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Feng Shui Tips for Keeping Tortoise at Home



Feng Shui Tips for Keeping Tortoise

Tortoises are one of the celestial animals in Feng Shui, along with White tigers, green Dragons, and red phoenixes. All these spiritual figurines hold a special place in Chinese mythology.  Feng Shui is a Chinese pseudoscientific technique. The word Feng means “wind,” and Shui means “water.” The basic viewpoint of Feng Shui is that it involves practices that can arrange pieces of living space. Therefore, it can help to create balance with the natural world by bringing positive energy.

Its main goal is to connect energy forces, thus, establishing harmony between a person and its environment. In many Asian countries, this philosophy is known as ‘Tao‘ and termed as “Taoism.

Therefore, let’s learn more about Feng Shui tips for keeping tortoises at home in this article.

Tortoise as spiritual creatures

Tortoises are considered celestial animals, and in both Chinese and Hindu mythology, they are very important. They are considered very lucky and are spiritual creatures associated with longevity. Thus, it can help you to focus on bringing positive energy into the house. Therefore, according to the Feng Shui rule, placing it in the right place can fill your lives with good luck. Similarly, placing them in the wrong place can hinder energy flow.

To learn more about the importance of tortoises in both Vedic astrology and Chinese traditions, let’s have a look:

Importance of Tortoise in Hinduism in India:

According to Vedic astrology in India tortoise or commonly known as ‘Kurma’ in Sanskrit, is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu. There are a total of 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu during different stages of his life. When a sage presents a garland to the Lord Indra, he disrespects it. Consequently, in his anger, he cursed the whole kingdom, which resulted in defects in all battles. Thus, Lord Indra prays to Lord Vishnu.

Therefore, Lord Vishnu suggests churning the ocean to get nectar. According to him, this nectar can restore their powers, making them immortal. This is known as Samundra Manthan. Taking help from demons for churning mountains called Mandra to stir the sea. At this point, Lord Vishnu was reincarnated as a tortoise and held Mandra Mountain on his back. Since those times, the tortoise has special mythological importance.

Importance of Tortoise in Chinese Mythology:

Tortoise is one of the four animal figurines in Chinese mythology that are considered lucky. In Feng Shui, it is one of the celestial animals. They believed that tortoises helped Pangu, the first living being, according to Chinese methodology, to create the world. Moreover, goddess Nugua uses a tortoise to support the mountain to support the sky when water god Gong Gong destroys it. They are auspicious animals, according to Feng Shui.

What Does a Tortoise Symbolize?

Tortoise is a celestial and an auspicious animal and symbolizes good luck. As tortoises have a long life span of up to 200 years, therefore; they symbolize long life, endurance, and longevity. Besides, they are also a symbol of peace and wisdom associated with the lunar and Mother earth symbolism. Tortoises are very earthen and grounded animals and know they have everything within its shell. They are unique animals as they spend their lives in water.

They are a symbol of tranquility and peace. They give the message of self-love as they move gently on the earth. If you have a tortoise animal spirit, it is the symbol of patience.

They are a symbol of slowness and steadiness. It gives you a message to not hurry; instead, work steadily with determination towards your goal. No matter what conditions are, always stay strong. You will always face hurdles and obstacles in your path, but you can overcome it with determination.

Types of Tortoise in Feng Shui

There are different types of tortoise decorations based on the material used.

1. Metal Tortoise:

The first type of tortoise decorations is made up of metals. According to Feng Shui, if you own a metal tortoise, place it in the North or northwest direction. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the benefits it will bring to your life. You will be able to bring good luck in your children’s lives and improve their concentration level by placing it in the North. On the other hand, it will sharpen your mind when you place it in the North West direction.

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2. Wooden Tortoise:

Next on the list, we have wooden tortoises. Both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui emphasize placing it in the East or southeast direction. As a result of which it can help you to suppress all the negative energy in your home. Moreover, it can help to bring happiness, success, and good luck to the lives of your loved ones.

3. Crystal Tortoise:

The third type of tortoise decoration is the crystal tortoise made of crystal. It is best to place crystal tortoises in South West or Northwest directions. You will bring money by placing it in the southwest zone in your life. Whereas placing it in the North West can increase your lifeline and will bring fame to you.

4. Earthen Tortoise:

Lastly, we have an earthen tortoise on the list. It should be placed in the Northeast, Center, or southwest direction. It will bring serenity, peace, harmony, and wealth to your life.

