Top 5 Deadliest Weapons From India

Indian continent is rich with historical events. The richest part of Indian history is the wars. The Indian soldiers, according to the need of time, invented some powerful and deadliest weapons that are still famous today.

We are going to talk about the Top Five Deadliest Weapons from India and know everything about them. So, let’s begin with our first weapon.

The Chakram

The first deadliest weapon that we are going to talk about is Chakram or also known as Chakra in Punjabi, or Chalikar meaning circle. Word Chakram means circle or round. Therefore Chakram is a throwing weapon that has a sharp outer outline that cuts the flesh and muscle of the opponent.

Chakram originated from India, especially Sikhs used it to protect their turbans. They also wore it around their necks and arms to fight on the battlefield. A small weapon Chakri, like Chakram, is used to wear on wrists and use in emergencies.

The sharp-edged blades cut the throats of the enemies on the battlefield. Most of the movies have used the Chakram in a modified way for example around the hat of Oddjob in James Bond or like a symbolic weapon of Xena.

The Ramayana says that the Lord Vishnu, a Hindu God used to wear the Chakram. Therefore this weapon also has a holy significance to the people of India, especially the Hindu community.

The Bagh Nakh

Image: Science Museum Group

The word Bagh Nakh or Vagh Nakh literary means the tiger claw. It originated from the Indian subcontinent. The design of this weapon covers the knuckles or conceal under the palm so the enemy won’t be able to see it coming.

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The Bagh Nakh has four to five blades fixated to a glove-like structure. It works as a triple threat for the enemy. It cuts the skin and slashes through the muscle of the opponent. It was used to disembowel the enemy on the battlefield.

Bagh Nakh is the second most deadly weapon on our list. It is good for silent attacks that cannot be predicted by the enemy. The blades are sharp and highly dangerous. Once the victim is attacked by this weapon. It is very hard to recover from the harm done.

The Talwar


The weapon we are going to talk about now is the Great Sword or Talwar used by the Sikhs of the Indian continent. The Talwar or The Great Sword is made up of long sharp steel and is used to cut the enemy in two halves. The sharp metal without a single bump on its surface can even cut the bones such as ribs or the bones in the neck. 

The Talwar carries a symbolic significance. It is a symbol of faith in the Sikh community. Therefore you will get to see a sword in the house of almost every Sikh. It was invented in the 1300s and used to kill enemies on the battlefield.

The sharp-edged blade and a long pointed end are very lethal and that is why it was used in most of the Indian wars. The Talwar is a great weapon that has a rich Indian history. It has the potential to kill a person in only one swing.

The Katar

The Katar is one of the deadliest weapons of the Indian subcontinent. It is also known as the Katara. A sort of push dagger with an H shaped grip that is used to hold the weapon. The Katar has a long blade or multiple blades on the other hand.

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The person who wears it can protect his hand or even forearm from any kind of attack. The sharp blades and a firm grip makes The Katar just like an extension of the human hand. The swift moment and sharp blades make it one of the deadliest weapons of the Indian Subcontinent.

The famous brave Rajput of the Indian Subcontinent used to wear The Katar and hunt down tigers. It was a symbol of bravery among the Rajput males. Some action movies such as The Wolverine also use the same weapon but with some latest modifications.

The Indians used Katar on the battlefield as a very helpful weapon. It is used to help the warrior to carry less weight and execute more enemies. The sharp blades can even cut the bones of the victim. The Indian soldiers mostly used it to cutthroats.

The Pata 

The Pata or Patta sword is the last but not the least deadly weapon from the Indian subcontinent. The Marathas invented The Pata and that is why it is also known as the Dandpatta which translates to The Gauntlet Sword.

The Pata has a handguard that protects the hand of the user, and this handguard is called a gauntlet. This special type of sword helped Marathas to kill more enemies and use this weapon as an extension of their hands.

The Pata has a double-edged long flexible blade and a strong firm grip that makes it a lethal threat to the enemies. Indians especially Marathas used The Pata to fight their battles. The Pata has also a holy significance to the Indian people.

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Final Word

We talked about the Top Five Deadliest Weapons from India in our article. We discussed different types of weapons, their rich history, and the fine structure used to kill a lot of enemies. Indian history is rich with wars and battlefield story which are evident in the form of these weapons.

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