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Effects of Mercury in the 7th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Mercury in the 7th house

Representing aspects such as intelligence, communication, and intellect, Mercury is a strong and influential planet. In Vedic Astrology, the 7th house stands for partnerships and relationships in the native’s life. Therefore, when Mercury is in the 7th house influences the personal and professional relationships of the native. It can strengthen the relationships of the natives and help them maintain the bond.

There are other effects of Mercury as well, and in this article, we will go into detail about the position of Mercury in the 7th house. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Mercury in 7th house

Before getting on to the details of the effects, let’s see what aspects of our lives are affected by Mercury in the 7th house.

  • The intelligence of the native
  • Relationships and partnerships of the native
  • Marriage of the native

Positive Effects of Mercury in the 7th house

When Mercury is in the 7th house, the native’s life will be blessed with happiness. Of course, ups and downs will occur in their life, but in the case of these natives, the ups are more frequent in their lives. The good times come in all aspects of their life, both professional and personal.

These natives are extremely good at solving problems. So they shine in their professional life and can get through any obstacles easily. This is because they are brilliant when it comes to communication and do not have any arrogance or ego. The natives are polite, positive, honest, and trustworthy, therefore, people can confide in them. They can negotiate with people effectively and none of the efforts go to waste.

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The natives will also have a fortune in terms of wealth. In their lifetime, they will have luck in wealth and will earn a lot of money. They will achieve financial success in their life and all money will come through legal means. These people will shine as lawyers, traders, and merchants.

One aspect where the positive effects of Mercury in the 7th house shine is in romantic relationships. They will find a good partner who is loyal, affectionate, and trustworthy. The native’s married life will also be fruitful and is built upon trust and loyalty. Their partner will support them their whole life. Also as the natives are good with communication, therefore, marriage will go smoothly and will focus on solving problems rather than fighting about it. They do not keep things within themselves and will share things with their partner.

Negative Effects of Mercury in the 7th house

When Mercury is debilitated in the 7th house, it makes the natives crave relationships. As these natives are good with communication, their favorite activity is to share things, so for this, they look for a partner. Despite having a big social network, they feel incomplete without their sweetheart, who enriches their home life.

A weak Mercury in the 7th house results in the weakening of their best skill, communicating. When Mercury is weak, the natives lose their abilities for effective communication and hence cannot get the upper hand in arguments and debates.

These natives also tend to become indecisive. They find difficulties when it comes to making decisions as they keep thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of everything. They also tend to do this with people and hence have trouble getting into relationships.

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Remedies for Mercury

It’s not necessary to live with the effects of a weak or troubled Mercury. There are ways to strengthen weak Mercury and improve your life. Let’s look at the solutions:

  • The natives must treat women with respect. They must respect their daughters, sisters, aunts, and other females.
  • A cure is to dress in green clothing.
  • Washing your new garments after purchasing them protects against weak or ill Mercury.
  • On Wednesdays, you should donate with a true and committed heart.
  • Wear emeralds and feed the birds green gram.
  • Pray to Lord Vishnu and pay him respect.
  • Say “Om Bramm Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah” or “Aum Baum Budhaya Namah,” the Buddhist mantra.


Mercury’s position in the 7th house is a highly favorable position and the natives will have more than expected happiness in their life. There is even luck in terms of wealth as the natives will go through no financial crisis. But the aspect where this shines is in the marriage of natives, they will have a good partner and a happy married life. The effects of the position come mixed with negative ones, but there are remedies the natives can follow to avoid the negative effects.