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Meaning of Dreams about bats



Dreams about bats

It is a peculiar thing to dream of bats and it is an unusual dream to experience. It might be a strange one, but it comes with meanings that tell you a lot about your life’s situation. Dreams about bats come with negative meanings. They represent all the bad things going on in your life. You might be facing financial problems in the coming days or there might be turbulence in your personal and professional life.

A dream about bats is always not the same. It comes with a lot of variations and the meanings differ with them as well. So, there are different interpretations of dreams about bats.

Dream about bats attacking

A dream of bats attacking you is a representation of all the dangers and risks that are lurking around you in real life. This dream also suggests that you have been affected by negative things around you. Therefore, this dream is a message that you have to protect yourself more efficiently and carefully. You cannot take your protection for granted. All the dangers and the negative things in your life are trying to sway you away from your goal.

This dream is also a premonition for your conservative thinking. So a dream of bats attacking suggests that you must be open to new ways of thinking and point of view. This dream also portends that you are currently going through a difficult phase in your life and distasteful changes might come up in your life. You must also be prepared for all these. Although, you must not succumb to the hard times and the changes.

Black bat in dream

Whenever you see a black bat in your dream it foretells problems in your personal life. A dream of black cats can also be a representation of the negative or troubling thoughts you have been having. So this dream is a message that you must be careful. It also says that you must change and develop yourself and your surroundings.

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This dream also suggests that you can improve your situation and get out of difficult times if you change your ways of thinking. Additionally, a black bat in a dream also suggests that several things will come out of the woodwork or be disclosed to you.

Biblical meaning of bats in dreams

In the bible, bats are considered to be a negative thing. In dreams as well they are not a good thing. Biblically, a dream of bats suggests a loss of things that you hold dear. It also suggests tough times are coming in your life. You might also be living your life with a mind full of negative things. A dream of bats also suggests that you have low confidence and you are having trouble believing in your capabilities.

Bats in a dream also suggest that you have a lot of hidden potential in you. You only need to get yourself out of your comfort zone and try out new things to let your true abilities come out. You are also living with the fear of failure. This dream suggests that there is someone in your life who is taking away all your energy. So be careful about what relationships you work for in your life.

Bat dream meaning Islam

In Islam, dreaming of a bat represents a cruel individual who may have grown up without necessities. This dream also suggests that you have been secluding yourself from people because you have done something wrong. A bat in a dream according to Islam can suggest that you are you have to change and develop how you are living.

The presence of bats in your dream denotes dishonesty and internal conflict. A dream of bats could also imply that you should abandon old viewpoints and behaviors because they don’t fit with where your life is now. Therefore, it portends new beginnings in your life as well. This dream might also mean that you should carefully consider your options before deciding to take on a problem.

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Dreams about bats biting you

When you dream of a bat biting you it suggests that you will soon face a financial crisis in your life. Therefore, be careful about how you spend your money. This dream is also a sign that you might face problems in your personal life. A dream where a bat is biting you suggests the presence of people with bad intentions in your life. Such people have never wished the best for you and they never will. These people will eventually betray you, so you must get from anyone who radiates such feelings.

Dreaming of bats hanging upside down

When you dream of bats hanging upside down, it suggests that you need to adopt a new point of view of perceiving your ambitions and your circumstances. This new way of looking at your life is necessary when you find yourself in sad or difficult times. By doing this you can get through any problems in your life to the achievement of your goals.

Dream of bat biting my hand

Dreaming about a bat biting your hand is a sign that you are of your determination, and capable of achieving your goals. This dream suggests that you live your life according to your own pace. On the other hand, a dream of a bat biting your hand is a warning against deceit, either on your part or another’s. This dream also says a situation or a relationship is disintegrating or deteriorating. This dream portends a lack of confidence or direction as well.

Killing bat in dream meaning

When you dream of killing a bat, it suggests that your attempts to resolve problems and difficulties in your have proven to be fruitful. On the contrary, this dream also suggests that you will soon face financial and money problems. You might end up losing a lot of your money. Therefore, be careful where you put your money.

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A dream of killing a bat is a message for you to develop and broaden your knowledge. Your carelessness and stupidity have put you in a bad situation. Additionally, this dream also suggests that your bond with your friends is improving. Although, you might have to do most of the work for it. Anyway, all your hard work will pay off.

Dream about bats in your home

When you dream of bats in your home it represents your thoughts about yourself and our sense of security is frequently reflected in our dreams about home. The bat could stand for something that is upsetting your internal balance. It could also represent something or someone that is interfering with your ability to appreciate your house. Maybe a member of the family is making things difficult. Or perhaps a visitor is in danger of staying too long. Whatever the cause, this dream might be telling you to do something to feel more at ease.


A bat in a dream is a bad omen. But it is not always negative. Some interpretations of the dream of bats suggest that you have won over your problems. It also says that you have the potential to face your problems. So, you might be going through a difficult time in your life, you can always change it.