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Dream of Swimming in an Ocean



Dreams are wildly exciting and wondrous to see. Although people may think that dreams do not mean anything since sometimes what we dream does not make sense. That is not true. In most cases, our dreams can tell us what will happen in the future and what we should be expecting. Although not all the time those dreams mean good things, sometimes, what our dreams show can also warn us of any negativity or hardships which may come towards us.

So it would be foolish of us to dismiss dreams as something not important. It is better to get our dreams interpreted and to put our minds at ease than to keep thinking about the dream alone. Often what we see in our dreams does not make sense. However, at other times we see a clear situation and picture of something or someone. People often see oceans and rivers in their dreams too. So what does it mean to see an ocean or a river in our dream? Does it hold significance in our life? And will dreaming about rivers and oceans warn us about something or give us good news?

Dreaming about Ocean and Rivers in General

Seeing a river or ocean in a dream can mean different things, depending on what we see. The symbolism lies around what we see ourselves doing or how the body of water appears to us. In general, a river can signify struggles; crossing the river without any difficulty means getting out of a problematic situation with ease or without any help. Dreaming of a body of water is very common among people. However, the meaning we get from it may not be parallel to the real meaning of the dream. Sometimes it can also mean absolutely nothing; it may be that we see the river from our subconsciousness. Seeing a river or ocean can also mean that you will travel ahead in your life. 

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Swimming in a River or an Ocean

Swimming and then crossing a river or an ocean means that you will get out of any stressful situation which you face for the time being. It can also mean that the dreamer will soon get rid of any hardships or fears that he faces in his life. If the dreamer sees himself jumping from the middle of the river to the riverbank, it means that he will soon get rid of the wrath of any powerful ruler, or he will find a way away from dangerous people shortly. 

Drinking from a River or an Ocean

If you see yourself or other people drinking from a river, it can mean that the dreamer is highly generous. Drinking from a river means sharing one’s wealth with the poor and needy people. Drinking from a river can also mean that the dreamer is sharing his knowledge with other people and is helping them. If the water seems dirty, there can be several meanings to it. For the people drinking from the water, it may symbolize the invitation of hardships in their life. In contrast, drinking from a clear river can mean prosperity and a happy and fulfilling life. 

Seeing a River Running through the Streets

If you see a river in the streets where houses are, it can mean two things. If the river passes by without damaging the properties of the people living there, without touching anything of value, it can mean that a just ruler will soon be upon them. It can also symbolize the pure and good intentions and deeds of someone. If the river passes by while damaging the people’s property and causing them harm, it means that a cruel and unjust ruler will come upon them. It can also mean that some army will pass through them, which can cause them harm. 

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Seeing a River of Milk

In Islam, a river of milk symbolizes the heavenly river. In Islamic scriptures, a river of milk flows in heaven. Therefore, seeing a river of milk can mean that the dreamer will prosper, either financially, or his connection with God will become stronger. The river can also symbolize God’s gift towards the people; it further represents being submitted to him. Dreaming of the heavenly river can also mean that the dreamer has intense knowledge about the Quran and Islam.

Plunging in the River

Plunging straight in the river or ocean can mean that the dreamer is ready to take on the problematic situations in his life. It also means that he is prepared to do anything to overcome his hardship and grief. In the act of diving themselves in the river when the dreamer can not swim means, they will find themselves in an even worse situation than before. It can also mean that the dreamer will come face to face with death. If someone helps you while you are struggling to swim, it means you will find someone who will help you get out of the situation the dreamer is experiencing.

Final Word

Dreams can be of certain types; they can show us good news and even warn us of upcoming bad situations. Most people dismiss their dreams as something ridiculous made up by our minds. But in reality, some of our dreams have a profound meaning. Rivers and oceans in our dreams are common occurrences. Sometimes, they do not mean anything but, at other times, they certainly can help you in figuring out what your future holds. It is always better to be prepared than to suffer alone in the end.