Surya Ke Upay||Best Remedies For Sun|सूर्य के उपाय

Surya or Sun is confidence, willpower, or “Atmavishvas”. The planet that is responsible for your inner self-confidence, strength, and willpower. The person who is blessed with a strong Sun in his life can face many obstacles, problems, hardships, and still gain success and reach such heights that he’d never imagine. The reason is that the Sun is illumination, light, the vitality of life, and one that lights up the world.

If a person has a terrible birth chart, with planets like Rahu, Saturn and Mars badly positioned, no wonder the person will face problems and hardships. But if the same person has a very strong Sun placed in his birth chart, the planet alone can negate and ward off the bad effects of these planets. The planet Sun alone can take the load of the entire birth chart of the person and make the person extremely successful. That is the reason why the Sun is known as the “King of the planets” or “Graho Ke Raja”.

This means that no matter what bad Yoga is there in your birth chart, whether it is Vish Yog, Grahan Yog, Kaal Sarp Yog, if your Sun is strong, then these Yogas have no power to affect you at all. Even if they harm you, one will be able to overcome all obstacles because even the Serpent cannot poison a Rat that “Never Gives Up”. Because the inner soul of that Rat is that of a lion.

Therefore, today in this article, we will talk about some of the best Remedies for the planet Sun that people have been doing and applying in their life for several decades. Not only have they been benefitting from these Remedies but it has changed their lives in so many ways, whether it is health, wealth, happiness, peace, or for dharmic purposes and spiritualism.

While some of these Remedies are so simple, and sometimes, many of you may have been doing them or applying these remedies in your life unconsciouly also. If so, you can say that the planet Sun is Strong within you, if you are doing these remedies in your life unconsciously.

This article is going to be very long but bear with me as it contains a lot of information that is immensely going to help you. So without further ado, let’s start with the first one.

1. Integrity and punctuality. Always wake up before Sun Rise

Now I know this remedy sounds really simple but if you are the kind of person who is always punctual, wakes up at 6 am or 7 am every single day and really puts pressure on punctuality and Integrity in his or her life, I can say that the Planet Sun is strong in your life.

Because Sun is the Raja or King of the solar system. It is never late, it always rises in the east and sets in the west and at a particular time. If you apply such habit into your life, the planet Sun automatically gets activated and becomes very strong. This in fact is one of the best remedies to apply into your life besides using religious tantric remedies which I will all discuss about later in this article.

But for now, the first remedy is always apply Integrity and punctuality into your life.

That’s why you hear almost from every Vedic astrologer, pundits, Spiritual Gurus and even in Lal Kitab that one should wake up before the Sun rises. The question is why and the why is because you align yourself according to the normal pattern of the sunrise thus, the planet Sun gets activated within your body.

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This remedy is a special one as it is from Guruji Santosh Santoshi. This remedy for Sun is really the best and miraculous and provides you with results within just 7 days. Of course you need to do the remedy but it just takes one minute to do the remedy.

In this remedy, what you need to do is take one drop of the purest Ghee you can find in your area and one Kesar seed. Take the Ghee and the Kesar Seed and rub it in your plam in the mount of Sun area with your left hands Anamika finger or Ring Finger.

For a reference, here is the mount of Sun on your plam.

The Mount of Sun is located just below your Ring Finger on your plam.

You just need to rub the Mount of Sun on your plam with your left hand ring finger with Pure Ghee and Kesar Seed for just one minute.

After that, you need to apply the ghee with the kesar seed on your forehead. And then you can wash it off with water afterwards.

This will make the planet Sun strong within you and you will surely experience the benefits within 7 days.

3. Sun Remedy for Overall Peace, Happiness, Success, Health, Your Choice

The most common remedy for Sun is offering water to the Sun God which is great. One should do it and it is a very auspicious way to pray and get the blessings of Sun God.

However, sometimes, its not possible for us to do that, maybe due to work, job or maybe there is no river or ocean near your area. Therefore, people often ask me, is there any remedy for Sun that I can do just one time and get immense benefits.

I can say Yes, of course. I have seen people do this remedy for various reasons. Some have done it for their eyes and seen miraculous improvements. Some have done this for getting pass through competitive exams and for some who have miserably failed in their business life due to some wrong decisions have gained immense improvement. This works and you just need to do this remedy one time.

You will need two 2.5 kg or one 5 kg of “Gur” or Jaggery which is a natural product of sugarcane. If you don’t find 5kg of Gur, you can get two 2.5kg also. But remember, it must me either two 2.5 kg or one 5kg. Sun is represented by the number 5 and here we are activating the number.

At the same time, the Gur has to be shaped in a round form. After that you will need 1 metre red cloth and wrap the Gur inside the Red cloth.

All of this has to be done on Saturday.