Benefits of Keeping Tortoise at Home

Believers of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra love to have a tortoise in their homes or at the workplace. They believe this will bring them good luck, along with numerous other benefits. Thus, some of the common benefits of keeping a tortoise home are:

  • When you place a tortoise at the entrance of your home, it can keep all the energy away from you. Besides, it can also protect you and keep you safe.
  • If you wish to magnify a tortoise’s power, the best place to put it is always close to a fish tank or artificial waterfall.
  • Another benefit of having a tortoise at home is that it can keep away various diseases from you.
  • It can remove all your anxiety and stress, and it is placed near the bed head. Moreover, it can also help you with your insomnia issue. Those who of sleeping alone can have it near to sleep peacefully.
  • Besides, it can help with your career advancements.
  • Many believe that having a tortoise at home can add patriarch luck in your life. 
  • You can have a dedicated attitude by having a tortoise in the East direction.
  • Lastly, according to Feng Shui, some people can also see tortoises at their homes for wish fulfillment. To do so, buy a metal tortoise with an opening. Write your wish on the yellow paper and place it inside the tortoise. Once your wish is fulfilled, remove the paper.
  • To get maximum benefits to place the tortoise figurine in water.

Caution: Never place your tortoise in the kitchen or bathroom.

Feng Shui Tips for Placing Tortoise at Home

Anyone who wants to bring positive energy into their lives through tortoises must follow Feng Shui rules. Feng Shui rules will help you to get maximum benefits by placing the tortoise in the right place. Feng Shui tips for placing tortoise at home are:

For Happiness and Prosperity:

According to Feng Shui, placing the tortoise in the North direction can bring prosperity and happiness to your house. Moreover, if you keep a dragon tortoise at your place, not only is it auspicious, but it can also increase the lifespan of family members. It can protect all family members and bring wealth to the house.

Tortoise For Peace:

Place Feng Shui tortoise at the entrance of your office and home to have peace in your life. It can prevent negative energy from coming to your home when it is placed at the front door. Moreover, it can also strengthen the bond between family members by placing it in the east direction.

Tortoise For Energy:

Feng Shui states that you can have immense energy when placing a turtle in the backyard. Besides, it can also help you to do all the tasks properly.

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Tortoise For Career Advancement:

Having a black turtle in the north direction can help you with career advancements. You will have higher energy, and your chances of growth in your career or business will increase.

Tortoise For Protection:

Anyone who wants protection and safeguards from evil energy and diseases should place tortoises in the west direction. It can keep your household safe.

Tip: It is important to place your tortoise decoration according to directions told by Feng Shui based on their material. We have mentioned in the section on tortoise decoration types about the placement of wooden, metal, crystal, and earthen tortoise.

Which Tortoise is Good for Money?

Feng Shui tortoises are available in different materials. Besides, different designs, objects, and symbols are engraved on it. Therefore, when choosing a tortoise to achieve a specific result, you must keep all these things in mind. Each Feng Shui tortoise comes intending to enhance different Feng Shui goals like money, health, prosperity, etc. They are available in the market, but you can also buy them from online retailer stores. If used correctly, it can provide all benefits.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Feng Shui tortoise that is good for money, go for a crystal tortoise. A crystal tortoise can keep all your money-related problems at bay. Besides, there are also tortoise decorations with the depiction of Feng Shui coins that can attract money in your life. It can also improve your family’s health and life. For career advancement and growth, the black tortoise is most suitable. With its divine energy, the tortoise can attract good fortune and can protect you from evil forces. However, at the same time, it can ground energy as well.

Therefore, you can place black tortoise metal figurines or even the painting of black tortoise in the living room or workplace can bring money.

Benefits of Keeping Live Tortoise at Home

Just like having a tortoise decoration at your place brings many benefits, a live tortoise is also beneficial. They have numerous benefits, and thus many people prefer to keep a live tortoise to fully enjoy their benefits. Their important benefits include:

  • Tortoises are popular for attracting positive energy. Thus, having a live tortoise at your home can make the whole environment positive and encouraging.
  • Taking care of a tortoise at your home, just like a child, can improve your relationships.
  • When having a tortoise in your bedroom can help with insomnia and sleep issues.
  • Moreover, the tortoise can attract wealth, good fortune, strength, and prosperity in your life.
  • Tortoises have a long lifecycle, and thus they can live up to 150 to 200 years. Therefore, they are a sign of immorality and bless you with a long life and good health.
  • A live tortoise can bring firmness in both your professional and personal life.
  • Lastly, it can also nourish your career.

