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The Secret of Wealth Through Vedic Astrology: Maha Dhan Yog



Maha Dhan Yog

Knowledge is power and knowledge is the greatest wealth.

The one who understands knowledge has the greatest wealth in his life. People today wonder why is wealth not coming into their life. There are people who work hard almost all of their life and still live a life barely saving pennies and rupees.

To really understand wealth in one’s life, one has to understand knowledge and wisdom. Without which, one can never be able to accumulate wealth in his or her lifetime.

The 4 Quadrants of Wealth in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology, there are 4 planets that are purely associated with Wealth. These planets directly or indirectly influence the amount of wealth, a person gains or loses in his lifetime.

Jupiter (Ultimate Knowledge) – Jupiter or Guru is the natural significator of wealth in one’s life as Jupiter is the ultimate source of infinite knowledge in the whole universe. He controls all the knowledge. If Jupiter is associated with houses 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th, one becomes wealthy in life. Wealth mostly comes things related to Jupiter that is education, teaching..etc However, the planet that rules the houses also matter.

Venus (Creative Knowledge) – Venus is the second planet that brings immense wealth to a native in his life. Venus represents all the luxury, creativity, beauty, appearance, singing, dancing, and women. That’s why you see people having zero education but a gifted voice accumulates so much wealth in their life that people just cannot imagine. That’s the purest form of Goddess Laxmi having her full blessings on the native.

Mercury (Financial Knowledge) – The next planet that also brings immense wealth is Mercury. Where Mercury sits, the progress of that house speeds up, and similarly if Mercury sits on houses 11th and 2nd, it brings a lot of wealth to the native through business ventures, accounting, planning, management, and everything that involves speed and precision.

Sun & Moon (Father & Mother)- The next significators of Wealth are planet Sun and Moon however, they don’t naturally bring wealth to the native. They can bring a lot of wealth to the natives if they form specific connections with planets, Jupiter and Venus. For example, Jupiter and Moon, if they are quadrants to each other meaning 4 houses apart from each other, they form the auspicious Gaj Kesari Yog, that can bring immense wealth to the native. Similarly, there are many such Yogas for wealth in Astrology formed by Sun & Moon which you can read about it more in this article —->

This doesn’t mean that other planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars don’t give wealth to the native. Yes they do, but they are not considered natural significators of wealth. They do so only in certain conditions.

For example, Rahu in the 11th house in the sign of Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius can bring so much wealth to the native, that the person will have problems, not earning wealth but he has problems of how to spend his wealth. Just like Rahu, Mars under certain conditions can bring immense wealth to the native. For example, Mars in 4th house if it makes a connection with the 2nd and 11th houses can make a person a millionaire through Real Estate.

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In vedic Astrology, there are 2 main houses that completely rules your wealth in life. They are 2nd and 11th houses. These houses are extremely important and they signify 100% of your entire wealth in your life. However, to understand these houses, you must first know why, and for what reason do these houses signify wealth. Although, houses like 5th and 9th house also bring wealth but they are secondary. Lets look at how and why do the main houses bring wealth.

The main houses that rules your wealth in life are:

2nd House

The second house signifies your family, your ability to speak and most importantly your wealth. The amount of wealth you will earn in your life depends upon the 2nd house.

Here most people make a mistake of thinking that their 2nd house is strong but they still don’t make any money when they start a business or when they work, they never get promotions and raises. Here you have to understand that the 2nd houses determines, the how much wealth you can earn in your life, it is the accumulated wealth in your life.

This means that you have been born in a rich family, where you never have had to worry about wealth at all. This is because of the strong 2nd house. However, the same person may fail while doing business or at work and that is because 2nd house only tells you about how much wealth, God has given you in this life.

It is also not an upchaya house meaning house that grows over time so, if the 2nd house is not connected to houses like 5th and 9th or 11th, which are some of the upchaya houses, you will get the wealth that you deserved in this life for sure but it won’t grow much. However, if it is connected to those houses, especially, the 11th house then your wealth grows with time if you try and work hard on it. That’s the reason why ancient rishis say that a Maha Dhan yoga is formed when houses 2nd is connected to the 11th or 9th house and the reason is because of the growth quality that is unlocked for 2nd houses when it gets connected to the 11th or 9th house.

11th House

The 11th house in Vedic astrology is one of the upchaya houses or so-called “houses that grow and become better with time”. It is the main house for checking wealth in Astrology and most importantly, it is the house of friends, communities, and it can determine how big or small, your friend circle is going to be.