On the next day, which is on Sunday morning, the biggest member of the family has to offer the Gur wrapped inside the red cloth to the Sun God through a running river.

Here he must not throw the Gur but just offer it on the River while praying to the Sun God. You can also offer coins and chant any Surya Mantra. Best one is the simplest Surya Mantra, “ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं सूर्याय नमः।“. You can ask for any blessings, wishes and say your prayers and Surya Dev will definitely hear your prayers and fulfill them.

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If you are the biggest member of the family, its even better else you can ask the biggest member of the family to pray for you by doing this remedy.

Best thing to do is to go with the biggest member of your family to do this remedy and while he is offering the Gur to Sun God, you can pray alongside.

If you want to do this remedy by yourself, then you can do that too.

This remedy for Sun is so effective that I have seen so many people turn from nothing to having a stable life and lots of financial success. I have seen people getting immensely blessed by the Sun God therefore, one must try and do this remedy at least once every year.

If you do this remedy, your normal energy levels will start to rise. Your thoughts will start to rise and you will start to think bigger and you will clearly experience the change in thoughts if you try it. At the same time, if one gets the blessings of Sun God, then that is enough to get peace and happiness in life.

4. Offering Water to the Sun God or Surya Dev | सूर्य अर्घ्य

The best and the simplest way to pray to the Sun God is by offering water to the Sun God or Surya Dev. It’s actually really simple, that is one that needs to go to a religious river like the Ganga Nadi and take some water offer it to Surya Dev whilst chanting the Surya Dev Mantra simultaneously.

However, sometimes, and I can totally understand that many people don’t know the correct way to Offer water to the Sun God. Well, today, I am going to tell you the right way to offer water to the Sun God.

At the same time, why should one offer water to the Sun God, and what benefits does one get by offering water to the Sun God. Of course, one gets immensely blessed by Surya Dev but besides that, there are so many auspicious and amazing benefits associated with this that we see hundreds of people offering water to the Sun God every single day on the river banks of the Ganga river.

By doing remedies for the planet Mercury, one can improve his or her speech and communication but to get the confidence, will power to speak in front of hundreds of people, only Surya Dev or the Sun God can give such confidence to a person.

Without a strong Sun, nothing is possible and without will power, vitality and energy, nothing can be created. If you want success, job promotion, success in government, success in politics, work credibility then one must offer water to the Sun God.

How to offer water to Surya dev or the Sun God?

First of all, you will need “Lotah ke bartan”, or a “Brass container” where you can add water. The brass container looks like this.

While offering अर्घ्य to Surya Dev, you have three options. You can either offer water, pure milk, or pure Ghee. Many people question that Ghee is better than water or milk is the best option but the real thing is that it doesn’t matter at all. All three options are the best options however, while you offer Milk or Ghee, you need to make sure that it is pure milk that is not boiled and the Ghee also has to be pure. However, according to the Shastra, our ancient Rishis recommend us to offer Arg to Surya Dev using water only.

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While you are offering the Arg to the Sun God, one also has to make sure that the quantity of Water, Ghee or Milk has to be full or little less than full. Because we are doing an offering and your lotah must not be half full but it must be full.

Correct way to offer अर्घ्य to Surya Dev

  1. Fill the Lotah with water, or holy water, Chandan, flower, Akstak

2. Use both your hands and separate your thumb while keeping the lotah on top of your palm with both your hands.

3. Now you need to purify the water inside the lotah by chanting the Gayatri Mantra, however, one must remember that one must not chant the Gayatri Mantra loudly. They must chant the mantra at a soft voice that is inaudible to the person sitting beside him.

4. Gayatri Mantra:-

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्यः धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्॥

5. After purifying the water, slowly pour the water into the river while standing or submerged into the river and bow down before the Sun God or Surya Dev.

6. One needs to offer the water three times.

7. The best timing for offering water to the Sun God is during Sun Rise when you first see the light red orange shades of the Sun on the sky.

What if you don’t have a river near your area?

Many people have this question or situation that in their city, they don’t have a river bank. Can they still offer water to the Sun God. The answer is absolutely and one doesn’t need an actual river to offer water to the Sun God. However, there is a specific procedure to follow in order to offer water to the Sun God right from your home’s temple.

Firstly, one has to make sure that the temple area and the place where he is going to offer water to the Sun God has to be clean, wiped with water and one has to splash some water over the area.

Next one has to do the offering during Sun Rise and the same procedure follows.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, its a little long but I made sure that all the important information is there in this article. Hope these remedies for Sun will help you in your life. I’d say, if you have some restrictions, the one remedy that you must do is offering water to the Sun God or Surya Dev. It immensely helps you and it is one of the most auspicious thing you can do in the case for Dharma and praising the Sun God.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

Jai Surya Dev,

Jai Shree Ram.