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Effects of Mercury in the 8th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Mercury in the 8th house

When an influential planet like Mercury, which represents communication and intelligence, is positioned in the 8th House, it has significant effects on the native’s life. Mercury in the 8th house mostly bestows positivity in the native’s life. This is quite the contrary as the 8th house represents death, loss of wealth, and unfortunate accidents in life. But despite these aspects, Mercury’s position in the 8th house mostly provides positive results in many aspects of life.

In this article, we take you through the details of the effects of Mercury in the 8th house. This guide is here to help you understand the position of Mercury in the 8th house.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Mercury in the 8th house

Before getting on with the details, let’s take a look at what areas of life Mercury in the 8th House affects.

  • The mind of the native
  • Confidence in others
  • The social life of the native

Positive Effects of Mercury in the 8th House

If the natives have Mercury in the 8th house, these people will be blessed with knowledge and wisdom. These natives are knowledgeable beings and are even well-read in religious fields. Their wisdom allows them to be good in terms of finance, medicine, and other topics that necessitate inquiry and investigation.

These people are also bestowed with a kind nature. They have a peaceful mind and can remain calm in the worst of situations. They are incredibly generous and spend their lives aiding and assisting others. These natives do not hold any grudge and forgive others, but they only do so if the apology is genuine. Also, they do not allow others to take advantage of their kindness.

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With a strong Mercury in the 8th house, the natives will be blessed with longevity. They will also have fortunate luck in terms of wealth. The chances of them earning huge amounts of money are high and have a lot of luck in the lottery. Also, their close people such as friends and family will help them earn money.

On top of being knowledgeable, these natives have a sharp and logical mind. Additionally, they are good at with communicating others and persuading people. These people with their sharp mind easily makes proficient plans to solve situations and are good at winning arguments. They analyze everything before making decisions and with their curious mind, get to the depth of everything.

They do not stop until they get to the bottom of things and uncover mysteries and secrets. Therefore, the natives are extremely good at investigating things. This greatly assists them if they want to pursue a career of being a detective or police officer.

Negative Effects of Mercury in the 8th House

The natives with Mercury in the 8th house can be good with communication, but sometimes others have a hard time understanding them. The natives with Mercury in their 8th house may be difficult to understand. Furthermore, Mercury in the 8th house natives are quite unpredictable in their conversations.

These natives do not show their emotions too much, meaning that they are not expressive. This comes in handy in many situations but is a curse when it comes to their romantic relationships. They will not be able to show their true emotions or rather they do not even try to show them and this can bring a wedge between their partner and them. This is bad for their married life as well.

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However, while Mercury is retrograde, the natives should not indulge in occult and other similar practices. Getting into such aspects can be harmful to the natives and cause them losses in life.

Mercury in the 8th house natives can be an extremely insecure person and have a hard time trusting others. This can also affect their married life and have problems with their partners as they have difficulty opening up. So sometimes keeping their insecurity at a distance can be of help and reduce most of their problems.

These natives also tend to be anxious. When they get uneasy or agitated, it is normal for them to feel anxiety. When they do so they avoid contact with other people and prefer to stay alone most of the time. This might be a temporary state of mind, but something they should look out for. Moreover, weak or debilitated Mercury in the 8th house can make the natives vulnerable to skin diseases, and gastric, bone, and joint problems.

Remedies for Mercury

A weak or afflicted Mercury doesn’t mean you have to face the consequences for your whole life. There are remedies to fix weak Mercury and bring positive effects to your life. Let’s see what the remedies are:

  • The native needs to respect women. They have to show respect to their sisters, aunts, daughters, and other women.
  • Wearing clothes of green color is a remedy.
  • After buying new clothes, washing them helps against weak or afflicted Mercury.
  • You should give donations on Wednesdays with a sincere and devoted mind.
  • Feed green gram to birds and wear emeralds.
  • Pray and give respects to Lord Vishnu.
  • Chant the Budh Mantra “Om Bramm Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah” or “Aum Baum Budhaya namah”. Reciting and chanting this Mantra will make Mercury strong.
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In conclusion, Mercury in the 8th house is extremely fortunate for the natives, but not everything is always on the bright side. These people should take care of themselves if the Mercury is weak or debilitated. Also, insecurity is their downfall and they should not succumb to it. Otherwise, their wise and knowledgeable minds will be useless. They must follow the remedies and make everything straight again.