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Effects of Sun in the 8th House: Vedic Astrology



Effects of Sun in the 8th House: Vedic Astrology

Sun comes as an important planet in astrology. It stands for crucial aspects of life such as authority and power, and it represents the father in Vedic Astrology. Having a strong sun will benefit the native with confidence and willpower. Although, if a weak sun is present, then one becomes a feeble person with low self-esteem. Therefore, the placement of the sun says a lot about a person and determines whether the person will be capable of having a bright future.

The 8th house in Astrology is the house that stands for unexpected occurring in life, death, and the longevity of the person. This house speaks for the changes and impacts in life caused due to unexpected happenings.

Let’s move over to the effects of the Sun in the 8th house.

Aspects of Life Affected due to Sun in 8th house

Sun in the 8th house affects the health and fitness of a person

  • The intelligence and mind of the people is affected
  • The romantic relationships of the person are affected
  • The social life of the person also receives an impact
  • The status and reputation of the person are affected  

Positive Effects of Sun in the 8th House

The people with Sun in the 8th house are endowed with courage and vigor. These people are fast to react to unexpected and challenging circumstances. Meaning they are ready to face any kind of problem or testing situation in life and they do it without being timid. Any situation can be effectively brought under control by them. Therefore, Sun in the 8th house enhances the person’s ability to control unexpected and unforeseen circumstances in life.

Additionally, these people are always up for improving themselves. They are always on the verge of developing their determination and skills. In the end, they will succeed. Their professional life will be greatly enhanced because of their willingness and efforts to improve themselves.

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These people are wise and intelligent as well. There is also a high probability that these people will go toward the spiritual path in life.

Trying new things in life is one of the plethoras of things they enjoy in life. Although doing one activity twice is not in their forte. Also, these people are not excited by the mundane things in life, therefore, this enhances their need for more exciting new things. They have vibrant minds and tend to be engaged most of the time. With the excitement of engaging in new things, they will improve immensely and be excellent in a lot of fields.

According to Vedic astrology with the Sun in the eighth house, you will be less influenced by the circumstances around you and more concentrated when pursuing your goals and objectives. As a result, you will have far better control over your life and destiny.

Also, these people have the chance to experience an unexpected gain of wealth. This is a thrilling thing that the Sun in the 8th house endows upon the native. Although, it cannot be said whether the circumstances of it will be positive or negative.

Negative Effects of Sun in the 8th house

One of the things that these people are is a hard shell. For them trusting others is the hardest thing to do. They do not let others in on many of their feelings and instead keep them to themselves. They don’t put much faith in people and first put the person through a series of tests.

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Only if the other person can handle them, they open up fully to them and share the real things. It might be extremely challenging to please a spouse who has the Sun in the eighth house when it comes to married life. They do not exhibit strong emotions, or at least not as frequently.

This aspect comes as a negative one as they constantly test other people before letting them onto anything personal. Others might not like them as much. They might even start to wonder whether they are trustworthy or not. It will undoubtedly affect their reputation.

Additionally, those with the Sun in the eighth house are quite sensitive. They could be easily insulted. Many things should not be taken personally by them. Otherwise, they risk losing the companionship of those who can teach them more about life.

Additionally, Sun in the 8th house can shorten a person’s life. One of the worst negative effects of the Sun in the 8th house is that they can become sick with a serious issue. These people will probably become home to serious diseases. One major cause of their getting diseases might be their high sex drive. They lose themselves to sexual activities several times and might get STDs or sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS.

Remedies for Sun

Sometimes, a person can be under the influence of the negative effects of the Sun. If you are one of them there are remedies you can perform to free yourself from the negative effects.

  • First off, make the habit of waking up early and looking at the rising sun.
  • Every morning you must offer water to the Sun.
  • Donate red clothes and other things of red color.
  • Donate medicines to the needy and the poor as well.
  • Chant the Surya Beej Mantra: “Om Hraam Hreem Hruam Sah Suryay Namah” every day. The mantra will result in positive effects from the sun.
  • Ruby is auspicious for Sun. Therefore to reduce the ill effects of the Sun can be reduced by wearing Ruby with appropriate metal on Sundays.
  • Try not to eat non-vegetarian meals often.
  • Performing yoga postures is considered to be effective as well to lessen the negative effects of the Sun. The most powerful psychic center of the body known as “Sahasrara Chakra” or Solar Plexus Chakra is where the energy of the Sun is located. Therefore every day you must concentrate on the top of your head, the location of Sahasrara Chakra before going to bed or early in the morning. While doing this you should also chant the mantra “Om Rhim Rhim Surjaya” inside your mind. Also, sit in the Sukhasana pose, which is cross-legged, with a straight back and closed eyes.
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Sun in the 8th house has considerable effects on the person’s intelligence, relationships, and social life of the person. Sun’s presence can highly develop the intelligence of a person. They will possess brilliant minds and become a versatile person. They will have the capabilities to handle several changes and challenges in their life. Although, these people can be a hard nut to crack. They can become extremely protective and not share their feelings with others at all. Sun in the 8th house can shorten the person’s life as well.