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Which painting Is Good As per Vastu? | 9 Wall Paintings that can Change your Destiny



Vastu Shastra has been proven to help people make their lives better with a few tweaks in their lifestyle. One of the significant ways of changing your luck and your life is by adorning your home with some strategically placed wall paintings in Vastu shastra. Here, we’ll talk about nine of them, and we’ll also discuss how these can help you.

9 Wall Paintings in Vastu Shastra that can change your Destiny:

1. Add a single piece of money note on the wall framed

The first painting we’re going to talk about isn’t a painting at all. In fact, it’s a currency! If you’re an importer or exporter and if you deal with other countries across the world, you need to keep at least a bit of that currency to yourself. Although possession of foreign currency isn’t legal, you can still keep only a small amount to yourself. As you probably know already, the north direction is the direction that denotes money, specifically cash inflow.

North direction symbolizes that money is coming. Now, you need to frame a single note of the currency of the country you’re working with. For example, if you’re importing or exporting from the USA, you need to frame a dollar note and hang it on the northern side of the wall. This will ensure that you’ll have better business luck and more cash inflow than before. It’s important to note that the frame should be of black color. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a wooden or metallic frame.

If you aren’t trading with another country, but you’re a businessman, you need to frame a 2000 rupee note, which is the highest note, and you should hang it on a northern wall with a silver frame with a black background. Plus, you need to add a picture of Kuber devta on top of the frame.

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2. Picture or painting of Bhagavan Dhanvantari

The north-east direction of your house resembles your head. The north-east direction of your house denotes your creativity, your ideas, your thought process, etc. The more enriched this direction will be, the better will you be able to think properly. To get the best out of this direction, you need to buy a picture of Bhagavan Dhanvantari, or you can download one of his pictures from Google and get it printed. If you search it on Google, you’ll find a masculine man with a few feminine details holding a ‘Matki.’

This pot holds ‘Amrit. You need to hang his picture on the north-eastern wall of your home and try to keep some ‘Amrit’ next to it. You’ll find ‘Amrit’ in temples. If that’s unavailable, some ‘Ganga Jal’ would be sufficient. Keeping it in silverware is much better. You need to drink these every day, even if for a bit. Doing so will make sure that your health, creativity, and ability to think improves on a daily basis.

3. Sunrise painting

The east direction of your home deals with how much respect you will have in society. The more it is enriched with Vastu sastra, the more the chances of you having more respect from society. In fact, the east direction also affects the quality of your social relationships.

Can you guess what else is associated with the east direction? Yes, the sun rises in the east. So, if you can manage to keep a picture of a rising sun in the east, then it will improve your social relationships, and it will also increase your social respect. Other than the picture, you can also keep a rising sun made of copper. In fact, the copper sun is seen to have a much higher effect than the picture of the rising sun.

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4. Hanuman painting

Then there’s the south direction. The south direction is about fame in life. Not only fame, but it also depicts attainment; that is, everything you’ve attained in your life comes from the south direction. If you follow the Hindu religion, you’re bound to know that the south direction is associated with Hanumanji. When Hanumanji traveled to the south, he had attained a lot of fame. If you’re interacting with people with your best attitude, but you aren’t getting any fame, no one is respecting you, then you need to improve the south of your life.

You can do so easily by hanging a picture of Hanumanji on the south wall of your home. However, keep in mind that any picture won’t do. You need to hang a picture of Hanumanji flying with a mountain in his hands. Here, the picture of the mountain is the representation of the problems in your life. In this picture, it’s depicted that Hanumanji will fly away with all of your problems. It’s important to add fragrances of red roses in this direction.

5. Dream Home painting or picture

The west direction of your home is ruled by Saturn. This direction decides how much profit or gains you will have in your home. There are two ways of enriching this direction. You can start off by hanging a picture of your dream house. Doing so will ensure that you get to build your dream home. Then again, there’s another thing that you can do. You can hang the picture of Ma Laxmi on this wall. It’s important to hang a picture where both Ma Laxmi and Lord Bishnu is present.

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6. Ganesha Painting

If the wall at the entrance of your home is naked, you better hang a picture of Ganesha, which is one of the best wall paintings in Vastu Shastra. Naked walls symbolize loneliness, so you better avoid them at all costs. If you want, you can hang a statue of Ganesh instead of a basic picture, as that’ll serve the same purpose as well. It depends on your taste and how you can want the entrance to look.

7. Family Photograph

You know about improving social relations, but what to do when your family relation is of concern? If you hang a family photograph in the south-east direction in a yellow or golden frame, you’ll have a healthy family relationship.

8. A painting or a picture of a long road

If you place a picture of a long road in the north-east direction of your home, you’ll be able to plan ahead, and you’ll have a far-extending vision. This work psychologically and influences your sub-conscious brain to think ahead in life.

9. Paintings of Galloping Horses

If you want to ensure a steady flow of money, placing pictures of red galloping horses in the south direction can help. The moment you look at such horses, you will start to experience a feeling of speed, progression, and continuation. This is the reason why there are so many paintings of horses that have been sold for crores and millions of dollars. The painting of horses is known to be one of the best paintings to hang on the wall as per Vastu Shastra.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article!. If you follow these, you’ll surely be able to keep yourself free from Vastu dosh and will also bring prosperity to your life.