Things to Remember:

Before having a tortoise as a pet, there are certain things you should remember and keep in mind:

You have to understand that you need to learn all the Wild Conservation Act as some of the tortoise species are ban to have as a pet. Moreover, they are easy to handle as they eat very little. Not only do they eat very little, but few of them eat on alternative days. Therefore, it is important to don’t overfeed and cause trouble. However, try to change their water daily or on alternative days. Moreover, it is always good to give them nutrients to fulfill their needs.

The most important thing for a tortoise is the sunlight; without sunlight, their outer shell gets weaker. Thus, leading them to death due to Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, give them sunbath daily.

What Happens if Tortoise Dies in Home? Does it Cause Bad Luck?

Death is linked with grieve and sadness. Therefore, in many countries, cultures, and religions, a turtle’s death is viewed as bad luck or a symbol of evil. Some people believe that tortoises have power over all types of bad magic. But according to Feng Shui, tortoises have good luck and attract good fortune and blessings.

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Therefore, nothing bad can happen if a tortoise dies in your home, and it doesn’t cause bad luck. Turtles are very earthen animals, and they don’t interact much with humans. Therefore, it cannot cause them any harm. They bring energy to your home; the only thing that will happen with a turtle’s death is the hindrance in the positive energy. Moreover, nothing much will happen and doesn’t cause any form of harm to the family member.

Seeing Tortoise in Dream Meaning

Tortoises are known to be wise, patient, and relaxed animals. Moreover, they are also a symbol of strength and longevity. Different meanings of seeing a tortoise based on the situation are:

General Meaning of Seeing Tortoise Dream In Dream:

If the highlight of your dream is a tortoise, then it is a depiction that the love and your emotions are not reciprocal. Moreover, you are also aware that you must change some things but take it slowly.

Seeing Several Tortoises in Dream:

Suppose you saw several tortoises, then it is an indication of some bad reviews about your work. It can also be a sign of stress due to the high expectations of your parents.

Seeing a Cute Looking Tortoise in Dream:

Seeing a really cute tortoise in a dream is a good sign. It means you will receive good news soon that you are waiting for a long time. Or it can be some good results you are waiting for a long time.

Killing a Tortoise in Dream:

Killing a tortoise in a dream is an indication that someone in your company doesn’t respect you. Besides, it can also be a sign that something may happen to your family members.

Holding a Tortoise in your Hands:

Holding a tortoise in hand is a good sign. It represents that you will get your desired results or something you are waiting for. It can also be an indication of your kind nature that you think all people are equal regardless of differences.

Catching a Tortoise in Dream:

The dream of catching a tortoise is not a good sign. It means you will face sudden loss and sadness. Most of the time, the loss is related to losing someone close.

Tortoise Entering Your Home in Dream:

A tortoise entering your house is a good dream. It is a sign that all your hardships will end soon, and good days are waiting for you ahead.


Both in Feng Shui and Vedic Astrology, tortoises are auspicious animals and are of great importance. They are known to attract a lot of good energy and positive energy. Moreover, their long life is a symbol of longevity, strength, and earthen behavior. You can have a tortoise decoration or even a live tortoise to bring good luck in your life. However, the most important point is to place tortoise decorations according to Feng Shui rules to enjoy its benefits. It is available in different materials, designs, and symbols for specific purposes to fulfill.

Where to get the Best Quality Feng Shui Tortoise at Affordable Prices?

Today at this day and age there are several places where you can get Feng Shui Tortoise, However, you have to remember and be cautious while buying them. One must not get fake Feng Shui Tortoise, especially in cases for Crystal Tortoise’s, where many times, sellers sell them using plastic and glass materials and materials filled with chemicals(Tortoises mixed with bad materials). If you buy Feng Shui Tortoise made with such materials, firstly, it is also bad for the environment and also, one will not get any good benefits of keeping them. Moreover, one can also get reverse effects which is not good.

Therefore, out of my research, I have made a list of 5 top companies and sellers that always sell the highest and the best quality Feng Shui Tortoises that can be used for decorations and for Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Purposes.

  1. Collectible India
  2. Purpledip.
  3. IndianArtVilla
  4. Lakshay Trading
  5. Bharat Haat