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Meaning of Seeing a Cow in Dream



meaning of seeing a cow in dream

Dreams provide us with an escape from reality. Not only do they make us curious, but they are also extremely wonderful and exciting to see. Some people believe that dreams do not mean anything since they are made up by our minds, and it would not be very smart of us to think that something like that is meaningful. Although it might be ridiculous, whatever we see in our dreams actually does have a meaning.

Sometimes what we see in our dream can warn us of any uncertain situations we might see ourselves in. They can also give us the good news of any joy or happiness which may find our way. Oftentimes we see different people and even animals in our dreams. People also see cows in their dreams. It may sound ridiculous, but seeing a cow in our dream can mean different things depending on what we see. So what does a cow symbolize in our dream?

Seeing a Cow in your Dream in General

In Islam, cows can symbolize prosperity and good wealth. A healthy cow in a dream can symbolize that the dreamer will find wealth soon. It also means a way out of hardships through finance. Healthy cows can determine that the dreamer will find prosperity and happiness in his life ahead. In general, seeing a cow in your dream is a good sign.

Seeing Weak Cows in your Dream

Seeing a lean and weak cow in your dream means a period of hardship will come in your life. These hardships can be personal or global. A person who sees a weak cow in his dream can be stuck in some tiring situation. A weak cow is not a good symbol, so if you see a weak cow in your dream, it means you will face hardships.

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Unusual and Different Cows

Seeing cows of different colors and expressions can mean the beginning of hardships. If a person sees unusual cows such as cows with terrible horns, fire coming out of their mouth, and smoke out of their noses can mean that some danger will overcome the dreamer. This dream can either mean that there will be some assault involved, or it can also mean that some army will pass by where the dreamer is and will cause harm to them.

Seeing Cows Being Slaughtered

If a person sees cows or bulls being slaughtered, it means that the dreamer will undergo extreme times of hardship. If the dreamer sees blood, it can also mean that the dreamer will die. If a person sees cows being slaughtered while standing on top of a hill, it can want us towards a genocide that may occur in the area below where the dreamer is standing.

Specific Number of Cows

Although cows can mean certain things depending on what we see. Like that, the number of cows we see can also mean different things.

Less than 14

If a person sees less than 14 cows, it means there will be some dispute which will occur within the life of the dreamer.

More than 14

If a person sees more than 14 cows, then it means that there will soon be some war, and the dreamer will face hardships.

Being Attacked by a Cow

If a person sees himself or someone else in his dream being attacked by a cow, then it is a bad sign. Cows are generally peaceful and harmonious creatures, so if they attack you without reason, it means harm will come to whoever gets attacked. It can also mean that a disease or illness will overcome the person who got attacked.

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Keeping a Healthy Cow

If a person sees a healthy and fit black cow coming into his house, it means the arrival of wealth. If the person tries the cow to a pole, then it means that the source of his wealth will stay with him. A healthy cow brings prosperity to anyone who owns it, so if someone sees a healthy black cow in his house, it means his house will prosper and flourish soon, and all hardships will end.

Seeing a Herd of Yellow Cows

If a person sees a herd of yellow or pale-colored cows arriving in the city of the dreamer, then it means some plague will attack the city. Yellow and pale-colored cows can symbolize illnesses and diseases. It is better to leave the town or city if a plague attack is foreseen.

Seeing a Cow Being Giving to Someone

If a person sees in his dream that a healthy cow is given to him, it means that he will receive money and wealth from someone who is rich and in authority. On the contrary, if a person sees that the cow he had before is being stolen away, it means that he will lose the money he had.

Final word

Seeing animals in dreams is not uncommon. In fact, most of the time, we see our pets or other animals in our dreams a lot of times. We do not stop and think about what those dreams can mean. Sometimes our dreams can convey a hidden message to us, and they can prepare us for some hardship and warn us towards negativity. So it is always better to interpret your dreams by some well-known scholar so that you know what comes in your way ahead.