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Meaning Seeing a Lizard in Dream



Many people may object when we tell you that dreams can be interpreted, and they can have their own profound meaning. It is true that some dreams do convey a certain meaning, but there are also those dreams which do not mean anything. The dreams which necessarily do not have meaning are made up by our mind, and it consists of things which we see and hear every day, these are generated from our subconsciousness.

Although there are some people who get really clear and meaningful dreams, they may not always have the right technique to find out their meaning, and we are here to help you generate the proper meaning of your dreams. Oftentimes, people dream of different animals and insects. People even see lizards in their dreams. So does seeing a lizard in a dream convey some meaning? What does it mean to see a lizard?

Seeing a Lizard in your Dream in General

In Islam, lizards are vicious and greedy creatures. So seeing a lizard in your dream can indicate the dreamer’s nature of being selfish and greedy. It can also mean that the dreamer is getting his money from an unknown or suspicious source. In general, seeing a lizard in your dream does not convey a good message. It means ill and evil is upon the dreamer.

Seeing yourself Eating a Lizard in Dream

If you see that you are eating a lizard in your dream, it means that you are getting your money from someone who is powerful and in authority. It also means that the way the person is getting the money is not just or even legal. It may mean that the person is getting money from someone else’s hard work; maybe he is taking other people’s money. If a person sees himself eating from or eating a lizard, it indicates that we should change our ways and earn more honestly and he is just with us and others.

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Killing a Lizard in Dream

If a person sees that he or she is killing a lizard in their dream, it means that the person will gain defeat over his enemy. It means that he will overpower the people who envy him. Killing a lizard is relatively a good sign. It means defeating people who are jealous and do not hold the dreamer in good regard. So it is always better to be safe from people like these.

Seeing Multiple Lizards

If a person sees multiple lizards around him, it means that he has surrounded himself with people who are jealous and do not wish well on the dreamer. If the person is scared of the lizards, it means that the people around him will cause him harm, so the person should be more careful. In contrast, if the person sees that he is not scared of the lizards, then it means that he is accepting the ways of the other people around him and that he too will work on their ways. It can also mean that he is adapting to the people around him.

Seeing Lizard Crawling on you

If a person sees that a lizard is crawling on you in your dream, it may indicate an illness or something evil that may cause the person harm. If the lizard does not harm the person in his dream, it means that the dangerous situation will not be too grave, and it will pass by quickly. If the lizard harms the person in his dream, it means that any uncertain situation or an illness will cause the person some sort of harm. It is best to read the Quran and pray in order to overcome the difficulty.

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Seeing a Lizard in an Eating Plate

If a person sees that there is a lizard on the food plate, it may mean that he is earning his money or wealth from someone who is cruel. It can also mean that someone close to him will betray and break his trust. So if a person sees that there is a lizard on a plate where he is eating from, it should act as a reminder to check the people around him and keep a balance of people in order to save yourself from any harm which may come.

Dreaming of Big Lizards

If a person sees big lizards in his dream, then it symbolizes some great change that may come in the life of the dreamer. The change can be positive or negative. A large or big lizard is the symbol of new opportunity, and it can take your life to a whole different dimension. So if you see a big lizard in your dream, it is nothing to be afraid of, just know that you may notice some big changes in your life which you have to adapt to.

Final Word

Dreams can convey a different meaning to us depending on what we see. Although it may contradict people’s beliefs, dreams hold a very important place in some religions. They can warn us about any negativity and uncertainty and also show us good news. Seeing lizards in a dream may not always be common, but if you see a dream involving lizards, check to see what that means. If you still feel unsatisfied with the answer, then it is better to have a talk with someone who you trust just to put your mind at peace.