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Vastu: Best Directions for Master Bedroom



Vastu Shastra, based on ancient Vedic science, which is called the “science of architecture.” It helps in enhancing the quality of our life in a plethora of ways. When we construct our house, office, or shop based on the principles of Vastu Shastra, it assists in spreading positive energy. Through this, we can also pave the way for the flow of cosmic forces.

Vastu Shastra has numerous benefits. They include:

  1. It helps us overcome any form of psychological problems we might confront.
  2. It also ensures our betterment and comfort.
  3. When we build a house based on the Vastu principles, our house will have proper ventilation and natural light.
  4. It can foster happiness and also increase prosperity.
  5. It can harmonise our homes and reduce the conflicts that might take place between the family members.

The Bedroom is probaby one of the most important places in your home as per Vastu. It is the place where we relax, sleep and regenerate our energy levels. It’s also the place where we feel most comfortable and relaxed.

However, many times people face lots of problems while sleeping. They can face sleep disturbances, and discomforts while sleeping. Many times, they don’t feel at peace when they are in their master bedroom.

According to Vastu, constructing the Master Bedroom in the right position, brings wealth, peace, happiness and prosperity into the family. Master Bedroom should be positioned in the South-West Direction as per Vastu Shrastra. By doing so couples get enhanced boost in their love life, wealth and happiness. This also promotes chemistry between the couples and brings stability into the relationship.

These are some of the many benefits associated with following Vastu Shastra while constructing our homes and offices. Vastu Shastra’s connection with Panchaboothas or the five elements harmonises our existence.

When we focus on our house, we spend most of our time without any breaks in our bedrooms while sleeping. So, it is essential to consider the Vastu before working on the bedrooms.

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For instance, it is best to have guest rooms east facing. Here, we will focus on the master bedroom. We all know that the best direction for a master bedroom is in the southwest direction. The reasons behind it include:

  1. It helps in overcoming health-related problems. The primary reason behind this is that the energy emitted from the north pole remains in the south, which will provide us with sufficient vitalities.
  2. It can also enhance stability and bring forth prosperity.

When it comes to a master bedroom in a house for a joint family, it is best for the breadwinner of the house to occupy it. If the parents are not working, it is suitable for the elder son, a married working professional, to use the master bedroom.

With a nuclear family, the couple living in the house can use the master bedroom in the southwest direction.

Apart from that, there are numerous aspects of Vastu Shastra that you have to consider for a master bedroom.

10 Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom

From bed placement to the direction in which a person sleeps, there are numerous things to consider while working in the master bedroom. Here, we will walk you through the ten best Vastu tips one has to consider for their master bedroom. They include:

Position of the mirror

It is best to avoid the usage of a mirror in the master bedroom. If there is one, consider placing it in the north or east direction. We have to avoid placing the mirror opposite the bed. It can lead to health issues, marital problems, fights between partners, etc. Ensure that no body part is visible in the mirror while sleeping.

It is beneficial to opt for mirrors that are small in size. It is best to have them covered. If it comes with the dresser, place it next to the bed.

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Color of the bedroom

The color of the wall and ceiling of the bedroom plays a crucial role in soothing and providing mental peace. It can also assist in setting our mood and spreading calmness. It is best to opt for lighter shades of blue, green, grey, pink, and peach. Other colors that are beneficial for the master bedroom are cream, white, and off-white.

Sleeping direction as per Vastu Shastra

In the master bedroom, it is best to sleep in the southern direction. It can assist in enhancing sleep quality. When it comes to placing our legs, it is best not to keep them towards the south. It can have an impact on our health as it is the direction of Yama.

We can have our legs placed in the other three directions. The benefits include:

  • When we keep our legs towards the north, it enhances our fortune.
  • When we position them towards the east, it can bring us prosperity.
  • When we keep our legs towards the west, it can assist in gaining a harmonious life.

Entrance to the master bedroom

It is beneficial to have the entrance on the western or northern wall of the master bedroom. Try to avoid having the door in the eastern direction. When you are choosing the door, opt for one with a single shutter.

Placement of the bed

When placing the bed, always keep its head towards the south or east direction. Try to keep it in the central portion of the master bedroom and ensure that it is not touching the corners.

Along with that, avoid positioning the bed opposite the door as it can adversely impact the person. It is also beneficial to not keep the bed facing the bathroom.

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Avoiding metal beds

Using a metal bed can pave the way for distractions while sleeping. It can also lead to conflicts between couples. It is best to opt for a wooden bed that has a regular shape like a square or rectangle.

Placement of plants

It is beneficial to have indoor plants in the master bedroom. It assists in building relationships. It is best to place plants with white flowers in the northern direction and those with purple flowers or red roses on the south-western side of the room.

Decluttering the north-east corner of the master bedroom

The northeast corner of the room is the location of Lord Kubera. So, it is best to avoid placing furniture, cupboards, or shoe racks in that region. It can spread negative energy in the room. We can assist the flow of positive vitality in our master bedroom by decluttering the northeast corner.

Placement of deity idols

In the master bedroom, it is best to avoid placing deity idols or pictures. However, we can always consider having family portraits or other memorable things in the master bedroom.

Things to avoid

Here is a list of things that we can avoid in the master bedroom. They include:

  1. Avoid having television, computer, and other gadgets in the room.
  2. It is best to have a single mattress instead of two of them joined together.
  3. Avoid having broken items in the room.
  4. Remove pictures of dead people from the master bedroom.
  5. Avoid having an overhead beam.

By taking care of these factors, we can ensure that the master bedroom can furnish us with prosperous lives. Vastu Shastra can thus play a crucial role in ensuring our wellbeing and prosperity. When we build our house based on that, we can remain safe from negative vitalities.