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Dream of Seeing Ants Meaning



Dream of Seeing Ants

Dreams are a common phenomenon in your daily life and have for years puzzled religious scholars and scientists as well. At the same time, western ideology believes that each individual has a dream every night. However, the Islamic interpretation offers a different position on dreams, contrary to the western perspectives based on scientific research and available material resources.

According to Islamic interpretation, our souls are believed to leave our bodies partially or temporarily, such that while the body might be present but the soul remains away. While some people may completely underestimate the importance of dreams and tend to disregard them, others tend to take them way too seriously. Those who may take them too seriously also, at times, try making important life decisions based on dreams. In fact, the concept of ‘Istikhara’ in Islam – prayer of seeking counsel – also depends upon dreams and their meanings, as it is believed that divine symbols in such dreams can help make important life decisions.

Both the Quran and the Prophet have stressed that some dreams do have important meanings and symbols.

According to Islam, there are three types of dreams:

  • Vision or dream from God
  • False dreams from Devil
  • Meaningless dreams from our subconscious

Ants in Dreams

Since ants are really small creatures, seeing them in dreams is usually disregarded as a normal or usual phenomenon. However, it may not always be true; Ants can represent or mean many things, depending on how you see them in your dreams.

Dream of Ants In General

Usually, seeing ants in dreams is seen as a sign of a weak and greedy person. They can also represent a person’s family, friends, or relatives. Other specific situations you might see ants in can also change the meaning of the dreams and thus can interpret different situations in your life.

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We have summarised a few of these circumstances below so that you can easily interpret your dreams. They can also be a symbol of frustration and annoyance. In some cases, ants in a dream can also represent a hardworking individual who works hard to earn and support his/her family or friends.

Dream of Ants Entering Home

One can at times also see a dream where they see an ant or a group of ants entering their home. If viewed from an Islamic perspective, seeing ants entering your home can mean prosperity among your relatives and your loved ones. Moreover, if the ants entering your homes are carrying food, then this is a greater indication of your family flourishing. Thus, it means that ants can also mean prosperity and not always greed.

Dream of Ants Crawling on You

It is believed in Islamic ideology that if a sick person sees ants crawling on him/her, they are probably going to die, since then the ants represent death. Moreover, it is also believed that if a person, in general, sees ants crawling them, it can also be pointing to the fact that someone around them is trying to take advantage of them or that something is, in fact, bothering you.

Dream of Ants in Your Nose/Ears

Such a dream can have two interpretations depending on how you see yourself in a dream like this. Usually, such dreams show that a number of ants are leaving your nostrils, ears, mouth, or any other body part. If one is rejoicing at that experience or sight in the dream, then it can highlight martyrdom for the person. However, if one seems annoyed in the dream, it means that they will be dying as a sinful individual.

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Dream of Ants leaving Home

It is also believed that if you see ants leaving your home, in Islamic interpretation terms, it can mean that someone from your family might be leaving your home, either temporarily or permanently.

Dream of Ants on Clothes

Seeing ants on your clothes can mean your influence or impact on someone. It can also be pointing to something that is important and right before you, but you fail to observe or realize it. It can also mean your willingness to reveal an individual aspect about yourself that was previously not known to others.

Dream of Eating Ants

Interpretation of such a dream can be explained by referring to this incident. A person asked a learned Imaam that has a glass bowl in which he eats his food and sees it is filled with ants. The Imam asked him whether he had a wife. He said: “Yes.” Then he asked him whether he had a slave as well. He replied positively. He said: “Get rid of him. There is no benefit in keeping such a slave”. The man returned home depressed and worried. When the wife told him the reason. He related to her the advice of the imam.  She said: “In the at case you may as well divorce me.” Still, he sold the slave to a teacher of his. When the wife learned of this, she ran in pursuit of the slave. The husband, on learning this, immediately set off to look for her and found her in the city of Harraan, where she had repurchased the slave from his new master and married him.

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Dream of Colony of Ants

A colony of ants usually represents a heavily populated city. Similarly, seeing a colony of ants entering a city can also be an indication of the city you live in being attacked.

Dream of Flying Ants

Flying ants in a dream can also represent hardship in one’s journey. It has also been interpreted by many Islamic scholars that if someone in your home is sick and you see ants flying, it represents their death. Moreover, winged ants in your dream can also mean the destruction and loss of a large army.

Dream of Ants Stinging you

It can also mean that someone is bothering you. In particular, it can mean that you feel as if you are attacked or humiliated by others in your practical life.

Final Words

Dreams have long been believed to hold religious and scientific importance. Ants in your dreams can – in an Islamic context – mean many things. We have tried summarizing as many situations as possible. However, we also highly recommend consulting a religious scholar in such regard.