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Magical Tips for Diwali 2021



Dwali 2020

Diwali is that time of the year when everyone gets together with their family and friends to celebrate the festival of lights. This festival is celebrated by Hindus all around the world by giving each other gifts, sweets, lighting their houses, eating delicious food, and spending quality time with one another.

However, amongst all the fun, one must not forget the true spirit of this festival as we celebrate it to honor the victory of good over evil. We must not forget our deities on such an important day, and we should make sure to remember them and pay our respects to them on this particular occasion. This will make our Diwali even more magical than it already is.

Lakshmi and Ganesh Pooja

Any Diwali celebration would be incomplete without Lakshmi and Ganesh Pooja. As we all know, Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and she can multiply our money by thirty times, it is important to make our house and surroundings suitable for her taste on this occasion. Lord Ganesh is famous for removing all the troubles and worries from our lives, so we can’t forget to thank him during this special day either.

Meru Yantra

Meru Yantra is one of the most auspicious and imporant Yantra that one must worship during Diwali. It is said that the Meru Yantra is like a mountain that holds the power to remove negative energies in your house. Hence, it removes all the Vastu Dosh that currently in your home. It can remove the obstacles, problems in your home and in your life and lead your family into a happy, prosperous and healthy life. To use the Meru Yantra, one should just place the Yantra in the place of worship but it should always face the east direction. By just keeping the Yantra on the Puja, one gets all the benefits of removing Vastu Dosh or bad placements of objects in the home that creates negative energies. It is also said that this Yantra is best to use only during Diwali as the energies are perfectly aligned during this time.

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Dhanvantari Pooja

While wealth is important for enjoying a good life, it is necessary to have good health to make the most of our wealth. By doing Dhanvantari Pooja, one is bestowed with good health and wellness for himself and his family.

Cleaning your home during Diwali

One of the most famous tips to do in Diwali is cleaning. The reason why people clean their home during Diwali is because of a popular belief that involves Goddess Laxmi. It is said that in order to invite the Goddess of Wealth that is Maa Laxmi, one’s home needs to be clean. She only enters the house that is clean and bright. Which is the reason why people burn Diya, lamps and fill their home with brightness to attract Goddess Laxmi and Welcome her. During Diwali, Goddess Laxmi is actually said to visit all the homes of the people and which ever home she enters, that home is blessed with wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Move the placements of 27 objects in your home

During Dwali, it is said that if you move the position or placements of 27 objects or things in your home, it can create a huge energy shift in your home. By doing this, the energy level in your home is going to shift just like how magnets have different magnetic energy fields and when you shift the position of magnets, the energy fields change. Specially, during Dwali, if you do this small remedy, it can drastically have a positive impact in your home.

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The Sacred Hindu Trinity

Hindus have always believed in the power of trinity, and no trinity can be complete without the presence of Goddess Saraswati, who provides us with wisdom to earn money. She also provides us with the creativity to increase our earnings.

 Lord Ganesh is famous for making our lives easy by eradicating all problems in our lives. Goddess Lakshmi gives us the manifestations of desires to go after what we want and achieve it. Therefore, it is important to perform your annual Diwali Pooja by keeping the holy trinity intact and praying to all these Gods and Goddesses. 

Invoking Holy Energy of Goddess Lakshmi

All the Gods and Goddesses are invoked and influenced by various elements, and we need to keep them in mind while performing our yearly Diwali Pooja. For instance, Goddess Lakshmi is invoked by the water element, fire element, earth element, air element, and the space element.

Similarly, Lord Ganesh is also invoked by all these five elements. However, to make things more special, we need to pay further attention to these elements’ details. For example, we could add lotus flowers to Diwali’s water arrangement to further attract Goddess Lakshmi.

On invoking the air element for her, we need to add a touch of her favorite fragrance, which is rose. You could use real rose flowers or sprinkle rose-scented perfume all across your house. When it comes to the fire element, while lighting the diya for this Goddess, we must make sure to do it with cow’s ghee as this is what she prefers the most.

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The earth element involves the food that we offer to our deities, and Goddess Lakshmi must be offered pomegranate at all costs since it is the food of fertility and abundance. The air element is invoked by chanting hymns and mantras that Goddess Lakshmi prefers, so she hears what she likes and is attracted to our house.


Invoking the Energy of Lord Ganesh

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Lord Ganesh admires the Hibiscus flower, so it is important to add these flowers to the water to invoke him. He also likes the scent of sandalwood, so the air must be full of the sandalwood scent to make our house more inviting for Lord Ganesh. While lighting the diya for Ganesh Pooja, you should use Ashtagandha, which is a fragrant material.

Lord Ganesh is an avid lover of sweets, so Mathai, such as Ladoos, must be presented to him during the Pooja. We should also chant Ganpati’s mantras to make our house more suitable for his taste and preference so that he pays us a visit on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. 

Invoking the Energy of Goddess Lakshmi

The water element for Goddess Lakshmi consists of white flowers in your in-house water arrangement. For scent, you should opt for a rose fragrance. We must offer white rice to her during the Pooja, and once the Pooja ends, it is advisable to mix this rice with the rest of the food you’re having that day. You can also attract her by chanting her mantras.

Final Word

It is important to please our Gods and Goddesses on this special occasion so that they can bring health, wealth, wisdom, and prosperity into our lives.