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Meaning of Seeing A Horse in Dream



A Horse in a dream represents status, rank, honour, dignity, power and glory. It is no doubt, a very auspicious dream and a good dream. In this article, we will be talking about what is the meaning of seeing a horse in your dream in many different situations. Also, we will discuss about what is the meaning of seeing different coloured horses in your dream. Some dreams of Horses is extremely auspicious however, some dreams is not good.

First of all, lets talk about the quality of a Horse. In Astrology, Horses symbolises strength, speed, honour, dignity and freedom. Because a horse is always cool and calm yet when it comes to performing, he is aggressive and runs at a very fast speed.

Seeing A Pet Horse in Dream

If in your dream, you see that you have kept a horse as a pet in your home or farm, it means that in what ever work you are doing, you will achieve great success.

Seeing a Horse Tied in a Rope in Dream

If in your dream, you see that a Horse is Tied up in a Rope or Chains, it means that although, you are going in the right direction and success is waiting for you in the finish line, there will be some big challenges and struggles that you may have to face in order to get to the finish line.

Fighting With a Horse in Dream

If a person sees himself fighting with a horse in dream, it means that he may commit a serious crime or sin for which he gets into serious trouble and misfortune. It is not a good dream to see yourself fight with a horse.

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Mounting on a Horse in Dream

If a Person sees himself mounting on top of a horse, it means that he will receive dignity, honour and respect in his life. This is a very auspicious dream it foretells good luck and success.

A Horse Dying in Dream

If a person sees that a horse is dying in his dream, it means that the person may face losses in his business or home.

Riding a Horse in Dream

Riding a horse in dream signifies that one will receive dignity, honour and respect in his life. However, riding a horse on a roof, wall or any another unfamiliar ground that is not the natural habitat of the horse is considered to be a bad omen.

Killing a Horse in Dream

Killing a horse in dream is not a good dream. It foretells that your invested money might bring losses into your life. Or you may face losses or hardships in business or work.

Selling a Horse in dream

Suppose, if you see that you are actually selling a horse in dream, it means that you could face arguments or trouble from someone. Or yo may have to fight with someone in the future.

Buying a horse in dream

If you see yourself buying a horse in your dream, this is a very good and auspicious dream. This dream foretells that you will get success in the matters of wealth, business or job.

A Horse Biting You In Your Dream

If in your dream, you see that a horse has actually bitten you, this dream means that there is someone in your life who is gossiping about you.

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Seeing Yourself Riding a Wild Horse in Your Dream

This is a very auspicious and good dream. According to Vedic Astrology, it means that in the near future, you will receive a lot of happiness, peace and freedom from the struggles and stresses of your life.

Seeing Horses in a Jungle in Dream

If in your dream, you see Wild Horses in a Jungle, it means that your sexual desires have been increased and your internal energy levels have scaled up. Normally, when people have accumulated a lot of sexual energy, they usually see dreams of Wild Horses.