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11th house determines the wealth that you are able to gain on a daily basis. It shows us your wealth sources and in general, the strength of your wealth gains in terms of daily cashflow.

For example, there may be people who live a luxurious life, full of comforts and they don’t even have to work. However, when it comes to actually making money, they won’t survive a chance if God took all their money out and brought them to the streets. That’s a typical person with a strong 2nd house but weak 11th house. However, in another case, if a person has a strong 11th house, no matter what happens, he or she will be able to earn money on a regular basis. If he just steps in and tries to make some money, his income sources will automatically start to unlock.

That is mainly due to a strong 11th house when a person gains wealth as this house is directly connected to your Karma or 10th house.


Because 11th house is the 2nd house for 10th house. Meaning if you take the 10th house and make it as the lagan or 1st house. The second house now becomes 11th house.

This is the meaning that the 11th house signifies wealth from your career or your karma. We all know, if there is one thing that God has given us, the full right to, it is karma or hard work. We have full control over our hard work and if we so desire to change our lifestyle and financial status, with the help of hard work and doing the right karma, we can go as much high as possible. Even if, in our life, we are not gifted with much wealth.

The Maha Dhan Yog

The Maha Dhan Yog is formed when Houses 2nd and 11th are interconnected with each other. This means that if the lords or planets in 2nd house and 11th house have any sort of connection with each other, whether it is through conjunction, sign interchange, or aspects, then a Maha Dhan Yog is formed.

The person with a Maha Dhan Yog will have the ability to create massive wealth in his lifetime. This means that all the labour, hard work and sacrifice that he will do in his life for his family, work, self-development, karma will have the possibility to give a lot of wealth to the native. If he has the Dhan Yog Chooses to be rich, so he will be rich.

Types of Formation of Maha Dhan Yog

There are several ways by which a Maha Dhan Yog can be formed in a persons birth chart. The most common and the easiest way to find out is through conjunctions. However, they can be formed through aspects, and interchanging of signs also.

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Maha Dhan Yog Formed through Conjunctions

When the lords of 2nd and 11th house are sitting together in any house forming a conjunction, this forms a Maha Dhan Yog. This formation of Maha Dhan Yog is the easiest to spot and predict.

Example : Michael Douglas – Maha Dhan Yoga is Formed in the 10th house giving him massive wealth through worldwide fame & recognition.

The lord of the 2nd house (Jupiter) and the lord of the 11th house (Mercury) sitting together in the 10th house in the sign of Leo.

If you look at the chart of Michael Douglas, you can notice that the lords of 2nd house and 11th house are together in the 10th house. This forms a powerful Maha Dhan Yoga in the 10th house giving wealth through the qualities and significances of the 10th house which is fame, prosperity, and career success.

Additionally, the strength of his Dhan Yoga is accelerated due to a Maha Parivartan Yoga formed between the 10th house and 11th house. Where Mercury who is sitting in the 10th house is the lord of the 11th house while Sun who is lord of the 10th house is sitting in the 11th house.

Maha Dhan Yoga Formed through Aspects

We all know that every planet is given the 7th aspect. This means that wherever the planet is sitting, the planet looks at the 7th house from itself. For example, In an Aries or Mesh Lagan, If Mars is sitting in the 1st house, it looks directly at the 7th house from itself counting 7 from the first house.

Therefore, according to the Maha Rishis, a Maha Dhan Yoga can also be formed when the house lords of the 2nd and 11th are aspecting each other in any position of houses.

Example: Take a look at this Moon Chart, where a Maha dhan Yog is formed due to aspects. This is just for an example to show you how Dhan Yogs are formed.

Chart Owner: Unknown

Saturn sitting in the 2nd house is aspecting the 11th house where Mars is situated with Saturn’s 10th aspect. So if you count 10 from 2nd house from Saturn, you will end up in the 11th house where Mars is the ruler and Mars is also sitting there.

Similarly, Mars, who is the owner of 11th house is also sitting in the 11th house but it is looking or aspecting the 2nd house of Saturn, or Aquarius with Mars’s 4th aspect. So, if you count 4 from 11th house, you will end up in the 2nd house. As we know Mars has 3 aspects, 4th, 7th and 8th.

This is a clear cut example of a Maha Dhan Yog due to aspects of planets.