Why Is Shiva the God Of All Gods?

There is no doubt that Lord Shiva is one of the greatest gods. However, there have been certain claims about him being the God of all gods. Lord Shiva was married to Parvathi. Their wedding was quite extraordinary as well since Lord Shiva had friends who were not human and they were not interested in pretending to be human either, and they came to the wedding, making loud noises in their own language that couldn’t be deciphered. 

The mother of the bride, Mina, saw him and thought to herself that am I really giving my daughter away to this man. She was almost about to faint looking at him. However, when people pleaded, most importantly, the bride pleaded with him to adopt a more civilized avatar, he transformed himself into a well-dressed, handsome man. 

His new look was so eye-catching that his form is known as ‘Sundar murti’ or beautiful physique. He turned into one of the most dashing men for his wedding. There are several other aspects regarding worshipping Shiva that make him the God of all gods. Keep reading to learn about them. 

The Relation of Lord Shiva with Snake Poison and Mercury

Lord Shiva is known as the greatest of all gods since he drank the harmful poison that would’ve killed all of humanity during Samudra Manthan. However, he didn’t swallow the poison and spit it out, but it was so potent that it left a blue mark on his neck. However, it’s important to understand the difference between both.

Venom is intoxicating in small doses, and its excess could kill you. The snake present on top of Shiva’s head works as a third eye, and it means that he is at the peak of perception and he can perceive everything. The snake is used as a symbolism. He is also as perceptive as a snake. 

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Snakes are aware of spirituality energy-wise but not intellectually. However, humans also have the capacity to feel energy-wise. They can later translate this energy intellectually. Snakes are extremely perceptive animals, and they can tell you everything that’s happening in the universe just by a change in their movements and gestures. 

Furthermore, you can’t really call a snake an animal since Lord Shiva places it above his head. It’s not placed at his feet. When he places the snake on his head, he says that it’s just as good as me as it’s placed at the same level. Snake venom is still super effective and beneficial for various reasons. 

However, venom administration in today’s world can be considered to be a serious crime. Therefore, people don’t administer it. There is almost no room for profoundness in today’s day and age. Profanity is the latest trend these days. 

There are nine types of poisons that are mixed and made into medicine. Mercury is another potentially harmful product that people fear all across the world. They believe that it’s extremely toxic. However, mercury is one of the primary ingredients of Siddha medicine in South India. 

There hasn’t been anyone with greater capabilities, perception, and insight than Shiva. Even Rama and Krishna worshipped the great Lord Shiva. Krishna was devoted in his morning prayers to Lord Shiva, even during the 18 days of the great battle of Mahabharat. He was the highest humanity has hit because he was not human. He was a God. 

Reasons Why Shiva is the God of All Gods 

As we have mentioned that Shiva is the only God who was worshipped by other Gods such as Krishna and Rama, it’s important to take his other positive attributes into account as well. 

Easy to Please 

Lord Shiva is known as Bholenath because he is innocent and highly forgiving. He is also known to forgive the wicked devotees. Therefore, you might not be the best human with the best attributes, but you can always turn to Lord Shiva as he will also be merciful towards you. 

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Unconventional God

Lord Shiva believes in optimal freedom, and he broke free from all sorts of constricting norms to promote a free and liberal society. Furthermore, anyone from any caste, sect, or social background can worship Lord Shiva since he does not discriminate. 

Lord of the Body

If you want to achieve true physical liberation, then you need to worship Lord Shiva. Worshipping Shiva will allow you to get rid of all sorts of impurities, and it purifies your soul as well. 

Easy to Worship

You need to make use of services from a priest to worship most gods, however, worshipping Lord Shiva is the easiest since you could walk into his temple at any time and pray to him to your heart’s content. 


Lord Shiva is all about acceptance. He has the tendency to get worked up, which causes him to opt for destructive pathways. Therefore, he might end up causing significant destruction, and all the other gods are also wary of Lord Shiva’s wrath since it can be extremely frightening. Therefore, you can also embrace your inner anger as it is a characteristic of Shiva as well. 

Excellent Husband 

Lord Shiva is an excellent husband since he is extremely kind and attentive towards his wife. He cares for Parvati with great respect and admiration, and he is always with her. Furthermore, he believes that his wife should have the same honor as him, which is why he makes her sit right by his side. Not many gods have this belief, but Shiva stands out due to his kindness towards his wife. 

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Family Oriented 

Lord Shiva is one of the best family-oriented gods. He has a deep love and care for his wife and children. He loves his devotees like he loves his family as well. Various other gods are members of his extended family as well, and they all spend time with him. Lord Shiva gives us the great lesson of preserving family values. 

Extensive Powers

Lord Shiva is quite powerful. He is the destroyer of all sorts of pain and suffering. He is the God who drank poison to save humans from drinking it. Therefore, he is the remover of all sorts of poisons from our life. He also makes us better humans by removing all sorts of negative emotions from our life such as pride, ego, and profanity. He gives us the right direction in life. 

Animal Lord 

Shiva is a highly compassionate god. His compassion is not just limited to his family and devotees, but it extends out to animals as well. He keeps us safe from various harmful ailments, and he also wants animals to be treated with kindness. 

Extensive Perception

Shiva is known as the lord of perception. No god knows as much as Lord Shiva, and his perception remains unmatched to this day. Shiva has immense knowledge. He is skilled in arts and science that makes him the perfect guru to be worshipped. 

Final Word

Lord Shiva is the God of all gods since both Krishna and Rama used to worship him. Furthermore, he has several altruistic qualities that place him above most gods. 

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