house have a unique quality that attracts people towards them. They are good with other people and therefore will have good connections in their life. The involvement of these people in groups, clubs, social organizations, community activities, and a network of close friends who will support and help them will provide them with a great deal of emotional satisfaction. In other words, natives with Moon in the 11th house have a strong sense of social integration.

Therefore, those with the Moon in the 11th House will find equal success in their professional as well as personal life. They will work together with other people and achieve a lot of things in life. Nearly everyone they interact with gets along with them nicely.

Negative Effects of Moon in the 11th House

People with the Moon in the 11th house may experience a great deal of instability in their lives and go through mood swings. They will be troubled by the ups and downs of life that many around you will experience. The instability of their emotional state can cause them to stray from their path of career and they might not achieve what they aim for. They will struggle to identify their objectives and put in the necessary effort to achieve them to get where they want to go.

These people don’t have a lot of patience. They don’t like to wait and waiting for them is a tough job. These people’s minds will get disturbed and confused if they have to wait. Confusion is the worst thing that can happen to them. If these people feel confused, it won’t take them a second to give up.

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Insecurity and a lack of confidence is the worst enemy of these people. The people with Moon in the 11th house require validation and approval to keep going. They need a lot of compliments and appreciation to have the energy to keep doing the things they want to.

Quick Remedies for Moon

Moon in the 11th house can cause the person to have a lot of instability and confusion in their lives. Therefore to tackle these negative effects, you should follow the remedies.

  • Use a silver cup to sip water.
  • You should wear a silver bracelet or a chain around your neck.
  • On Mondays, you should fast and stay away from salty foods.
  • You should consume milk, buttermilk, or yogurt and you should avoid having milk and milk products at night
  • You should wear a pearl, moonstone, or diamond on your little finger
  • Adding peacock feathers to your home can help with the negative effects of the Moon as well
  • You should not keep a large clock at your home
  • You should chant the Moon or Chandra Beej Mantra mantra chanting. “Om Shram Shreem Shraum Chandraya Namah” should be spoken. To strengthen your mental abilities, recite this mantra 108 times each day.
  • On Monday, give milk and white sugar to the underprivileged or homeless.
  • Avoid wasting or throwing away food or water
  • Practice meditation and yoga every day.
  • You should worship Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Goddess Gouri or Durga daily
  • Feed and treat girls your age with respect
  • You should consume coconuts and coconut water


Moon in the 11th house will bestow the natives with a lot of determination and the ability to chase their goals. But at the same time, Moon in the 11th house will bring instability in their life and they cannot function properly under confusion. Also, they require approval and appreciation to carry on their hard work and determination.