Amazing Feng Shui Tips For Office For Maximum Efficiency

Humans are complex beings. Our productivity at work depends upon certain things. There is no doubt that a good boss and colleagues make you more confident and productive, but there are many aspects that hold that workaholic side of yours?

Our workplace is like another home to us. We spend most of our time there. And the right place of work is one that brings out the best in you, which is why the Chinese people adopted a way to decorate their homes, temples, and workplaces in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a centuries-old Chinese tradition in which people decorate their surroundings that seem close to nature. Feng Shui has been popular in China and other Asian countries for decades, and now the Western countries have become inspired by the idea, and thus, they also incorporate Feng Shui in their offices.

10 Feng Shui Tips For Office

Here are some best Feng Shui tips that you need to follow:

1. Define Yourself At Your Workplace

Just because Feng Shui is a Chinese tradition, it doesn’t mean that you start decorating your cubicle with China lights. Decorate your spot with something that you feel attached to –something that defines your personality.

One step being close to nature is to let some friends inside your office. Fish are a great source of entertainment. One can watch them play with each other almost anytime. Bring an aquarium in your office and place it in a way that you can stare at it directly. Keep the aquarium clean and put vibrant color fishes inside.

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2. Incorporate Like Colors

Colors play a huge role in increasing work speed. It also relaxes your mind. Paint your workplace in colors that you are attracted to. Make sure that those colors look vibrant –avoid overdoing it. Light and like colors will boost positive energy inside of you.

3. Be Organized

Would you like to sleep in a messy bed? I guess not. Our workplace is as essential as our bedroom. Therefore, an organized workplace is the one that attracts most clients. It will not only bring positive vibes, but your client will maintain a trust level with you.

Try not to overcrowd the desk, keep the things in their place, let the airflow inside, wear clothes that look attractive, let the client be descriptive of what they want. All this is achieved by applying Feng Shui to your office.

4. Go Green

Plants are what you have been missing in your office. Buy some cute office plants. Greenery is one of the key elements for incorporating Feng Shui in your offices. Put some potted plants in the entrance of your office. A little potted plant on the office desk would brighten your day.

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5. Do Proper Desk Positioning

Positioning your desk so that you can see people entering inside and going out will give you a sense of control over your office. Place yourself in a way that you can monitor all the movements. Feng Shui teaches us to be aware of our surroundings.

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In case you cannot place your desk in that position, you can always put a little mirror to see who’s coming.

6. Illuminate And Aerate

Just like other elements, air and light are essential. Place your desk near the windows so that natural light can come inside. Soak the light to open your body. Open the windows and inhale the cool breeze. Buying an air-purifier can do the trick too. This will detoxify your mind, and that is why Feng Shui is all about.

7. Have Some Scented Candles

Why not add some fiery element to your office? Don’t worry! Some fires are good. Buy some light scented candles for your office. Place those candles on your desk. You got the light already, you do not need more, but those candles’ aroma will act as a mind relaxing substance. Scented candles that have essential oils inside are most recommended for Feng Shui workplaces.

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8. Light Up The Room

You cannot have natural light in the night. Induce lights in your office that are bright and give more details to everything in your office. Working in low lights can be stressful, and it can drain you swiftly. Go for decent table lamps for your desk. Having good lights doesn’t mean that you over-do it with extra-bright fluorescent bulbs.

9. Stay Away From Sharp Objects

Sharp objects can trigger vast levels of stress and anxiety. You do not need to put sharp tools in your workplace. Use a drawer for such objects and access them whenever it is necessary. 

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It also means to avoid such furniture that has sharp edges. Have furniture that does not have unnecessarily sharper edges. Feng Shui persuades us to go smoothly.

10. Go Artistic:

What inspires you? Is it Picasso’s work or quotes from Paulo Coelho that brings out the inspiration from you? In any case, decorate your surroundings, desks, or cubicle with some artwork that you feel connected to. Artwork can inspire you to be more productive at your job. It can also make other co-workers like you.


Feng Shui is not just a practice; it is a way of life. This centuries-old tradition has helped people show their best sides. It can inspire you too. You do not need expensive things to incorporate Feng Shui; instead, you only need something you feel connected to. Feng Shui is all about connecting within.