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Effects of Mercury in the 11th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Mercury in the 11th House: Vedic Astrology

The 11th house is the best placement for the planet Mercury. The natives with Mercury in the 11th house are extremely fortunate as they have a lot of talents in their hands. They are skilled people who can form healthy relations with people. Their life is also blessed with peace and have luck in terms of career and wealth.

In this article, we unveil the effects of Mercury in the 11th House. This is an extremely auspicious position for this planet and if you are one, you’re in for a treat. Let’s get on with it without further delay.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Mercury in 11th house

Mercury in the 11th house has positive effects on a native’s life. The aspects of life it touches are:

  • Financial life of the native
  • Relationship with others
  • Spiritual life of the native
  • Education and knowledge

Positive Effects of Mercury in the 11th House

Mercury in the 11th house gifts the native with attractive features and nature. These people are beautiful and have the most gorgeous eyes. They are easily liked and admired by others, especially from the opposite sex. Aside from having gorgeous eyes and faces, they have a wonderful nature. They are soft-spoken people with a generous nature. These natives love to help people and will participate a lot in charity events. They also have a down-to-earth nature but do not allow others to exploit them, meaning they know their limits.

The natives will also be blessed with a spiritual nature and are eager to learn spiritual texts like the Vedas. They are also highly intelligent along with a creative mind. Therefore, the natives like to gain knowledge and never show pride. They have a positive mindset and are hardworking as well.

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Another positive effect is the natives with Mercury in the 11th house can be extremely wealthy and earn a lot of money. With their intelligent, creative, and charming minds, these people flourish in their professional lives and they are good persuaders. Therefore, earning money is never a problem for them. Also, they will have a lot of popularity in the workplace. Once they achieve success, they can own expensive houses, and cars and live a luxury life.

Finally, these people have a good nature and do not have any problems forming good bonds with other people. They are friendly people and their friends, coworkers, and family love and admire them. They are also fortunate as the natives will have good and reliable people as friends and co-workers, so they will always have help around the corner. Additionally, they will have a happy married life and will find a loyal and helpful life partner.

Negative Effects of Mercury in the 11th House

Negative effects are rare when Mercury is positioned in the 11th house. Negative effects only occur when the planet is debilitated. If Mercury is debilitated in the 11th house, the natives can become rude people with an aggressive nature. The natives become short-tempered people and will hardly trust other people. These natives will also easily get into fights with others and hence lose good people in their lives.

The natives can also become greedy. Since they earn a lot of wealth, they can be filled with greed which can lead to their downfall. Moreover, they can develop a jealous nature that can hamper their relationship or marriage.

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The natives will also tend to get sick or ill. These people become vulnerable to diseases related to the stomach like constipation, gastric, and bloating. Also, they are prone to losing their appetite and can become a victim of malnutrition easily.

Remedies for Mercury

A weak or afflicted Mercury doesn’t mean you have to face the consequences for your whole life. There are remedies to fix weak Mercury and bring positive effects to your life. Let’s see what the remedies are:

  • The native needs to respect women. They have to show respect to their sisters, aunts, daughters, and other women.
  • Wearing clothes of green color is a remedy. They should also wear emeralds.
  • After buying new clothes, washing them helps against weak or afflicted Mercury.
  • You should give donations on Wednesdays with a sincere and devoted mind.
  • Feed green gram to birds and wear emeralds.
  • Pray and give respects to Lord Vishnu.
  • They must also feed green grass to cows.
  • Chant the Budh Mantra “Om Bramm Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah” or “Aum Baum Budhaya namah”. Reciting and chanting this Mantra will make Mercury strong.


The most favourable position for Mercury to be in is the 11th house. The natives with Mercury in the 11th house are extremely fortunate. With thier creatiev and wise minds they will flourish in thier professional life and they are equally knowledgeable in their spiritual life. The best aspect is that they will be surrounded by trustworhty and loyal people. But if the Mercury is weak, then some negative influence is a given, but you can follow the remedies to counter it.