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Importance and Benefits of Wearing One Mukhi Rudraksha



Benefits of Wearing One Mukhi Rudraksha

“Rudraksha grants meeting with Shiva.” “By wearing a rudraksha with any number of faces, one becomes equal to Me.”

“The wearer of Rudraksha is not subject to sins.”

Rudraksha, translated from Sanskrit, means “Eye of Rudra (Shiva)”, thereby implying that she is pleasing to the eye of the Lord. Shiva was the first to comprehend the benefits of Rudraksha beads and bequeathed to all his devotees and yogis to wear them on their bodies and worship them as the Deity Himself. The importance of wearing Rudraksha grains and mala (rosary) of them is described in ancient scriptures such as Shiva Purana, Padma Purana, Devibhagavata, Mahakala Samhita, Upanishads, Tantra, Yogashastra, and many others. etc.

Rudraksha is literally the grains of the plant Elaeocarpus ganitrus, whose biomedical characteristics and properties are still being studied by modern science in order to comprehend those amazing healing powers, often just magical and miraculous, in support of the legend of ancient Indian texts. More information about the healing and magical power of the Rudraksha can be found in the book: Subas Rai, “Rudraksha: the sacred amulet of the Himalayan yogis.”

“The desire to wear rudraksha arises as a result of knowledge of the Vedas and the blessings of Lord Shiva in past births.”

“Every effort should be made to wear rudraksha.”

Benefits of Wearing One Mukhi Rudraksha

The one-faced Rudraksha is the true form of Shiva himself. This rudraksha is beautiful and very pure. Finding such a rudraksha is a great success.

Only by seeing her is a person freed from sins. If you wear one, everything unwanted will be discarded and what you want will be easily achieved.

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If using this rudraksha, one reads the Maha Mrityujaya Mantra for more than one month, then boundless happiness, wealth, strength, and recognition will be obtained.

One-faced rudraksha should be worn either on the forehead or at the level of the heart.

There are no natural holes in it. One-faced rudraksha should be rubbed with sandalwood oil every day. Then, picking it up, greet. After that, you can do your business. Then they will undoubtedly be successful.

Mantra of one-faced rudraksha:

ॐ एं हं औं ए ऊँ – ohm, uh, ham, aum, uh, um

From the Padma Purana: Rudraksha with one face is truly Shiva; it removes the sin of killing a brahmana. Therefore, it must be worn for the elimination of all sins. The one who wears it reaches the Abode of Shiva and unites with Him (acquires Shivasayujya). A person receives the one-faced Rudraksha only due to the great spiritual merit and grace of Shiva, and wearing it, undoubtedly, reaches Kailash.

From Shiva Purana: One Faced Rudraksha – Shiva Himself. She bestows worldly joys and liberation (moksha). The sin of killing a brahmana is eliminated by just looking at her.

From the Devibhagavata Purana: The one- faced Rudraksha personifies Shiva himself and forgives the sin of killing a brahmana. Rudraksha with one mukhi helps to see the Supreme Essence (Paratattva or Parashiva).

From the Rudrakshajabala Upanishad: The one-faced Rudraksha is truly Shiva, and when worn, it bestows the state of Shiva.

From the Mantra Maharnava: Rudraksha with one face is the visible Shiva, she removes the sins of killing a brahmana.

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From Nirnaya Sindhu: One-faced Rudraksha is Lord Shiva Himself. It removes the sin of killing a brahmana and provides support in everything to the wearer.

Astrological meaning: Rudraksha with one face is ruled by the Sun. It allows you to treat the following diseases: damage to the right eye, headache, heart disease, fractures, skin diseases, gastrointestinal problems, fever, fistulas, appendicitis, dyspepsia, diseases of the teeth, lungs, and other diseases caused by the harmful effects of the sun.

Mantra: Om Hrim Namah or Om Om Drisham Namah.

The one-faced Rudraksha comes in two forms – round and in the form of a crescent. The round is praised in all ancient texts, but it is extremely rare and mythological. Rudraksha in the form of a crescent moon is easily accessible – it is found in trees both in India and in Sri Lanka. However, there is no difference between them and their impact and the attitude towards them should be the same. But the cost of around one-faced Rudraksha is more than a Rudraksha of a crescent.

One-faced Rudraksha in the form of a sphere rules of worship.

On the eighth day of the Shukla pakshi (light half) of the month of Chaitra and in Diwali one should worship the one-faced rudraksha, offering it 108 red flowers, fire, and incense. Throughout the ritual, it must be repeatedly lubricated with sandalwood paste and camphor. Each of the 108 flowers is offered separately with the recitation of the mantra:

shree gautam ganapati ji ko namah om hreem shreem kleem ekamukhaya bhagavate anurupaya.

sarvayugeshwaraya trailokya nathaya sarvakama phalam pradan namah.

Worship to the Lord of Ghana. Worship of the Almighty, the Giver of all blessings (hreem), recognition (shreem) and well-being (kleem). I revere God who has one face, the Lord of time and all living. Worship to the Lord of the Three Worlds, the giver of joys and pleasures.

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There are two main mantras for the one-faced Rudraksha: om namah shivaya and om hreem namah. It should be worn on a red thread, set in gold, silver, or in a metal recommended for a particular person, or fixed on a chain. It must be stored in a specially designed box.

One who constantly wears a one-faced rudraksha should recite the following mantra 108 times daily:

om Rudra Ek vaktrasya.. om hreem namah..

Worship of the Supreme Lord (Om), who has one face. Worship the One who is the giver of all auspicious gifts.

Before and after chanting japa, one should recite the Mahamrityumjaya mantra. It is also imperative to do this before reciting japa for all types of rudraksha.

Recommended mantras:

om hreem namah – Shiva Purana

om om drushaan namah – Mantra Maharnava, Padma Purana

om rudra – Padma Purana

om aim namah – Skanda Purana

om rudra ek vaktrasya

om aim hum. aom aim om The

mantras “om namah shivaya” and Mahamrityumjaya can be used for all Rudrakshas.