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Secrets of Curd and Sugar for Good Luck



Curd and Sugar for Good Luck

If you’re wondering what’s this myth about, don’t worry – it’s about connecting food to our wellbeing that applies not only to our physical selves but also to our metaphysical states, such as eating curd and sugar for good luck. Keep on reading to know why.

Since ancient times, it has been a tradition in India where mothers would give their children some curd (Dahi) with some sugar (Shakar) right before an important event like an exam. They believed that it brings good luck to their children, and the children would score great in their tests.

Biological Effects of Curd and Sugar

Secrets of Curd and Sugar for Good Luck

Now that we dive deeper into the details, we find a lot of scientific evidence that backs this reasoning – firstly, curd has a cooling effect on the mind and body, which makes a person calmer, more grounded, and more present in the situation before them. This means the much-anticipated anxiety and nervousness you might feel before an important test or performance would be pretty much gotten off with the help of this cooling and healthy curd. This is significantly highlighted in warm regions like India, where getting a heated body is normal.

What’s more, the sugar mixed in the curd is added so as to give an upsurge in the blood glucose levels before an important performance, something which gets lowered during episodes of anxiety, and we get those chills and sweats. Biologically, the curd and sugar mixture acts as a superhero to help you calm down and get rid of the nervousness right before you do any important task.

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How to Optimize its Efficiency?

Secrets of Curd and Sugar for Good Luck

Curd is the typical homemade form of yogurt; while yogurt is easily available in the market, you should know the commercial yogurts do not come with a diversity of bacteria – only a fixed culture is added to produce them. On the other hand, we can get a lot of benefit from homemade yogurt, curd, as this contains a pool of gut-friendly bacteria known as probiotics.

These probiotics are known to enhance the functionality of our gut and aid in improving the digestive system, which means we have a better capacity to metabolize and absorb the nutrients we take into our bodies. What’s more, these gut bacteria also improve our mental health, as explained by scientific views.

This becomes especially important on summery days when our body is likely to get heated by the tough weather conditions.

It is recommended you use brown sugar or Shakar instead of refined white sugar as the former option is healthier. The more organic and natural you stay in terms of the foods you eat, the healthier and more nourished your body becomes in that order. Therefore, we see that we are moving towards a more holistic approach when it comes to treating our bodies. Nutrition in its organic most form is making a comeback in the whole world, and for fair reasons – the more natural, the better!

What do We Learn from this Ancient Myth?

Secrets of Curd and Sugar for Good Luck

Now that we see this curd and sugar myth from ancient times has a strong biological importance in our bodies, we can say it’s not just a superstition anymore. This makes us stop for a while and wonder if there are thousands of other myths that need to be discovered in more detail, so we know the truths lying in them. After all, ancient knowledge holds tremendous value due to which it has passed from generation to generation.

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Final Verdict

While the world is advancing day and night in technology and we have an innovation in front of us within the blink of the eye, it is important we also use our updated knowledge of science to dive deeper into the ancient knowledge and see the actuality behind them. The more logic we find in those facts, the more we would be able to form a deeper connection with our ancestry, and why not?.

This will be the base we need to have a better value in ourselves and stick to our roots. The benefits that might appear with debunking such facts will help us get the advantages of the golden knowledge our ancestors have long ago saved for us.