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People Born on Monday Personality



People Born on Monday Personality

Mondays might not be the cup of tea for everyone, but those born on Monday are a beacon of generous and ambitious people. Monday is represented by the planet Moon, which has considerable influence over the natives born on Monday. Those born on Monday are characterized by a sensitive and emotional nature and can go through various mood swings. This can impact their life in all aspects, whether it be professional or personal.

But this is not all. The people born on Monday come packed with other qualities and characteristics as well. In this article, we go into the details about those born on Monday. If you are among the multitudes, stick around to know more about yourself.

Personality/Traits of People Born on Monday

The most noticeable aspect of a person born on Monday is their emotions. They have a sensitive nature and hence are capable of showing intense emotions. As Monday is associated with the Moon, the mood of a Monday-born person is influenced by the planet’s continual phase changes. They sometimes lack mental steadiness and this will greatly hamper their life sometimes. They experience continuous mood swings, just like the Moon does every day, which makes it difficult for them to make big decisions. Even if they feel fairly at ease in a tough environment, occasionally their emotions get the better of them.

They might be moody, but they avoid conflicts and try to compose themselves under pressure. They don’t burst or do anything violent unless they really have to. They are highly introverted and prefer the comfort of their home.

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These people also have good creativity and imagination but cannot express their ideas due to their nature. They need someone to motivate them to share the various ideas they have in mind. Moreover, they also constantly need a push to get things done in life.

People born on Mondays should not be messed with as they can get extremely vengeful when they are betrayed or offended.  They might not choose to get into fights but if someone tickles their nerves, they don’t hold back at all. Also, when they get angry, they cannot control their tongue and can say extremely bad things.

Career of People Born on Monday

Despite having chaotic and everchanging emotions, people who are born on Monday are hard-working and focus more on their careers since they aspire to reach new professional heights and ambitions. They are passionate beings who seldom choose to work at any job that does not fully satisfy their enthusiasm.

These natives are good at solving problems and this ability comes in handy in their professional life, and they do so with a touch of creativity. Moreover, they do not waste their time on a task that is not required. They make a wise career choice by working somewhere where they gain respect and gratitude. Therefore, these people can be good entrepreneurs, poets, architects, writers, and actors. They will also do well in business related to water and are also extremely good in the hospitality and medical fields.

Marriage of People Born on Monday

The married life of people born on Monday will go smoothly and without trouble. These people love their partner immensely and unconditionally. They are extremely thoughtful of their partner and care for their partner more than themselves. Moreover, they are loyal and will never break the heart of a person they love. So their married life will be full of joyous memories.

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But sometimes, their mood swings can take over them and create trouble in their marriage. If mood swings occur too frequently it may become difficult for their partner to handle them. But these people are lucky as they will find a partner to understand them and tolerate their mood swings.

Lucky Color of People Born on Monday

White color is extremely lucky for the people who are born on Monday.

Lucky Number of People Born on Monday

For those born on Monday, their lucky number is 2.

Tips for People Born on Monday

As mood swings are their biggest enemy, these people should meditate and do yoga. This will help them control their mood swings.

These people should worship Lord Shiva and should visit a Shiva temple every Monday. They should chant the mantra Panchakshari 108 times every day. They should offer milk to the deity of Lord Shiva. This will keep them calm and keep their emotions under control.

These people must avoid places with negative energy as they are vulnerable to negative energy which will result in them being harmed.

They must avoid wasting water at all costs and offer donations to the needy whenever they get the chance.

People born on Monday should not try to complete everything at once. They should take small steps to complete their work, this will eventually lead to their success. They will need to divide their day into four equal halves and then give themselves till a specific time to finish the assignment.


Characterized by being hardworking and goal-oriented, those born on Monday do not need to worry about their careers as they have a knack for achieving success in everything. But they must take up every task in their life through stages and do not try to do it all at once. They also need to keep their emotions and mood in check as their tendency to go through mood swings can hamper their life immensely whether it be professional or personal life.