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Effects of Mercury in the 6th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Mercury in the 6th House: Vedic Astrology

Mercury is a strong and influential planet and represents how we express ourselves and communicate with others. It also stands for intelligence and how we approach it in our lives. The 6th house is also known as the “Shatru Bhava” and it stands for the obstacles and challenges that may arise in a native’s life. But these challenges are meant to make the native a stronger and better person. It also signifies the relationship that the native has with their colleagues and workers in their professional life.

The 6th house is a favorable position for Mercury. When Mercury is positioned in the 6th house can enhance the communicative abilities of the native and makes them better at expressing themselves. But the effects of Mercury in this house are not only positive, there is a negative side to it as well.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Mercury in 6th house

Mercury in the 6th house can affect aspects of a native’s life such as:

  • The married and romantic life of the native
  • Professional life of the native
  • The intelligence of the native
  • The attitude of the native

Positive Effects of Mercury in the 6th House

Mercury in the 6th house is extremely favorable for the native’s married life. The natives will have luck in romantic relationships and find a partner who is loyal and loving. Their spouse will support them every step of the way and your marriage will progress smoothly without any hindrances or troubles.

When Mercury is in the 6th house, the natives will have luck in their professional lives. If these natives put in a little effort and gather the strength to face the unknown, they will succeed. Their hard work and effort will never go in vain, and they will succeed in their chosen career path. These natives will prosper in fields such as digital marketing, media, software development, and careers related to communication and technology.

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The natives will also have a critical and logical mind, which helps them make proper decisions. So they will take every step in their life with caution. Moreover, they are also good at expressing themselves and getting the upper hand in arguments or even in legal situations.

Negative Effects of Mercury in the 6th House

With Mercury in the 6th house, the natives can sometimes become ruthless and harsh while speaking, and end up saying unnecessary cruel things to other people. This can come as a hindrance and can cause trouble in their life. They also tend to become judgmental at times and can lose good friends and colleagues in life if they take this nature overboard.

Well, Mercury in the 6th house might be good for their professional life, but it can lead to the native getting stressed at times. These people give it their everything on their path to success, and sometimes they can end up overworking as they give in to their nature of working too much. This can lead them to overthink a lot of things which will slowly deteriorate their mental health.

Lastly, they can indulge in spending money. These natives sometimes wish for a luxurious life which leads them to spend a lot of money for fun. They can buy unnecessary luxurious things for themselves and frequently waste their money to have a fun time.

Remedies for Mercury

 It’s not necessary to live with the effects of a weak or troubled Mercury. There are ways to strengthen weak Mercury and improve your life. Let’s look at the solutions:

  • The natives must treat women with respect. They must respect their daughters, sisters, aunts, and other females.
  • A cure is to dress in green clothing.
  • Washing your new garments after purchasing them protects against weak or ill Mercury.
  • On Wednesdays, you should donate with a true and committed heart.
  • Wear emeralds and feed the birds green gram.
  • Pray to Lord Vishnu and pay him respect.
  • Say “Om Bramm Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah” or “Aum Baum Budhaya Namah,” the Buddhist mantra.
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Mercury in the 6th house blesses the natives with good relationships and a happy married life. They will have extreme luck in finding a good life partner. Also, their professional life will shine and all their hard work is sure to pay off and they will be successful. They are good at expressing themselves, but they can sometimes come off as rude and they also have the tendency to spend their money on useless things.