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Effects of Sun in the 4th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Sun in the 4th House: Vedic Astrology

Sun comes as a crucial planet in astrology. In astrology, Sun stands for Father, Government, or most of the aspects which mean power and authority. It represents the way in which a person handles and controls other people.

When the Sun is strong it bestows the person with leadership qualities, willpower, the power to fight bad things in life, and the strength to resist diseases as well. Although, if the Sun is weak, then it causes the person to have low confidence, and will bring about difficulties in their life.

The 4th house in astrology is the house that represents domestic happiness. The house is also known as Bandhu Bhava. It is the house that is connected with the things that are related to the origin of a person such as their birthplace. Other things represented by the 4th house are land, house, property, vehicles, and many more.

In short, Sun in the 4th house means that the person will be family oriented. They will look after their family and participate in social work as well. They will also be blessed with properties or belongings. The position of the Sun in the 4th house also suggests that they can get properties from their maternal side.

Now let’s move on to the details of the effects of the Sun in the 4th house.

Aspects of life affected due to Sun in 4th house

Sun in the 4th house can affect a lot of things in a person’s life. The aspects of life that is impacted because of the Sun in the 4th house are:

  • The family life of the native will be affected
  • It will affect the person’s bonds and relationships
  • Their social status and the respect that they have in society will be affected
  • The person’s attitude towards others will be affected as well
  • The knowledge and education of the person are not free from impacts as well
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Positive Effects of Sun in the 4th House

The ones with Sun in the 4th house will always have a special place for their home and family in them. They will look out for their family members well and make an effort to keep them away from any kind of problems in life. Putting in all their efforts for family members to enjoy their life is what they keep as a priority in their life.

They cannot be unhinged or disturbed by any sort of minor problems. They are capable of looking at the big picture and their concentration hardly gets broken. So, they are calm most of the time and their life goes on smoothly without being distracted. Additionally, they take care of their own fundamental needs first before helping others. So, these people are always improving themselves.

Even though the people with Sun in the 4th house are not the kind to be around people a lot. Although, because of their helping nature they are liked by others. Therefore, they are capable of forming good bonds with people.

Negative Effects of Sun in 4th house

Hard times are evident in the lives of the people with Sun in the 4th house. Their life will go through phases when they will feel incredibly depressed and uneasy. Because of this, they might want to lose all the morality that they have and don’t want to help anyone. There might not be any relief in sight at this point, and it could be a very challenging moment. When such moments come up in their life, they must have hope and must not lose their faith.

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The people with Sun in the 4th house are close to their parents but sometimes it can reach extreme levels. They can be influenced by their parents easily and this can bring troubles in their life. This will arise problems in their married life or between them and their significant other. Due to their excessive attachment to their parents, they may behave irrationally toward their life partner. They can lose their happiness and their marriage as a result of this.

Relationship problems are evident for them. It is not that they will never have a romantic relationship in their whole life, but most of their relationships will be short-lived. Moreover, they will fall in love but might have chances of the relationship being over soon.

They might also think of themselves as the best, which is another possibility. They put others’ needs before their own. These people could even lose their good reputation as a result of this. They can believe that their future strategy is the finest and that no one else executes it as well as they do. This can result in differences between them and other people. So, they must practice developing respect for others as well.

Remedies for Sun

As mentioned above, sometimes the Sun can shower negative impacts as well which makes the life of the person difficult. But to counter these negative effects one can follow the mentioned remedies.

  • First off, make the habit of waking up early and looking at the rising sun.
  • Every morning you must offer water to the Sun.
  • Donate red clothes and other things of red color.
  • Donate medicines to the needy and the poor as well.
  • Chant the Surya Beej Mantra: “Om Hraam Hreem Hruam Sah Suryay Namah” every day. The mantra will result in positive effects from the sun.
  • Ruby is auspicious for Sun. Therefore to reduce the ill effects of the Sun can be reduced by wearing Ruby with appropriate metal on Sundays.
  • Try not to eat non-vegetarian meals often.
  • Performing yoga postures is considered to be effective as well to lessen the negative effects of the Sun. The most powerful psychic center of the body known as “Sahasrara Chakra” or Solar Plexus Chakra is where the energy of the Sun is located. Therefore every day you must concentrate on the top of your head, the location of Sahasrara Chakra before going to bed or early in the morning. While doing this you should also chant the mantra “Om Rhim Rhim Surjaya” inside your mind. Also, sit in the Sukhasana pose, which is cross-legged, with a straight back and closed eyes.
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With Sun in the 4th house, the natives become family oriented and have unconditional love for their family. They are built with elevated levels of concentration, helping the to do their work more efficiently and properly. Although Sun in the 4th house can bring hard times in the life of the native as well and might make them highly depressed. This phase of life won’t last for long and following the remedies might even prevent that from occurring.