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Get Success In Real Estate Using Real Estate Numerology



Real Estate Numerology

Over the past few decades, I have seen hundreds of multi-millionaires and billionares being made through Real Estate, while there are many who have done wonders in the area of business and investing. Some of those people might be known to you as well. While it does take hard work and luck to reach the level of success that they have. But there is one thing that is common among all these people.

They understand Numbers and it’s association with Luck.

In the Chinese tradition, the number 8 is deemed to be extremely lucky as the pronunciation that comes with that number in their language is very similar to the pronunciation of wealth.

While in the Vedic tradition, the number 8 is associated with the planet Saturn and the 8th House represents misery, hardships, and accidents in life.

Therefore, now we cannot argue upon which number is the luckiest number because there’s always going to be a conflict if we reach that debate. We never know the Chinese may be true to state the fact that number 8 is lucky and it gives wealth but the Vedic Tradition may not be wrong as well, because “Money and Wealth is the Root of all Evil” and during the Vedic times, it really was seen that way.

But there is one thing that is always going to be True!. That is the fact that Every Person living on this earth is given a special Number that will be extremely Lucky for him. Because every number is associated with a specific planet and that planet may rule our energies and fortune in our body and in our life.

This is the reason why you see some people using number 8 and becoming Ultra Rich in life. While some follow the sayings of others and use the number 8 only to experience misery and poverty in life. This is the famous work of the planet Saturn and how the planets deliver results to people. If Saturn is favourable in your birth chart, there is no doubt, one can become ultra-successful, while if Saturn is not favourable, If such person ever decides to use the energies and gemstones of the planet Saturn, he will only face misery and hardships in life.

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The reason being such people are not born and tuned in life to face the hardships in life, but by using the uplifting power of the planet Saturn, the planet or Shani Dev, it will only invite hardships in his life, it will first test the person, make him work hard until the person realizes that he has wasted the blessings of other planets that were more favorable to him.

With that said, Real Estate is another area where numbers can really turn your luck into great fortune. In Real Estate, you want to look at numbers that are associated with Mars and Saturn because these are the two big players in the field of Real Estate, at least in Astrology. Mars because it represents pure land and conquering one. While Saturn represents the process of building and the time, hard work, effort, and planning it takes to build a property. If both of these planets are favourable in your birth chart, you can become a really successful in the field of Real Estate.

However, this does not mean that you must have the numbers associated with Mars and Saturn to become successful in Real Estate, if it is then it is great, if not then you have to analyse your birth chart and see if these two planets are favourable to you.

But for this article, we’ll only focus on numbers.

How to Find your Ruling Number?
Or Life Path Number

I’d rather call it the ruling number because thats the number that will be ruling your entire life and you have to live with the energies with that number.

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In simple, to calculate your Life Path Number or Ruling number, add up all the numbers that’s there on your birth chart.

For example, If a person was born in 09/05/1990, add all the numbers in the DOB.

Which is 0+9+0+5+1+9+9+0 = 33

Additionally add the sum of those numbers too.

3+3 =6

We get 6 which will be the Life Path Number of the person. Number 6 is associated with the planet Venus therefore the planet Venus will play a huge role in the person’s life.

The Effect of Numerology on the Tech Businesses?

There is no doubt that a lot of hard work and effort goes into starting a business, but it would be extremely beneficial for one to go a step further and look into Numerology based on your business’s name as it determines the planet that your business would derive energy from. Furthermore, the address should be of the prime location to ensure successful outcomes.


Facebook address – 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park

Facebook is a business that is primarily governed by Saturn and has a lot of Saturn energy. The address of Facebook includes the number 1 in it, which represents sun energy that is quite helpful as well. The eight letters in the word Saturn are also very beneficial, and the company’s global success can see it.


Apple Address – 1 Apple Park Way in Cupertino, California, United States.

Apple is one brand that the entire world just can’t get enough of. Everyone wants an iPhone, and for a good reason. The brand has not only invested in their products but has also developed an astrologically beneficial identity for themselves. Apple harvests its energy from Neptune, just like its close competitor Samsung.

Neptune is magical, and the products that both these companies have created are no less than magical. Apple is also located on an address, number one, and its presence in Northern California. So it’s not just California’s geographical location that makes the sun shine bright on Apple; it’s also its association with the number one.


Microsoft Address – One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Since we are talking about tech giants, we can’t leave the company that started it all. You guessed it right! Our next brand is Microsoft. Microsoft has got immense Jupiter energy in its name, and it has one thing in common with both Facebook and Apple, which is its location on number one.

Yahoo and Solyndra

Yahoo is a super famous search engine, and it also derives its energy from Jupiter.

One company that might be a bit new to you is Solyndra, which is another company from the U.S. with a lot of Saturn energy. However, it was located at an address with excessive Uranus energy, which was the leading cause of this company’s economic downfall.

Therefore, the name of your business needs to be in sync with the energy of the business you are investing in. It must also be placed in the correct address to make the most of your startup and to become successful in the future.

The Impact of Numerology on Real Estate Business

Similar to tech startups, the real estate business is one of the most beneficial businesses today. However, timing is the key when it comes to real estate, and one must be sure of when to strategically buy and sell a property. If you make well-informed choices, you could win big, and if you are careless with your decisions, you could end up losing everything.

Apart from looking into the timing of the buying and selling of property, certain stones can also bring immense luck when it comes to dealing with the real estate business. The first gem is the blue sapphire. Blue sapphire is quite an earthy stone, which means that it is precious, and it comes from Sri Lanka, which is where most of the finest gems come from.

