1st House Lord in the 2nd House | Lords in Different Houses

1st house lord in the 2nd house is a very auspicious position and state of planets. The first thing to note here is that the 1st house lord in the 2nd house creates a “Dhan Yoga”. A very powerful wealth yoga, that can make the native become wealthy in his lifetime. Keep in mind that, this “Dhan Yoga” is not just a common wealth yoga. It is regarded to be very auspicious and even having one Dhan Yoga in the birth chart is enough to make the person wealthy in his lifetime.

Before we move further into the reading, let’s first understand the houses and what they signify. More specifically the 1st house.

General properties of the 1st house

The first 1st or our ascendant or it is also called Lagna is one of the most important houses in Vedic Astrology. It is the house from which our entire life revolves around. The zodiac sign that we are born in, our personality, character to almost everything.

  • The 1st house represents our physical body, our self and our inner vitality and energy.
  • The first house is also called the Tanu Bhava or Lagan Stan.
  • It rules over our physical appearance, personality, health and immunity.
  • It shows us our bodily features, strength, vigor and sexual energy.
  • The natural ruler of the 1st house is the planet Mars.
  • The Karak planet of the 1st house is Sun.

1st house lord in the 2nd house

The 2nd house is one of the Marak Stans in Vedic Astrology as the 1st house is 12th to the 2nd house. It is also one of the main houses of wealth in Astrology. The 2nd house governs with our wealth, accumulation of wealth, our family, speech, inheritance and speaking.

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When the 1st house lord sits in the 2nd house, one thing is to note here is that the native’s family becomes a very important part of his life. Whatever, he does in his lifetime, will be for his family and the native will be very family oriented.

The native will also gain wealth through his family. He may be born in a wealthy family or a big family.

As when the 1st house lord sits in the 2nd house, it creates a “Dhan Yoga” where the native is blessed with lots of wealth and prosperity in his lifetime. The native will establish his identity in this world through the properties of the 2nd house. The native lives for his family and takes the key responsibility for caring and protecting his family.

Wealth from family, parental properties and inheritance is seen from this position. While, such natives are born as the star of the family.

The native will also have a very strong and influential voice. He will be able to influence others with his speech. The native will have a natural talent of public speaking.

The person could be prone to accidents, if there are malefic planets in the 8th house like Rahu, Ketu and Mars.

He gets good scope in the fields of creative arts, singing, and will gain success early in his life.

The native may run or carry forward his family business. While, he will have multiple sources of wealth in his life. The native will be able to save a lot of money in his life. The financial condition of the native will be very strong.

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While, the native may have a strong family responsibility. He will have good name and fame in the society, while he will also be kind hearted and helpful.

There is a possibility of dual marriage in the life of the person. This becomes true, if Venus is also in the 7th house, along with the aspect of Rahu.

The native will be well cultured and religious. He will consider his family values to be the highest form of value in his life. The native will be able to earn lots of wealth in his lifetime.

He will be the kind of person who works on earning and accumulating wealth and money in his life.

Food becomes very particular for the native. He/she may have a very strong choices of food.