Moon In Aries: Personality Traits And Character

The Moon in Zodiac signs describes the emotional and intuitive nature of the person. It defines who the person truly is, regardless of the qualities they are trying to develop, symbolized by the Sun sign. But, what does this Moon sign in Aries say about a person’s personality traits and character? 

The Symbolism Of The Moon In Astrology 

Like another planet, the moon also symbolizes various things in Astrology. Generally, it reflects a person’s intuitions, instincts, senses, emotions, unconscious selves, etc. The moon in a zodiac sign often reflects the person’s hidden internal identity that might differ entirely from the personality picture painted by the sun sign.

However, the prime thing in identifying the true moon sign in the zodiac sign lies in deep knowledge, learning, accuracy, and precision. It is because the moon changes its sign every two-three days; the key to know what the moon signs say about a particular zodiac sign lies in accurately pinpointing its time and location when the person was born.

Moon in Aries 

Moon in Aries, according to Astrology, is a time when the lunar sky path crosses the constellation of Aries (the first sector of the zodiac, between ∠0°-30°). 

The two types of moons: Waxing and Waning Moon, visit the Aries in the period from October to April, and April to October, respectively.

While the New Moon in Aries occurs only at the end of the march and at the beginning of April, the Full Moon visits the Aries zodiac sign at the end of September and during the initial phase of October.

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In Vedic Astrology, When your Moon is in the sign of Aries, you are born in the Rashi of Aries or your Moon sign becomes Aries which accounts for 50% of the personality traits along with the ascendant sign.

What Does Moon In Aries Say About Their Personality Traits And Characteristics 

In general terms, the Moon in Aries empowers a person’s intuitive or emotional state of mind. It also portrays the innate reactions and the things which the person feels most secure and comfortable at.

However, the personality traits and characteristics of men and women differ widely.

Moon in Aries Women 

The Moon in Aries women signifies their true leadership qualities and determination and confidence to be at the forefront of any project. Besides, the characteristics and traits of this moon in Aries women who are prominent are; 

Their Boundless Energy 

Moon in Aries women like challenged and risky things to tackle. They have an enormous amount of energy and put the whole strength of her being in any single effort. They have boundless energy within them, and it makes them take on the mantle of commander when it comes to working in a team. 

As they have too much energy within them, they are often seen throwing varying moods; annoyed, aggressive, overly-critical, angry, and such. It is because they feel the urge to project the energy outwards.


Relationships might not work out well for a Moon in Aries woman. The apparent reason perhaps is their utter independence, sheer energy, and nature of dominance. The Aries woman doesn’t like to get interfered with by anyone in their lives. Therefore, they are unwilling to change their plans for anyone.

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Her aggressiveness in the relationship might make her partner irritated or even feel attacked. This aggressiveness sometimes is the reason why she ends up in a broken relationship. 

Even though these women have a terrible temper, they still have a sensitive, loving, and affectionate side, but only those worth their attention.

High-Spirited Adventurers 

These Moon in Aries women are high-spirited adventurers who love to take risks. They are always into something challenging and adventurous. They are super-fast in whatever they do, and they have almost zero to no patience for slow and naïve people. 

In addition, when someone dares to interfere in their PERFECT PLAN, they have zero tolerance for them. They are known for mouthing out bad for them, and it often turns out catastrophic for them.

These high-spirited adventures often fail to take responsibility for their actions, and whatever they do, they do it without thinking of the consequences. 

The Moon in Aries Men 

The Moon in Aries Men have their own set of rules, and they are often seen doing things their way and for their goodwill. Domination is one of the obvious traits of these men.

Pride and Independence 

The Moon in Aries men is proud and perfectly independent. They like to take control of people and situations, and their emotional stability depends entirely upon whether they are in control of others/situations or not.


There is only one person in this world that matters most to the Moon in Aries man, and that is; his self. These men are even dominating in relationships. They are harsh, cold, distanced, and can change without you ever knowing the reason. 

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These men cannot do well in long-standing relationships because of the instability in their emotions. Their ride and independence even interfere in their relationships; when they realize their partner is holding them down from evolving, he’s out of that. 

An Innovator 

Besides their arrogance, pride, and dominance, the moon in Aries men are perfect for changing the world for the better. They are inventors, innovators, warriors at the battlefield forefront, and ever-ready to rise for any challenge. 

Such a man has powerful willpower, and he strives to complete the objectives with as much accuracy as possible.

Risk Takers 

The Moon in Aries man is the impressive risk-takes. Wherever the world doesn’t dare to go, they are the first ones to jump in head-long. They always feel like a battle is waiting for them and stand up to fight any new struggle.

Whenever these men decide to do something, nothing can ever stop them from doing that. No social or personal conformity matters to them; what they have thought to achieve, they will do so. 

However, their aggressive, outgoing, self-centered, and dominant personality is not appreciated by people. They are often found arguing with people and retaliating with the most furious of attacks.

The Moon in Aries man behaves as if the world is under his feet and always shows impulsive and overbearing behavior.