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If you are joining the real estate business or if you have been in this business for quite some time, then wearing a blue sapphire can bring a great fortune to your business. It would prove to be very beneficial while buying and selling properties. The second stone that we would like to draw your attention to is the red coral stone.

The red coral stone represents the energy of Mars, which makes it a high energy stone. However, you could try wearing it for a while to test it with your own personal energy, and if it matches, then you would benefit a lot. People who wear red corals are famous for acquiring a lot of new property and real estate. Therefore, it is up to you to try them and see their amazing benefits for yourself.

The Lucky and Unlucky Numbers in Real Estate

There are a few numbers that have proved to bring extreme luck and misfortune if taken into consideration while dealing with real estate. The numbers could be a part of the address, property price or associated with the property in any way.

Number One

As mentioned earlier, number one is hands down the luckiest number for new businesses and real estate as it stands for innovation, independence, and leadership which give the property an overall positive vibe. Number 1 is associated with the planet Sun hence, it aims to be independent, creative, Monopolistic, becoming the best version of oneself and confident.

As we’ve already talked about, real-life examples of the Number 1 is Apple, Facebook who are the leaders in the industry. Number 1 can be used by any people, however, for those who need peace, and calmness, Number one can be the best number for them. Additionally, for people who have their life path number as number 1, it can be a very spiritually expanding place if they live in homes where the energies of number 1 is strong.

Promotes, patience, creativity, and leadership.

Peaceful, Quiet and calmness.

  • Great for starting a new business.
  • Your house can be free from troubles, problems, but it may take the person into loneliness.
  • Number 1 with number 3, 4, 6 and 9 can be unlucky. They are known to be Karmic number or numbers that bring debt along with them. For example, Number 13, 14, 19. Best is to associate it with numbers such as 15, 17, 11, 12, and so on.
  • It definitely elevates determination and confidence in you.

Number 8

As we have already talked about, Number 8 in the far east China and Asia-Pacific Regions have been deemed to be a very lucky number. They are used extensively. And the reason being the pronunciation of the number 8 carries positive energies and is known to bring wealth. It is used in their cars, telephone numbers, their homes, businesses, and just about everywhere.

However, the Vedic Tradition has a different perspective. We all know, if you have been a keen reader of this blog, number 8 represents the planet Saturn, and the 8th house signifies hardships, troubles, and struggles in life. But there’s one thing to note that the 8th house is the main house that can signify sudden gains and sudden wealth.

Number eight holds the power to attract new buyers which makes it one of the luckiest numbers in real estate. However, you can only use the Number 8 if Saturn is favorable in your life. For example, get your birth chart analyzed and if Saturn is Yog Karak Planet in your birth chart (Yog Karak Meaning – Beneficial Good results giving planet), then there is no doubt, you can use the number 8 and also wear the miracle gemstone – Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone to enhance your luck, wealth and fortune.

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  • Ensures good long-term return.
  • Promotes discipline in the household. Tenants will be disciplined to pay their rent regularly. However, you must also practice the art of being disciplined.
  • People will feel welcomed in the house provided that you take good care of the house and make sure that there are no cobwebs, garbage, and maintain cleanliness.
  • People who live in homes where number 8 is strong become workaholics due to the influence of Saturn.
  • The house can be frequently dirty, however, if you take good take, the house becomes beneficial for you.
  • The longer you stay in the house, the luckier the house becomes.

Number 9

Number nine is magical when it comes to real estate. It only attracts good luck but also makes the buyer believe that the price of the product is less. A buyer is more inclined to opt for a property that says $199,999 as compared to $200,000. Number 9 is also associated with the planet Mars which the main planet or Karka planet for Lands and Real Estate.

You can use numbers such as 9, 95, 999, 988. You can combine the energies of 9, 1, 8 and 5 to get the best results.

  • Good for international or diverse residents.
  • One of the best numbers to attract people.
  • Good for quickly selling properties.
  • Good for Investors who buy and flip short term Real Estate Investments.

Number 5

The number five is also used quite often in making the price of the property appear lesser than it actually is. Number 5 is associated with the planet Mercury that represents Movements, Intelligence, and Speech. Although, Mercury is not the planet significator for Real Estate, the finances involved with purchasing and selling Real Estate completely depends upon Mercury. The planet Mars can help you quickly gain property wealth, get clients, sell the property, help conquer a property. But the real maths, finances, and money management is handled by the planet Mercury.

That’s why it is important to include the energies of Mercury into your House or property number. For example, you can use numbers such as 9595 or 9995 or 559. If you notice, all these numbers I randomly created by they somehow always become equal to 3 or 5. This is the reason why many vendors and in super markets, the sale offers always end with either 999 or 995.

  • Great for Real Estate Agents, especially include them in your phone numbers, car plates.
  • Great for selling the property quickly.
  • Great for keeping fast moving tenants.
  • Great for properties that are located near universities.
  • Great for serious Real Estate Investors.

Final Words

The stars are not just pretty to look at, but they hold a lot of significance for all people on Earth as stars are the gateways to our personality and future. They can help us predict our nature and what the future has in store for us. There are a total of twelve-star signs or zodiac signs, which can be determined by our date of birth, and all people fall into one of these twelve zodiacs.

Our zodiacs can tell a lot about who we are as a person, and they can guide us regarding the upcoming events in our life. Our future is linked with the alignment of the stars, and as their positions change, our upcoming instances are also affected. Another thing that is determined from our zodiacs is the colors, days, and numbers that are lucky and unlucky for us.

Investing in a business is no joke as it could either make you a king or a pauper in no time. One must be wise while making any business-related decision, and a little help from Vedic Astro Numerology could take you a long way in making the most beneficial decisions and business-related choices.