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Vastu Benefits of the Lotus Flower | Significance & Symbolism of Lotus Flower



As humans, it is natural for us to long for wealth and prosperity. We spend most of our lives hustling to accumulate enough wealth that we can easily spend in the coming years of our life. However, working hard at your job is not the only effort you should make. A little help from Vastu Shastra can also go a long way.

The world of Vastu Shastra is extremely vast and intricate with numerous symbols and significances related to various things. One of these things is the lotus flower. It is a flower that is closely linked to the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. She is always associated with the lotus flower, and we can use this flower to optimize its benefits. 

Vastu Tips for the Lotus Flower

The following Vastu tips are extremely beneficial and should be adhered to, to make the most of the lotus flower:

1. Significance of the Lotus Flower

Lotus is one flower that might grow in muddy places, but its petals are so smooth and slippery that the dirt never stays on it and always slides away. The Goddess Lakshmi is always found sitting on a lotus flower to give us a similar message. The message is about accumulating wealth and spending it.

The lotus flower shows that even though you are earning money and accumulating wealth, the petals’ slipperiness does not let you become engrossed and consumed by greed for excessive wealth and money. It keeps you level-headed and mature while making financial decisions.

2. How to Use the Lotus Flower?

Both real and artificial lotus flowers are easily available in the market. However, the artificial ones are more common, and they must be in white or pink color or any similar lighter shade. These flowers are also available in light blue color. You must take all three shades of these flowers and place them in a north-east direction in your house in an urli bowl.

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The urli bowl is also something that almost all of us are aware of. However, for the ones who don’t know, it is a flat bowl that is usually filled with water and flowers are placed in it. These flowers are usually floating flowers, and lotus is also a floating flower. 

3. Placement of Lotus Flowers

The north-east corner of your house refers to your brain, and placing these flowers in that part of your house invokes your inner self to avoid any unnecessary indulgence. Whatever you place in the north-east corner of your house, it will have a direct impact on the way you think. When you place the lotus flower in water in the north-east part of your house, then you will attract money and wealth, but you will not go crazy after it.

4. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

While we all worship Goddess Lakshmi, she is often seen serving Lord Vishnu. Have you ever found it strange? Goddess Lakshmi is the only Goddess who serves her husband, Lord Vishnu, as opposed to Goddess Parvati or Radha. This action of Goddess Lakshmi also has significance since it shows that Lakshmi or wealth is serving at the feet of Vishnu. By Lord Vishnu, we refer to someone who has attributes like him.

Lord Vishnu is someone who looks over everyone and strives to take care of them. This means that success, wealth, and prosperity will follow the empathetic one and take care of everyone around him. When you take care of your family, friends, staff, employees, colleagues, then you will truly embody the attributes of Lord Vishnu and become prosperous.

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Final Words

To attract wealth, prosperity and wisdom into your life, it is important to attract Goddess Lakshmi, and Lotus Flowers attract Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, it will be extremely beneficial if you place lotus flowers in an urli bowl in the north-east corner of your house or workplace.

Furthermore, Goddess Lakshmi is attracted to the characteristics of her husband, Lord Vishnu. So, anyone who adopts the attributes of Lord Vishnu will also be graced by the presence of Goddess Lakshmi in their lives. Following our mentioned Vastu tips will help you achieve the desired wealth and prosperity you want in your life.